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In Southeast Asia, the country of Malaysia is famous for its exotic islands with breathtaking coastlines, rainforests that are tropical, and different cultures. A large number of these islands offer well-known snorkeling and diving destinations due to their crystal clear water and vivid coral reefs

But these islands in Malaysia aren’t just about diving and beaches. There’s more to explore here like colonial-era villages stunning temples, beautiful beaches, lively resorts, and exciting activities. Find out more information about the most beautiful Malaysian island.

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Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor, meaning “beautiful island,” offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many people go to Pangkor because of its tranquil environment and stunning beaches, which comprise Niphah Bay, Teluk Belanda, Pasir Bogak and Coral Bay. Tourists can visit sightseeing spots in the area, such as Pangkor’s Chinese Fu Lin Kong Temple and Kali Amman Temple, Kali Amman Temple, and the remains of the remains of a Dutch fort, which is home to an ancient rock, known as Tiger Rock.

A variety of leisure activities are available in this area, including banana boating, jet skiing hiking through the jungle and swimming in the evening amid the glowing blue plankton. The island that is located next to Pangkor there is the small island known as Pangkor Laut, home to one of the finest resorts in Malaysia.

Pulau Kapas

Just just off the shores of mainland’s Marang is Kapas Island. Pulau Kapas means Cotton Island which is a name that was that locals have given it because of its white sandy beaches. Divers and snorkelers frequent this island due to its stunning, tranquil waters dotted with marine life.


The island is often considered to be one of the Pearl of the Orient because due to its strategic location along the maritime trade route, Penang is a large and vibrant island that is that is shaped by its varied tradition, culture, and world-renowned food. It is essential to take an excursion on a rickshaw or stroll through the historical Georgetown to take in its historic buildings, grand mansions, beautiful temples and grand hotels.

Visitors can find numerous things to do that include excellent dining and shopping experiences, to horseback riding on the beach, snapping pictures of snakes at The Snake Temple, and cable cars that go up Penang Hill.

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Pulau Tenggol

Tenggol Island offers visitors the sensation of being on a exclusive tropical paradise. The island was once uninhabited however, it now has a number of hotels. Tenggol’s stunningly white beaches are bordered by the emerald-colored tropical forests in the interior of the island. This tiny island is sought-after destination by divers and fishermen.


located off the East coastline located off the east coast of Malaysian Borneo, Sipadan is the most sought-after dive spot among experts. The region is full of exotic species like the rainbow of marine turtles, reef fish and Hammerhead sharks. In recent years, Sipadan is now an official protected area, and all resorts on the island are shut down.

The diving is permitted but divers are transported into and out of the mainland and from other islands. An ideal base for exploring Sipadan can be Mabul Island (see below) where you will find numerous high-end hotels as well as a handful of hostels.

Pulau Mabul

A tiny island off the coast of the south-eastern of Sabah that has beautiful beaches with coconut trees Soft white sand, and turquoise waters, Mabul Island is one of the top destinations around the globe for Muck diving. Furthermore, Mabul Island also boasts one of the largest reserves of small marine life. It includes species such as frogfish scorpion fish, cuttlefish gobies, squids and other shellfish. Visitors can explore the island in one hour to visit sights like the typical villages and their built-in buildings.


One of the biggest islands situated on the east coast in Malaysia, Redang is favored by tourists for its beaches with white sand that is powdery and has sparkling blue waters. The coral reefs surrounding it contain a wide variety of fish species such as nemo baby sharks, jellyfish and nemo fish and make Redang an extremely popular spot for snorkeling and diving.

Anyone who wants to snorkel or dive in the area will be able to find no absence of companies providing excursions and equipment. Although much of the island’s interior is inaccessible but there are a few routes for hiking in the jungle.

Pulau Tioman

A popular choice for many as one of the most beautiful islands Tioman was used as the backdrop for the scenic scene in the film, “South Pacific.” Though it’s one of the more economically developed Malaysian islands Tioman retains a lot of the natural splendor as well as wildlife diversity , which includes monitor lizards.

Because Tioman is covered by coral reefs, Tioman Island is a popular location for snorkeling and diving. Tourists on the island can also enjoy walking through the jungle, swimming under waterfalls, touring an animal farm and observing the local culture of the traditional village located on Juara Beach.

Perhentian Islands

They are located in the northwest of Malaysia just a few kilometers from bordering the Thai border. It is located off the coast of northeastern Malaysia, not far from Thailand. Perhentian Islands are the top destination in Malaysia for those on a budget. The two principal islands comprise Perhentian Besar (“Big Perhentian”) and Perhentian Kecil (“Small Perhentian”). They boast one of the most beautiful Malaysian beaches, and excellent diving. There is also many cheap hotels. Visitors can also take a trip through the lush jungle that covers the majority of the terrain.


Malaysia’s most popular holiday destination. Langkawi is an archipelago comprising 99 Malaysian islands located in the Andaman Sea. They are situated within a short distance of the Thai border, which is located in the Andaman Sea. Most notably, the most populous of the islands is the famous Pulau Langkawi which has a total number of around 65,000 inhabitants with the other island located nearby is Pulau Tuba.

With its numerous landscapes that include coastlines and mangroves, mountains, and rainforest wetland, Langkawi offers tourists the largest selection in options to do and experience. One of the most popular activities here is taking the cable car up the mountain to Gunung Mat Chinchang and walk across the Sky Bridge to see incredible views over Thailand.

Nearby is Langkawi’s tallest peak, Gunung Raya, which has an resort hotel, restaurant, and a stunning observation tower on its top. There are many attractions in Langkawi, including The Laman Padi Rice Garden, the aquarium inside Underwater World, the indoor aquarium at Underwater World, and Oriental Village which allows visitors to enjoy entertainment shows, view snake charmers and take rides with elephants.

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