10 Best Sri Lanka Food Adventure – Learning Drives

10 Best Sri Lanka Food Adventure – Learning Drives. Sri Lanka is not just the place with pristine beaches and tea that isn’t traditional as well as the home of tasty curry and rice. Sri Lankan cuisine is like South Indian food, yet it has its own distinct flavor and taste that cannot be overlooked. The influence of centuries of colonization as well as the influences from other nations can be observed in the mix of diverse cuisines, curry concoctions and the distinct varieties of breads Theti Paan and Roast Paan that are served by the people of Sri Lanka.

You might be wondering how it possible for tiny country to be able to offer such a wide variety of cuisine. It’s not only the numerous wildlife and plants as well as their diverse ethnic background that makes Sri Lankan cuisine so unique. In the 16th and 15th centuries traders and merchants of India, Europe, Arabia, Africa, and the Malay World were brought to Sri Lanka and brought their indigenous cuisines, various methods of cooking, and cooking styles. For instance, Lamprais is a Dutch-influenced dish, most of the sweets are Portuguese-influenced, while British influences are roasted beef and roasted chicken

  • Asmi – The Magic Of Milk And Cinnamon
  • Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola Shredded Greens & Coconut
  • Polos – A Spicy Dish Of Jackfruit
  • Parippu – Spicy Lentil
  • Moju Wambatu A Pickle of Eggplant
  • The Fish Ambul Thiyal A Saporous Fish Dish
  • Kottu Sri Lanka’s Hamburger
  • Kukul Mas Curry – A Flavoursome Curry
  • Lamprais Meat Marinated in Sambal Chili Sauce
  • Sri Lankan Egg Hoppers – Pancakes For Breakfast
  • Kiribath A Tasty Combo Of Rice and Coconut Milk
  • Wood Apple– A South Asian Fruit

Best Vegetarian Sri Lankan Cuisine

Here’s a specially compiled list of delicious food items that are vegetarian Sri Lankan delicacies that are worth a visit. Scroll down to follow along!

1.Asmi The Magic Of Milk And Cinnamon

The milk is then added to the rice flour that is constantly made into a smooth. Then, the fresh cinnamon is squeezed in the coconut milk that is then used to create the batter. The batter is then cooked in oil, and garnished by treacle syrup. Take a bite of this tasty snack with your loved ones while having a chat during the evening.

Ingredients that are used include: rice flour, cinnamon leaves, treacle as well as coconut milk.

2. Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola Shredded Greens with Coconut

The Sri Lankan cuisine is like an healthy green salad made by mixing shredded green veggies and the most basic spices in coconut, chilli, onion along with Umbalakada fish. Take advantage of this leafy green and spicy vegetable dish along with white rice that is steaming hot during your lunch break.

Ingredients that are used: green vegetables, onion, green chilli, coconut and Umbalakada fish
Foods eaten by: rice & curry dishes

3. Polos – A Spicy Dish Of Jackfruit

Spices are dry-roasted, little pieces of the jackfruit can be mixed in with the spices that are roasted. The mustard seed oil gets cooked in a pan. Then onions, garlic and lemongrass, curry leaves as well as cinnamon is added. Then, jackfruit pieces are combined with the gravy and coconut mix is added. Then it is cooked for about an hour.

Ingredients that are used: Jackfruit, cinnamon curry leaves spices, garlic onion, lemongrass seeds, coconut milk and.
Foods eaten by: Rice and Parippu

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4. Parippu – Spicy Lentil

Are you ready to enjoy an enticing Sri Lankan curryThis tasty Sri Lankan cuisine is prepared with boiled red lentils. Curry leaves, onions spices, garlic, and other spices are cooked in hot oil. The curry cooks until it changes color to yellow. This delicious and creamy parippu or daal curry can make the basic rice taste delicious.

