10 Places to Visit in Oklahoma – USA

10 Places to Visit in Oklahoma – USA .Oklahoma, located in the vast and expansive Great Plains region of the South Central United States is a great place to visit. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by tourists. It is home to beautiful prairies, lush forests and roaring rivers. The famous Historic Route 66 runs right through the heart of the state.

Although it is small and rural, there are large cities like Tulsa or Oklahoma City that can be found among the fertile fields and farmland. The former frontier state is rich in Native American history and has fascinating Wild West attractions. Beautiful nature parks and wilderness areas are some of the most popular places to visit in Oklahoma. They offer a variety of outdoor activities.

Great Salt Plains State Park

Great Salt Plains State Park is located in the north of Oklahoma, on the shores a scenic, shallow, salty lake. It is home to beautiful, desolate landscapes seemingly stretching forever. Its name comes from the sparkling salt plains that make up the remnants of an ancient prehistoric ocean.

The state park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including endless salt-stamp views. There are many great outdoor activities, including mountain biking and hiking. You can also enjoy boating and swimming on the lake.

Amazingly, Great Salt Plains State Park has the only place in the world where you can mine your own selenite crystals. From April through October, thousands visit the park to look for hourglass-shaped crystals and to enjoy the many recreational activities.

Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State Park is nestled in the Ozark Highlands’ stunning scenery, just a few miles from Arkansas . It is home to beautiful forest, fauna and flora but it is best known for its magnificent waterfall.

The Dripping Springs Falls, which rises to 75 feet (23 metres) in height, tumbles down a rugged cliff face and merges with a tranquil pool below. It is hidden in a valley deep in the forest. The best way to view it is from one of two observation platforms. There are amazing photos of the falls.

The state park’s most prominent sight is the waterfall, but it’s also a great spot to enjoy a picnic or barbecue. Some visitors even go glamping overnight in the five cozy yurts. There is also a volleyball and basketball court, as well a scenic hiking trail through woods.

Chickasaw National Recreatin’ Area

Chickasaw National Recreation Area is located in the suburbs of Sulphur, Oklahoma. It offers a variety of outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy. It is located in the foothills the Arbuckle Mountains and boasts a variety of outdoor activities, including springs, streams, forests, lakes, and waterfalls.

The park’s waterways make up more than a quarter of its area. Its babbling streams and rushing rivers are perfect for fishing, swimming and boating. The Lake of the Arbuckles is the largest body of water. It has beautiful picnic spots and campgrounds that visitors can make use of.

Although the recreation area is dominated by water, its lush forests are equally beautiful to explore, and offer a wide variety of fauna and flora. The Travertine Nature Centre is where visitors can learn more about Chickasaw National Recreation Area’s ecosystems and nature through live classes and exhibits.


Lawton is the fifth-largest state city. It lies among the endless prairies and plains of southwest Oklahoma. Only the Wichita Mountains north break the monotony. It is home to several fascinating museums that provide information about the history, culture and heritage of the Great Plains.

The Museum of the Great Plains features interactive and informative exhibitions about the area’s settlement, archaeological finds, artifacts and a replica of an old trading post. The Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center focuses on the tribe’s rich history and heritage, while Fort Sill Museum offers many period buildings for the public to explore.

Lawton is home to many parks and outdoor recreation areas, in addition to its amazing public museums. Although boating and swimming are very popular pastimes in Lawton, it is impossible to visit without taking in the beautiful nature of the Wichita Mountains.


Bartlesville is located 45 miles (70 km) north of Tulsa on the banks of Caney River. It’s close to the border with Kansas. The Phillips Petroleum Company has dominated the city’s life since the discovery of oil in 1905. It still maintains large offices and employs many people.

The wealthy corporation has contributed to the construction of many excellent museums and other attractive structures throughout the city over the years. The museum and wildlife preserve at Woolaroc is the most notable. It houses a large collection of artworks as well as animals including bison and elk.

Bartlesville is also known for having the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed skyscraper. Price Tower, which stands at 220 feet (67m) tall, is a landmark that makes it stand out from the rest of its surroundings. It also hosts regular exhibitions. The city hosts many important cultural events throughout the year. It is home to art, architecture, and animals. A popular event is the classic car show.

Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers Bend State Park is one of the most picturesque and popular parks in Oklahoma. It can be found in the scenic southeast corner of the state. It was named after the picturesque Mountain Fork River bend and includes the stunning Broken Bow Lake.

The park is nestled among rolling hills and low-lying mountain ranges. It boasts beautiful scenery with lush forests that hug its riverbanks and lakeshores. It is an amazing place to explore with many hiking trails and mountain biking paths that wind through the woods.

The beautiful lake and rushing river make it ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and canoeing. Many choose to stay in the park for the night or at one of its cozy cabins. There is also a nature center where you can enjoy archery, minigolf and tennis.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, which covers a large area of southwest Oklahoma, is located just north of Lawton. It was established in 1901 and preserves diverse landscapes, as well as countless species of fauna-flora.

It is very mountainous and home to many things, including steep ravines and wide valleys as well as flower-filled meadows or forests. There are 13 artificial lakes scattered throughout the area, along with numerous scenic hiking trails and rock climbing routes. It is an amazing place to camp and fish, and offers excellent wildlife and bird watching.

Although the park is open to most visitors, over half of it remains untouched as a wildlife refuge. Guided tours allow visitors to spot elks and armadillos as well as otters and the stunning bison. There are now more than 650 of them.

Route 66

Route 66 is one of the most famous and beloved roads in America. It runs from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. The ‘Mother Road,’ which passes through eight states, covers 3,940 km, with Oklahoma being the longest.

Visitors to Oklahoma love to road trip along the Historic Route 66. There are large, lively cities like Tulsa and Oklahoma City that they can stop at along the route. It also passes through iconic American landscapes with rolling cornfields and farms alongside remote and rural villages and towns.


Tulsa, the self-described “Oil Capital of the World”, is the second largest city in Oklahoma. It lies in the northeast of Oklahoma between the Great Plains, the Ozark foothills, and the Great Plains. It is the home of large companies in energy and other big businesses. However, there are some outstanding architecture and attractions.

It is located on the banks the Arkansas River and boasts a vibrant skyscraper-dotted center. This city has both dazzling corporate offices as well as an impressive array of art deco buildings. There is also a vibrant arts and culture scene that visitors can explore, including spectacular ballet, opera and theater performances.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, located almost in the middle of the state is not only the capital but also its most populous settlement. It’s also its cultural and economic heart. Oklahoma City (or OKC as it is sometimes called) is a major metro area on the Great Plain. It is located along the banks of Oklahoma River and offers many things to do and see.

Although many sights can be found in downtown, such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Museum of Art, it’s worth going further afield. Paseo is an artist’s colony that is now home to many art galleries, Art Deco buildings, boutiques and shops. ‘Little Saigon,’ a thriving Asian restaurant and shop district, is also nearby.

OKC is home to many historical, cultural, and architectural sites. The Frontier City, which offers thrilling rides and attractions that take you back in time to the Wild West, is also a family-friendly attraction. There are many parks and walking paths in the city, with the seven-story Myriad Botanical Garden being one of the most notable attractions.

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