10 + Best Spots in Montreal Nightlife

This is a list of top clubs in Montreal that you must visit.

Le Rouge

For the past 10 years, Le Rouge Bar has been named one of Montreal’s top nightclubs. Since 2004, the bar has been in the center of all the activity at Boulevard Saint-Laurent, a.k.a. The Main. Find Two floors, two different ambiances where the top DJs of the city are on hand to spin the latest music. It is particularly popular with young professionals aged between 25 and 35. Le Rouge is open Friday and Saturday nights. You must bring two valid identification documents from the government.

The first tower in Montreal it is the place where the former Royal Bank opens the door of its safe and transforms into a mysterious and enchanting space. La Voute reinvents itself into an elegant club that was the product of a collaborative effort of talent, aided by the spirit of innovation that pervades the space. The club is located in the heart Old Montreal, at 360 Saint Jacques Street, La Voute nightclub is an elegant setting. When you walk through the doorway of the nightclub, you will be welcomed with a friendly and welcoming staff.


Soubois is a restaurant and Bar Nightclub situated inside an underground park in the heart of Montreal’s downtown. It provides an exclusive and luxurious setting ideal for night-time entertainment.

Club Soda

The club has been operating for over 25 years under various forms The 2-floor Club Soda is found on Rue Sainte-Catherine in the heart of downtown Montreal. Promoting the arts and allowing young artists to showcase and showcase their work, Club Soda works as an ideal venue for emerging rock groups and established techno DJs as well. It strives to create an atmosphere that is friendly and inclusive and provides a huge open dance floor , surrounded by balconies that run around the edges that surround the venue.


The Beachclub has been a popular spot for those who love electronic music for the past 20 years. With an capacity of more than 10,000, it’s the largest outdoor venue within North America. With great performers every weekend, the Beachclub is proud of its global reputation in the world of electronic music.

 This summer, experience your Beachclub life! Relax and soak up the sun while relaxing on our beautiful beaches, or sipping on a tasty beverage while listening to your favourite DJ! While the majority of events occur on weekends however, Beachclub is open on all days of the week. Beachclub is open seven all week long, weather permitting. As the president and co-owner of the Beachclub, Olivier Primeau made it his mission to build the perfect “outdoor music festival experience” open to the public on a regular basis, and at a low cost. This is all the more reasons to make time to enjoy!


Newspeak was named after George Orwell’s infamous dystopian novel 1984. But the atmosphere when you walk into this bar isn’t bleak. With a large bar that is well lit and plenty of space to stand and a adequate dance floor, it’s an ideal place to hang out that offers something for everybody. The incredible performances at Newspeak are definitely a big attraction, however Montrealers are always in the bar talking about their experiences and having fun regardless of whether the venue is not in use.


In the very heart of Griffintown This historic structure has been one of the most sought-after places in the city. Built in 1859, the New City Gas complex used to convert coal into gas to light the city’s buildings and streets. The historic complex has been turned into a multi-purpose event space with a total area of 400,00 square feet spread across two floors. It is flexible enough to accommodate requirements of the client, the facility is able to accommodate three different rooms, each with the characteristics of both historic and modern design.

 The building was renovated in 2012 to be an event venue, the original shell was preserved and a live space was created with modern audio and lighting and the original historic and vintage elements were renovated. New City Gas’ impressive roofing and stone masonry are an impressive and memorable feature within the cityscape. The energy source for city lights has now become a glowing part of city life. Montreal nightlife scene. New City Gas caters to thousands of patrons every week.


The long-running Montreal, Canada afterhours outpost is proud of its Canadian roots with a renowned music system which pays tribute to the brand’s name… “Music is the answer!” says the official website of Stereo nightclub. We’re not only in agreement with this, but it seems that the readers of DJ Mag agree that this Montreal gem is the perfect choice to music of all genres – techno and house, in particular – and voted it as the North’s Best Venue.

 The club was established as an after-hours bar in 1998 by DJ and producer Angel Moraes, and now controlled by Tommy Piscardeli, the venue has been praised for a long time for what it was founded on and is named for the sound it produces. Anyone who’s enjoyed the privilege to take a dance on the Stereo dance floor can testify to a sense of experience that is hard to find in other venues.


Living in a city famous for its eclectic noise and electronic dance club, Circus Afterhours bats for the more nocturnal members of Montreal’s nightlife. It starts at 2am and is the norm for those who are looking for beats, but not willing to go with the R&B music that is available throughout the city. People who wait patiently go to the club because they know there’s more arrive, crammed in this slumbering abode of revelry to throw shapes to the likes Digweed, W&W and Orjan Nilsen, until the midday hour. The venue is spread across two rooms and equipped with an Funktion One soundsystem loud enough to be heard in the Richter scale, Circus Afterhours proffers one of the best club shows in the world.


The hotel is located inside the Hotel10. Blvd44 is a well-known Montreal nightclub that has three distinct areas (main room mezzanine, main room and terrace) Each offering an individual atmosphere that is sure that will please all. A large dance floor as well as many VIP booths await guests at Blvd44 which is a popular nightclub that is casual and fun where you can meet friends and drinks with friends in privacy.

Montreal Nightclubs FAQ

What is the time that DJs who are headliners usually begin playing when they perform in Montreal clubs?

The DJ who is the headlining act will typically start their set around 12:00 AM.

What is the duration of DJs’ performances in Montreal?

The DJ or artist that is headlining typically plays a one to two hour set.

What’s the dress code in Montreal nightclubs?

Guys can dress in elegant jeans, an elongated basic t-shirt or button-down shirt. Girls can put on jeans or a comfortable and elegant dress if they like. Of course, guys and girls are never wrong in dress up in a more extravagant manner – there’s nothing so bad as being overdressed when it comes to club attire.

How do I get in to Montreal nightclubs without cost?

Certain Montreal nightclubs offer guests list for ladies that is free and a free even-ratio guest list for free if you’ve got at least the same number of women (or more) in your gathering.

Be aware that many Montreal club nights are more exclusive. They require bottles service in order to enter. Sign up for the guest list via our pages for events.

How can I make reservations for bottles in Montreal nightclubs?

Bottle service can be booked directly through Discotech by clicking on their Montreal section.

What is the cost for the cost of bottle service in Montreal clubs?

Table minimums and bottle service in nightclubs can be quite expensive in Montreal however, every nightclub is unique.

The easiest method of finding out is to go to the Events page and then select the event you’re thinking about going to.

Should I purchase tickets for entry into Montreal nightclubs?

If the club offers tickets, we would recommend purchasing tickets for holidays and for the biggest name performers. The line for tickets is usually shorter and quicker than the guests list.

A lot of nightclubs in Montreal are only service by bottle which means you have to make a an appointment for a table to enter.

Which Montreal nightclubs in Montreal play EDM or electronica?

Take a look at the complete list of our list of the most popular EDM clubs within Montreal.

Which Montreal nightclubs in Montreal play hip-hop?

Find the complete listing on this guide on the most hip nightclubs for hip hop within Montreal.

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