10 Places to Visit in Kansas – USA

10 Places to Visit in Kansas – USA. Kansas is located in the middle of the United States from a geographical perspective. Kansas is also known as the Heart of America for many other reasons. Kansas, a state in the United States, is a slice Americana. It boasts the Great Plains scenery and plenty of history.

Many people view Kansas as a refuge from the world thanks to the Wizard of Oz. But there are many great places in Kansas.

Fort Scott National Historic Site

Kansas was considered the frontierland in the middle of 19th century. While settlement was ongoing, a military presence was necessary to protect the American frontiers. Fort Scott was built in 1842 and played a major role in the U.S. Civil War as well as Bleeding Kansas. This dispute, which brought up slavery, was not yet a national war.

Oz Museum

Wamego, a small city located on the banks of Kansas River, is just a few miles from the Kansas River. Wamego is small, but it’s home to one the most amazing attractions in the state. The Oz Museum is located in Wamego, which is dedicated to all things Wizard of Oz.

Monument Rocks

In northwest Kansas, you can find the Chalk Pyramids (also known as Monument Rocks). This natural wonder is a geological highlight. Monuments Rocks is estimated to be more than 80,000,000 years old.

7. Cosmosphere

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is located in Hutchinson. It is the second-largest space museum on Earth and is filled with amazing exhibits and attractions. The Carey Digital Dome Theater is a domed screen that displays movies about space exploration. It has a two-story ceiling.


Lindsborg is one of Kansas’ most interesting destinations. The small Swedish immigrant community settled this city in the latter half of the 19th century. It is now known as Little Sweden. Many shops and historical attractions celebrate the Swedish heritage.

You can find a local roasted coffee at the Blacksmith Shop by walking past anvils. You’ll feel ready to explore The Swedish Pavilion with a little caffeine boost. This landmark was built more than 100 years ago to commemorate the 1904 World’s Fair, St. Louis. It was then transported to Little Sweden, where it is now a hub of the arts at Bethany College.

Dodge City

Dodge City is a city in Western Kansas that is synonymous with the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Dodge was constructed in 1921 to protect settlers who were heading down the trail or coming to Kansas. It was the Wild West’s epitome, and that is why we have the expression “Get the hell out of Dodge!”

4. Eisenhower Presidential Library

Abilene, a small town in central Kansas, is the home of an important and historic attraction. Abilene is home to the Eisenhower Presidential Library. It is also connected to Eisenhower’s boyhood house and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve aims to preserve the remaining tallgrass prairies in America, which is only four percent. This preserve is located outside of Strong City and offers many miles of hiking trails. The preserve also contains a few historic buildings, such as the Limestone Barn and the Spring Hill Ranch House from the 19th Century.

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Lawrence is a great place to visit if you are looking for nightlife and art. The University of Kansas is located in Lawrence, which helps to foster a youthful, progressive community and bohemian vibe.

Lawrence is centered around Massachusetts Street. This main drag is lined with independent eateries, art galleries and a variety of vintage or quirky boutiques. The area is home to many great local breweries as well as nightlife spots.


Wichita is not the state capital but it’s the largest city of Kansas. Wichita has been called the Air Capital of the World. It is home to many aerospace companies and the Kansas Aviation Museum. The Sedgwick Country Zoo is a huge collection of over 2,500 animals and one of the most family-friendly attractions in the city.

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