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10 Best Naples Beach Italy Blog – Learning Drives .Naples, the regional capital of Campania, is the third largest municipality in Italy. It is listed as the third largest metropolitan region of Italy, with its boundaries extending beyond the metropolitan city of Naples. The historic city center of Naples is the largest in Europe and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

There are many historical and cultural sites close to Naples such as the Roman ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Palace of Caserta. Apart from this, it is widely known for its naturally beautiful sites like Vesuvius, Nisida and Posillipo etc. Naples is no less when it comes to adventure and other enthralling activities and sports and the beaches near Naples. There are endless destinations that promise to exceed every tourist’s expectations.

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Best Time To Visit Naples

Spring season is considered as the best season to enjoy sightseeing and other activities in Naples. Starting from March until the arrival of June, the weather remains comfortable, dry and pleasant and during October and November, there are chances of high rainfall.

10 Best Beaches Near Naples

Naples is considered one of the most famous destinations to relish the charm of the sea due to the kind of whether it has. Many beaches near Naples Italy can be visited when in Naples.

  • The Gaiola Beach
  • Lido Virgilio
  • Lido Tourist
  • Lido National
  • Lido Enea
  • Maronti Beach
  • Leranto Bay Beach
  • Arienzo Beach
  • Marina Grande Beach
  • Fornillo Beach

1. The Gaiola Beach

The Gaiola beach is one of the cleanest beaches around Naples Italy. It is situated in the Gulf of Naples, falling in the south-west coast of Italy that opens into the Mediterranean Sea in the west. This small island beach is parted into two. The first part is listed as a protected marine reserve that centers Underwater Park of Gaiola. To enter the first part of the island, one needs to present identity proof and other tourist documents, whereas entry to the other part of the island is free, with no papers or identification required. Being one of the most liked resorts near Naples, it is usually crowded. So make sure that you reach here well on time to enjoy the rest of the day. The beach can be easily reached via metro line or a bus.

2. Lido Virgilio

Miseno and Miliscola are the best sandy beaches near Naples Italy. Lido Virgilio is listed in the category of the quiet beaches near Naples Italy. This quiet beach is located in Miliscola region which can be accessed via the eating area. Due to less crowd, it is considered ideal for couples and others who prefer to have some quiet time. The restaurants and snack bars in the area serves a mouthwatering selection of fresh seafood including pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.

3. Lido Tourist

Lido Tourist beach amongst the most popular beaches of Miliscola. It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking for both relaxation and fun at the same time. The arrangement of leather sofas, lounge chairs, and deck chairs creates a relaxing atmosphere while the array of water activities, live music, and DJ etc. adds more to compliment that fun and party mood. Besides, there is also a separate play area for kids including snack bars and restaurants.

4. Lido National

Lido National comes under the category of top-notch public beaches around Naples. It can be reached conveniently via railway line connecting Naples to the coast. It offers a perfect atmosphere for any tourist or local belonging to any age group. This sandy beach falls under Miseno Beach area that given an opportunity to enjoy in clear water. If you are in a mood to witness the changing colors of the sea, then it is a place to be. Its an excellent choice for those as well who choose quality over quantity as the shacks and restaurants in the area are the best.

5. Lido Enea

Lido Enea is again categorized amongst the best beaches near Naples. The beach is segregated into four parts viz:
Economy: It includes the director’s chairs, deck chairs, umbrellas, and kids play area. It is ideal for travelers with kids as it offers some fun games, rides, deals and discounts on food and more.

The other side includes Buddha, Amaca and Baldacchino area especially for couples, who want to spend the entire day relaxing on pagodas, hammock and canopy beds etc. The area is designed in such a way that anyone can fall in love with it!


6. Maronti Beach

Maronti Beach in Ischia is one of the most extensive beaches of the area. It is situated at a distance of approximately 55 kilometers from Naples. This sandy beach with turquoise blue water should definitely figure in your itinerary. It can be easily accessed via road through buses or taxis. The beach is partitioned into free and paid areas. Right behind the beach is the Cavascura Natural Springs that can be reached on foot in 5-10 minutes. Maronti beach also provides a picturesque view of the town of Sant’Angelo which can be reached by way of water taxis.

7. Leranto Bay Beach

Leranto Bay is situated in the Sorrento Peninsula at the driving distance of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Naples in Italy. This beautiful bay is brilliant to spend a fantastic day by the seaside. It is also known as a hidden paradise due to the natural variations that it offers. The sight of the crystal clear blue water is just enough to make your day. The site is usually not very crowded due to accessibility, and maybe that’s another reason why it’s been compared to paradise!

8. Arienzo Beach

Arienzo Beach is famously known as 300 steps beach as one needs to descend 300 steps to reach the destination. The effort to reach the beach is worth it owing to the scenic beauty and views that it offers. There are a number of water activities that can be enjoyed at this picturesque beach and that’s why it makes for an ideal destination for those who are looking forward to spending the entire day by the coast. The best part about the resort is that it is less crowded as compared to other beaches of Positano.

9. Marina Grande Beach

Marina Grande Beach is listed as one of the main beaches in Amalfi due to its crystal blue waters and dark sandy area. It’s a perfect destination for any tourist because there is always something that the place has to offer, starting from water activities, restaurants, cafes, kids area, discotheques and so on. It is also known as the celebrity beach as many known celebrities can be seen relaxing and spending time here. It also provides an opportunity to visit some of the nearby islands of Punta Campanella sea reserve.

10. Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach is considered a pearl due to the quiet and composed atmosphere it offers. It is the most loved beach among those who prefer long romantic walks in a tranquil environment. This ravishing beach is worth visiting. They also offer great entertainment by organizing DJ nights and live bands etc. The destination is just perfect for those who prefer to sit back and relax while soaking the sun amidst the beautiful landscape.

How To Reach Naples?

Many international flights like AirIndia, JetAirways, Qatar, and Etihad etc. are in service from India till Rome, from where one can board a train or rent a car to Naples, which will take about 90 minutes to reach. Air India provides nonstop flights to Naples, operating only from New Delhi and Mumbai.

Besides, one requires a Schengen Visa for Italy which can be applied for at the Italian embassy.
This Naples beach guide will take you through some of the best beaches near Naples Italy to give the best holiday experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Naples

Where can you swim in Naples?

There are many beaches near Naples that are simply perfect for a great swimming experience like Gaiola beach, Sorrento Peninsula, Lo Scoglione, Miseno and Miliscola beaches, and more.

What is Naples Italy famous for?

The city of Italy, Naples is renowned for the beautiful natural attractions like Phlegraean Fields, Vesuvius, Nisida, and Posillipo. The city is also known for the lips-smacking Neapolitan cuisine and other dishes prepared locally.

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