10 Places to Visit in Tennessee – USA

10 Places to Visit in Tennessee – USA . Tennessee is known for being the birthplace of blues and country music. However, the scenery in Tennessee is just as varied as its music scene. The majestic, forest-covered Great Smoky Mountains are a world away form the lush green valleys, scorching lowlands, and other musical treasures found throughout the state.

Despite differences in music and scenery, southern hospitality is everywhere you go. There are many charming cities and towns to be found along with fun-filled amusement parks and fantastic live music venues.


Tracing the Harpeth River, Franklin is just 30 km from Nashville. The laidback, relaxed downtown is home to many bars, restaurants, and shops. People visit the city to see the battlefields and historic sites related to the bloody Battle of Franklin, which took place in 1864 during Civil War.

National Recreation Area Land Between the Lakes

The stunning scenery of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, located between Lake Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake, will delight both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can cycle or hike through beautiful forests and wetlands and enjoy stunning views from the shore.

The recreation area has some of the most undeveloped and untouched forest areas in the east. It is home to some of America’s largest wild places. It is home to many different species of wildlife and birds.


The resort town of Gatlinburg, located at the foot the Great Smoky Mountains, is surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains.

Many people visit the state for the many outdoor activities it offers. The Appalachian Trail is a popular hiking route. In winter, Ober Gatlinburg, which is the only ski resort in the state, is full of people enjoying a great time.

You’ll find many arcades, mini-golf, souvenir shops and go-karting tracks around the town because it has a touristy vibe. There are many unique attractions like the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers and Hollywood Star Cars Museum.


Tennessee’s former capital and third-largest urban area is becoming a popular tourist destination. There are many great restaurants, bars and breweries that have opened in recent years.

It is home to the University of Tennessee , which gives it a lively and youthful vibe. Supporters pack the Neyland Stadium to see college-football games. It can hold up to 102,000 spectators.

Cummins Falls State Park

Cummins Falls State Park was named after the stunning waterfall at its center. It is also home to beautiful, unspoiled nature that surrounds the river and gorge that runs through the park. The state park is ideal for hiking, as it offers stunning views and allows you to navigate streams, boulders and woodland paths to reach the waterfall.


Chattanooga, which lies on the Tennessee River at the Georgia border, has been a major railroad station for many years. Internationally, Chattanooga is known for Glenn Miller’s famous song “Chattanooga Choo Choo”.

Chattanooga was fought over fiercely during the American Civil War. This was due to its strategic and important role as a transportation hub. There are many historic sites and battlefields around the city.

Pigeon Forge

The mountain resort town Pigeon Forge is best known for hosting Dollywood. It’s a friendly and fun place that offers something for everyone. There are many things to do in the area, including shopping malls and souvenir shops. There are fun museums that offer information on everything, from the Titanic to Hollywood Legends to Alcatraz or Southern Gospel music.

Country music lovers will be particularly fond of the many musical theatres and music-related museums, but the main attraction is the Dolly Parton Theme Park, which offers loads of rides and other fun activities.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an amazing place to visit any season. It’s awash in stunning scenery and incredible natural sights that change with the seasons. It is the most visited park in the entire U.S.. Once you have been there, you will see why. The majestic Great Smoky Mountains are nearly entirely covered in lush forests, with many scenic trails and paths – like the Appalachian – winding their way through undergrowth.


It is well-known that Memphis is the birthplace and heartbeat of blues music. You’ll find many bars and clubs along Beale Street that offer live music.

There are many museums and monuments throughout town that honor various musicians. The most well-known is Graceland, Elvis Presley’s former residence.


Nashville is the capital of the state and the country music capital. There are many great live music venues, as well museums that honor famous names like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

Although Nashville is the ‘Music City USA’, it has many other sides and is now a hub of culture and commerce.

You will find many beautiful old buildings and historical sights scattered about, while the vibrant neighborhoods are full of trendy bars and cozy coffee shops with plenty of leafy parks.

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