10 Places to visit in Maryland – USA

10 Places to visit in Maryland – USA . A well-known name of Maryland can be described as America in Miniature. It is a perfect definition of the mid-atlantic State which offers a bit of everything. Within the borders of the state, you can see coastal spots as well as waterfront cities, beautiful mountains, national parks with historic significance and coastal villages.

Its proximity close proximity to Washington, D.C. keeps it current, but the rich background of the region suggests that the state is deeply into the history of the. From the major cities of Baltimore as well as Annapolis to the beautiful bodies of water scattered across Maryland These are the top destinations to visit in Maryland:

Deep Creek Lake

In the lush forest of Maryland there is a man-made lake referred to by the name of Deep Creek Lake. The region around the lake is referred to as the same and is a popular outdoor area for visitors and locals alike. In winter the mountains around Deep Creek Lake are wildly loved for skiing. In summer months, you can golf on more than a dozen courses in the region.

A variety of water-based sports are accessible, but an enjoyable way to spend your time is by the land. At Amish Miller Farm Amish Miller Farm it is possible to are able to start your afternoon horse-drawn carriage ride to explore the daily activities on an old-fashioned Amish farm.

Chesapeake Bay

One of the biggest estuaries on earth is the huge Chesapeake Bay, which was previously named Great Shellfish Bay. Numerous destinations across Maryland are situated right in the bay’s waters which means there is numerous ways to explore the area.

It is possible to admire the water when you travel across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Sandy Point or be a part of the Methodist community that is located in Smith Island. Whatever you do be, you must not miss the local culinary delight of Chesapeake Bay: Maryland Blue Crabs.


If you’re a lover of antiques, there’s no better place to go than the tiny capital city Frederick. It was founded in the 19th century Frederick has retained its historical spirit and has a number of wonderful antique malls, as well as local artists and dealers within the region.

There are also many historical homes you can tour like The Barbara Fritchie house. The home is decorated with historical decor. Barbara Fritchie was a known for her bravery in carrying the Union flag while General Stonewall Jackson marched past. Market Street is the best location to start with antique souvenirs, but there is a Francis Scott Key Mall nearby. Francis Scott Key Mall is another option.

Antietam National Battlefield

The Battle of Antietam is known as the most bloody day in American military history. This implies you can be sure that Antietam National Battlefield is an significant landmark that is worth visiting. The most effective way to experience the huge battlefield is to begin with the Visitor Center.

From there, you can take an almost nine-mile loop complete with audio-guided tour. For those who are a serious Civil War enthusiast, this cannot be beat. It is also possible to visit Pry House Field Hospital Museum. Pry House Field Hospital Museum which has impressive exhibits that showcase the magnitude of the issues nurses and doctors had to face during the battle. In addition, you can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the beautiful natural landscape of the region by walking through one of the Antietam Remembered or Union Advance Trails.

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Swallow Falls State Park

Outside of Oakland outside of Oakland Swallow Hills State Park. The Youghiogheny River runs across the park’s boundaries with breathtaking rapids and stunning gorges. The highlight of any trip in the Swallow Falls State Park will be Muddy Creek Falls that is which is a 50-foot waterfall that creates an impressive splash.

A one-mile walk will take you to the falls and you’ll walk through stunning Hemlock trees on the trail. If you’re looking to take on a more strenuous hike, you could take a walk starting through Swallow Falls to Herrington Manor State Park which is which is clearly marked and is only five miles.

Assateague Island

On the shores of Maryland is the barrier island Assateague. The uninhabited island is divided into two parts, one being a park for the state and the remaining portion is an United States National Seashore. The stunning island is recognized for the wild horses which are an amazing spectacle as they run across the sand dunes that line the shoreline.

An excursion through the Life of the Dunes Trail is an amazing experiencethat allows you to take in the scenery and listen to the ocean’s waves and see the various birds that make the area home. You can swim on the majority of the beaches on the island, and lifeguards are present in the most popular spots.


As the capital city of Maryland, Annapolis is a thriving city with plenty of interesting things to do. In the downtown area, the majority of the architecture is old and much of it is from the 18th, or the 19th century. Annapolis City Dock Annapolis City Dock is a frequent spot to pass the time.

Alongside watching Naval Academy midshipmen performing exercises in uniform The dock is also where you can enjoy live music, and of course, huge ships that are out and in daily. There are tours available for the United States Naval Academy itself and can be booked by contacting the Armet-Leftwich Visitor Center.

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Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

The C&O Canal or it’s also known as the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, was built in the middle of the 1800s, from Washington, D.C. all through Cumberland which is greater than 100 miles. The canal is lined with paths throughout the canal, giving plenty of opportunities for walking or cycling, or just taking in the views.

The area is rich in historical significance, there are numerous attractions around significant spots on the canal. In the summer months boats are that depart at Both the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center as well as The Williamsport Visitor Center. While few people take every mile of trail stepping foot on an isolated piece of history is an unforgettable experience.

Ocean City

Like the name implies, Ocean City is a city that lies at the edge of the water. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean means that the 10 miles of sandy beach, along with all the activities associated with it are an excellent attraction to visit. The boardwalk, which dates back to the past, is a must see located at the southern end the Ocean City beach.

On the boardwalk, you are able to visit at games or enjoy live entertainment, shop or eat some tasty beach foods and visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.


Baltimore is a city in the state of Baltimore is an amazing city to explore in Maryland with it’s Inner Harbor is the center of activity. There is the National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor is the city’s largest attraction, and it’s full of nearly 17,000 animals of fish from sharks to seahorses.

It is possible to see the whole marine ecosystems in the same glass tank. You can also watch 4D films that show the deep ocean. In The Inner Harbor is the Top of the World which is which is an observation platform that lets visitors to view The city’s view from a 27th-floor observation point.

If you’re keen to experience the adventure of a pirate inside the metropolis, take a trip to the open ocean by taking a wild cruise on a pirate vessel complete with costumes for the crew members and even firing cannons.

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