10 Best Beautiful Waterfalls of Switzerland – Learning Drives

10 Best Beautiful Waterfalls of Switzerland – Learning Drives. The Swiss beauty of the scenery and the richness of the landscape get deeper and smoother on the gentle sloshing of waterfalls sweeping across the slopes of the Swiss Alps. In the midst of the stunning and extraordinary beauty of Switzerland and in the stunning splendor of the vast valleys the most enjoyable way to unwind is to enjoy a quiet time in the sparkling and flowing waterfalls that are close to your chalet.

10 stunning waterfalls in Switzerland

This is a top ten list of Switzerland waterfalls. These are marvels of Europe that everyone who travels should to visit. Make sure to visit them all!

1. Staubbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen2. Engstligen Falls, Adelboden
3. Reichenbach Falls, Meiringen
4. Trummelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen
5. Rosenlaui Falls, Meiringen
6. Foroglio Falls, Val Bavona (near Locarno)
7. Murrenbach Falls, Stechelberg
8. Giessbach Falls, Lake Brienz
9. Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen
10. Tine Conflens, La Sarraz

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1. Staubbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen

Staubbach Falls is a drop from the high of 300m. It is the tallest waterfall in Switzerland and is connected to with the Lutschine River. The site of this stunning waterfall is located just above Lauterbrunnen which is a picturesque village that is located in the Bernese Oberland.

Staubbach Falls is definitely worth its high incline, and is one of 72 waterfalls to explore in the event that you decide to go to the Lauterbrunnen valley. There’s a brief walk along a path leading to the most stunning views of the falls from behind.

2. Engstligen Falls, Adelboden

This is the second-largest waterfall in Switzerland The title is Engstligen Falls. It has been in conservation since 1948. A number of smaller streams that join their forces to form the Engstligenalp Falls.

 The fall’s depth is 600m down on the base of rocks. It then transforms into Engstlige River. It is possible to get a glimpse of the waterfall up close, if you dare to take to walk on a path that is rocky. You can also ride the cable car around the town of Adelboden.

3. Reichenbach Falls, Meiringen

Remember the famous ‘Faal’ from Sherlock Holmes! It’s high time to do so since the fall he took is one of the most famous falls in Switzerland. Reichenbach Falls! It was where they had The Fall. Apart from the grief of the presumed demise of Sherlock Holmes down the Falls It also happens as among the top well-known spots on earth even before Sherlock died!

A number of Switzerland waterfalls that flow down the Reichenbach stream create the Reichenbach Falls located situated in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. The site is located near Meiringen as well. Falls fall from 250m in height.

4. Trummelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen

Your Waterfall adventure in the outskirts of Switzerland will be in vain if you don’t reach Trummelbach Falls. Trummelbach Falls. It is the biggest subterranean waterfalls in Europe. The Falls transport the meltwater from the glacier of the Jungfrau Mountains that is situated in to the Lauterbrunnen valley.

The Falls are capable of carrying up to 20000 liters of water every second. The water here is slick and the waterfall is able to make its way across the mountains. If this doesn’t create an unforgettable experience for you, then how can it?

5. Rosenlaui Falls, Meiringen

Another Waterfall was thriving thanks to the meltwaters that came from glaciers. This is the Rosenlaui valley, a glacier’s gorge from which the Rosenlaui Falls drops is located near the mountain village of Schwarzwaldalp. The hamlet is peaceful and isn’t far away from township Meiringen.

You must enter via Gletscherschlucht and when you enter it’s a wonderful delight for you. You will be able to see the mighty Rosenlaui waterfall, which is carrying meltwater from the Rosenlaui Glacier through the ravine that runs through the falls. There is also a path through the ravine, which is surrounded by with cliff walls that are 80m high.

6. Foroglio Falls, Val Bavona (near Locarno)

The next stop will be The Foroglio Waterfall. It is among the most impressive sights of Switzerland falling down an 80 meters, which falls to the Val Calnegia valley. It is accessible via a charming town named Foroglio.

It is situated in the Ticino region of Switzerland. You can take the information trail, which starts in Cavergno as well as Bignasco. These trails , which originate from the villages guide hikers through several stages set up along valley’s floor. The trail takes you to Terra di Foroglio, then to Pontido and finally through the Calneggia valley up to alpine meadows that sit at a height of 2000m.

7. Murrenbach Falls, Stechelberg

If you’re driving towards Stechelberg make sure to stop at the Murrenbach waterfall close to Lauterbrunnen. The location is visually beautiful and houses one of the most dazzling falls in the valley. The waterfall’s elevation is 417 meters above the level of Murrenfluh in five cascades. It is also the highest of the highest waterfall in Switzerland.

The most immediate views of Murrenbach Falls by taking a cable car station on the Schilthornbahn. The waterfall’s flow is uninterrupted at any season and it is continuous all the time however if you need to decide, you should go during spring, as it’s the time of year when snow melts.

8. Giessbach Falls, Lake Brienz

The next waterfall experience awaits at Giessbach Falls, which slams through 14 stages, and stretches 500m of distance connecting to Lake Brienz around the town of Interlaken. It is situated within the Bernese Oberland region in Switzerland. The best thing about this waterfall is the fact that it is surrounded by mountains, forests and stunning alpine meadows. It offers stunning views of the stunning Lake Brienz.

9. Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen

Your waterfall adventure will be in vain if you don’t take a trip to the Rhine waterfalls. The Rhine Falls are the largest in Europe. The place for Rhine Falls is near the town of Schaffhausen which is 45 minutes to the from Zurich.

There are a variety of the viewing spots lined up and platforms that are located on each side of the waterfall. If you’re looking for an excitement, you can sit on the massive rock in between the waterfalls. How would you like a boat ride that drops you off on the rock and then taking you to the waterfall. You could also choose to go on a circular tour around the waterfall.

10. Tine Conflens, La Sarraz

The place where Veyron as well as the Venoge rivers creates the magnificent Conflens Waterfall. Visit the waterfall when you’re looking for stunning views. The canyons created by the force of turbulent waters collide with the limestone hollow, which is rocky.

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