10 Places to Visit in Kentucky – USA

10 Best Places to Visit in Kentucky – USA. Kentucky is much more than fried chicken or bourbon. Kentucky culture also includes horse racing. There are five tracks in Kentucky, with Churchill Downs being the most well-known. Kentucky, home to frontiersman Daniel Boone as well as the birthplace Abraham Lincoln, offers many activities that will keep you busy.

You will find breathtaking views, caves to explore, and bluegrass festivals to enjoy. Kentucky is the place where creamy gravy has been elevated to an art form and is an excellent companion for fried chicken. Here’s a list of Kentucky’s top attractions:

Bowling Green

Bowling Green is often called the “motorcity” of Kentucky because Chevrolet has made the Corvette there since 1981. You can visit the National Corvette Museum or take a factory tour. The city was founded in 1798 and served as the Confederate Capital of Kentucky during Civil War.

Big South Fork National River

You can get close to nature at the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. The national park is located in northeastern Kentucky’s Cumberland Plateau. It offers miles of hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, and camping. The stunning scenery is not to be missed.

Land Between the Lakes

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is appropriately named. It is located between Kentucky’s Barkley lakes and is connected by a canal. It is located in Kentucky and Tennessee. President John Kennedy made it a national recreational area in 1963. You will find plenty to do in this scenic area, including hiking trails and driving through bison and elk prairies.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a must-see for spirit travelers. You will visit nine major distillers in Kentucky, including Wild Turkey and Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Four Roses and Four Roses. There are also some smaller craft distilleries.


Paducah, a small town at the confluence between the Ohio and Tennessee river is located in the middle of the country. Although Paducah was established in 1821, it wasn’t until 1827 when William Clark (think Lewis and Clark Expedition), designed the town’s layout.

Cumberland Gap

We think of prairie states when we think about buffalo roaming the range. The trail, which is based upon buffalo trails, actually shows that buffalo once roamed Cumberland Gap. Cumberland Gap, a major break in Appalachian Mountains, was once a gateway to west. An estimated 300,000. settlers arrived in Kentucky between 1775-1810.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

Natural Bridge State Resort Park is a great place to add to your list if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Natural Bridge State Park is one of the first parks in Kentucky. It offers hiking trails that stretch for 19 miles (30km). There are also small lakes for paddling and fishing.


The heart of Bluegrass is Kentucky’s second-largest city, Lexington. It’s also known as the horse capital in the world. The city has been a hub for thoroughbred racing for over 200 years. The Bluegrass Stakes at the city is considered to be a rehearsal for Kentucky Derby. An early 19th-century poet called the city the “Athens of the West”.

Mammoth Cave National Park

This is probably something that Spelunkers already know: Mammoth Cave is one of the longest cave systems in the world. There have been 405 miles (652km) of documented passageways. This number is increasing with every new year. The caves were discovered by hunters in 1797 and used to mine calcium nitrate during the War of 1912.

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Named after King Louis XVI of France, Louisville is a town west of the Appalachians that was established on the Falls of Ohio in 1778. It is Kentucky’s biggest city. Louisville is most well-known as the city that hosts the Kentucky Derby. This leg of Triple Crown is known for being the “greatest 2 minutes in sports” and dates back to 1875.


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