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10 Best Dubai Miracle Garden – Learning Drives. If you hear the word “garden”, you’re already thinking about the upcoming season of spring. A peaceful garden that’s adorned with millions of colors, squealing butterflies, pigeons happily flapping their beautiful wings with daisies and daffodils floating through the green grass and a vast blue sky that magnifies the beauty of the colors. What’s more? I’m not making this whole thing up. There’s a garden that’s just like it! With more than 45 million flowers in the garden, Dubai Miracle Garden is one of a kind , as it is the world’s biggest natural flower garden. This is everything you should be aware of.

Dubai Miracle Garden: A tiny world of wonders

“I hope people will understand that this country is not only for extremes in concrete and steel. “ Abdel Nasser Y. Rahhal who is the man who is the person behind this attraction, explained in an interview with NBC News.

The garden was officially opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the proper title for this breathtaking flower garden, which was built in the desert. It is said to be the world’s largest floral garden in the world. It covers 72,000 square metres and boasts greater than 45 million flowers displayed. The garden attracts around 1.5 million people each year.

The most remarkable element of this garden is the fact that the flowering structures are redesigned each season, which ensures that visitors enjoy a memorable experience each when they come to. One of the most notable features in Dubai Miracle Garden is a life-sized replica of the Emirates Airbus A380. The plane was awarded its spot on the “Guinness Book of World Records” as”the “largest floral installation”.

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10 Best Dubai Miracle Garden

The most popular pictures of Dubai Miracle Garden and the details about the gardens will inspire you want to include this location to any travel plan. Learn more about this extensive list of garden places to enjoy a relaxing and thrilling experience!

1. The Life-sized Floral “Emirates Airbus A380”

The plants and flowers employed to embellish the plane were sustainably harvested and cultivated for more than four months in Dubai Miracle Garden nurseries. The flowers that make the plane appear stunning are: Petunia, Marigold, Viola, Geranium, Snapdragon and many more. It took around 200 people from the crew and 180 days to create this stunning structure.

2. The Stunning “Burj Khalifa”

This gorgeous floral design is Burj Khalifa, which was built in 2014. There were some minor but significant changes made to the tower. The base of the tower is composed of Petunia , as well as Marigold.

3. “Umbrella Roof. “Umbrella Roof” Adding to the Garden’s beauty

An amazing view The roof with the umbrella at Dubai Miracle Garden is a fantastic addition. In the summer, when it is hot and sunny this walkway offers shade to visitors. The first time it was open was on February 14 , 2013 and is still an integral part to the park.

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4. “Heart-shaped Arch Passage” Covered by flowers

The most famous structure in The Dubai Miracle Garden, the archway that is the heart is among the most prominent things that come to mind in the minds of tourists. You can take in the smell from the thousands of flowers that are scattered across the walkway while you walk through the flower beds. Additionally, it’s the ideal backdrop for the beautiful Valentine’s Day photos.

5. “Floral Houses and Bungalows” decorated with flowers

Dubai Miracle Garden has colorful bungalows and homes that make the entire setting stunningly gorgeous. With many thousands of flowers and plants the structures are spread across the garden. They first give the impression like a dreamlike fairytale. Every house and bungalow within the garden is unique.

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6. The “Floral Train” in the Garden

With millions of blooms in its bogiesand bogies train is an amazing alternative to in the Dubai Miracle Garden. The train is equipped with an engine and bogies that provide it with an appearance of the real.

7. A huge “Floral Peacock”

The peacock’s feathered peacock is brimming with an array of flowers. It looks like an art work that is 3D. Peacocks symbolize honor and dignity.

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8. The “Flower Lady” of Dubai Miracle Garden

The flower girl is one of the most famous structures of Dubai Miracle Garden. The garden is home to two flower women in the gardens with one with a cap, and the other is not wearing. The gorgeous ladies are decorated with thousands of flowers.

9.The “Half Buried Cars”

Half-buried cars are always awe-inspiring to visitors to them. The cars are set to create a perfect straight line that allows visitors to observe the cars from all angles. Half-buried cars can be tilted by 80 degrees, which gives the illusion of an angle in the ground. The “buried car” concept is an incredible example of how you can use scrap materials to create an amazing appearance.

10. The Long Shot Of Dubai Miracle Garden

Here’s an aerial view of the garden which encompasses more than 780,000 square feet of ground.

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