Ingredients included: red and yellow lentils, spices curries, coconut milk and garlic.
Consumed by: rice and wambatu moju

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5. Wambatu Moju A Pickle of Eggplant

Sri lankan food is scrumptious food item that is prepared by cutting slices of eggplant and deep-frying them in order to give them a crisp texture. It is then caramelized using vinegar, sugar green chillies, red onions along with mustard seeds.

Ingredients included: eggplant, spices vinegar, oil green chillies, onions, and sugar.
Consumed using: plain rice and cooked paan

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Best Non-Vegetarian Sri Lankan Cuisine

Now it’s time for some delectable Non-Vegetarian Sri Lankan delicacies. Here are a few of the most loved non-vegetarian food items from Sri Lanka:

6. Fish Ambul Thiyal – A Fish Dish with Saporous Fish

This is among the most simple Sri Lankan cuisine recipes in terms of preparation. Fish is cut into cubes before being sauteed in a fragrant mix of spices. Then, it is cooked until the small amount of water content is reduced. Enjoy this delicious Fish Thiyal for a blast of flavor in your mouth.

7. Kottu – Sri Lankas Hamburger

A very popular Sri Lankan cuisine, Kottu is prepared with a crispy, flat bread known as godamba roti. The roti is deep-fried and chopped. Then, the spices and vegetables can be added into the mixture. The dish is served with a spicy curry sauce. Does this taste like pasta?Try savoring it to find out if it tastes similar to pasta.

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8. Kukul Mas Curry – A delicious curry

Spices are cooked in oil. Coconut liquid and tomatoes are also added. Chicken pieces are placed in the gravy, and then stewed for a long time. It is best served with bread and rice. It is a very popular Sri Lankan cuisine in Colombo. Try this delicious chicken curry along with rice plain to get the most delicious taste.

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9. Lamprais – Meat Marinated In Sambal Chili Sauce

The Sri Lankan cuisine is a tasty dish served with rice. Meat, rice, as well as the sambal chili sauce can be wrapped up in the form of a banana leaf to cook. This adds a unique taste of the leaf it, which enhances the flavor of the food. Rice is prepared in the stock of a meat and served with the curry meat on the leaf of a banana.

10. Sri Lankan Egg Hoppers – Pancakes For Breakfast

A fermented mixture consisting of the rice flour and coconut milk and a touch of sugar is what makes the batter. The batter is made in a small wok and then tossed around to smooth it out. The egg is broken in the shape of a bowl. It is served with chilies and onions, lunu miris lemon juice and salt.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Sri Lankan Cuisine

What foods are eaten by the people of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan cuisine generally features steaming rice, which is usually eaten with vegetables curry, or meat curry. The meals are served with pickles, sambols and Chutneys.

Is Sri Lankan food spicy?

Sri Lankan food recipes involve the use of a variety of types of masalas and spices. A large portion of recipes from traditional Sri Lankan dishes are spicy.

Are food prices high In Sri Lanka?

Dining out at restaurants in Sri Lanka is not very expensive. The cost of dining at an acceptable restaurant is INR 200 and INR 400.

What’s the typical Sri Lankan breakfast?

Curry and milk rice is the most popular breakfast option for breakfast in Sri Lanka.

Do Sri Lankans drink alcohol?

Yes, it is possible to consume alcohol while within Sri Lanka. But, make sure you don’t drink alcohol in public areas since locals may not agree with this. It is also recommended to test the local alcohol that is Lankan Arrack.

What’s the price of one pint of alcohol on the island of Sri Lanka?

A pint of local beer costs between INR 100 – INR 200, in Sri Lanka. Imported beer is, however is priced between INR 160 – INR 350.

What is the traditional Sri Lankan food?

Curry and rice are the primary food in Sri Lanka, where the curry can consist of various items like seafood, meat and lentils, as well as vegetables mallums, sambols to the achcharus.

Is there a most famous dish from Sri Lanka?

The most well-known dishes you can try when you visit Sri Lanka include: 1. Fish Ambul Thiyal 2. Kottu 3. Kukul Mas Curry 4. Lamprais 5. Sri Lankan Egg Hoppers

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