13 Most Well-Known Famous Race Horses of All Time

13 Most Well-Known Famous Race Horses of All Time .Horse racing is among the most ancient and most well-known sport across the globe. The sport has been in existence for a long time throughout America, Europe, and Asia and it’s extremely popular today. Each year, numerous races are played in The UK, USA, and Emirates and hundreds of presidents, princes, and enthusiastic fans follow the sport with enthusiasm!

The origin of Horse Racing

There isn’t any definitive evidence from the past about the origins of this sport however, most historians believe the origins of horse racing date all the way to Asian nomadic tribes that existed in the 4500 years BC. Numerous fossils from biology support this assertion. Furthermore to this, there is evidence that suggests the Mughal Empire had the ability to conquer and take over huge areas of Asia and Europe in the 13th and the fourteenth century. The Mongolians created the largest empire of all time due to their fastest and powerful military machine of the time, horses! While the less fortunate European and African nations didn’t have this peculiar creature.

The British Empire understood the potential of horses and depended on them to expand its influence across the globe to create the largest contiguous land empire in the history of the world and even surpassing the Mughal Empire.

In the past horses were the primary means of transport and travel, as well as trade and racing became an established practice in nearly every country around the globe. The earliest evidence of horse racing can be traced back to the 12th century AD and was run by a group or other entity that brought jockeys with the highest level of skill and the top horses to race for a prize.

Today flat horse racing is the most popular type of horse racing in which horses race on the course of a turf that is barrier-free and winners are the one who finishes the racetrack first ahead of the other competitors. There are other types of horse races such as harness racing, steeple chasing and endurance race. There are a variety of breeds used in these races. However, Thoroughbreds tend to be the most well-known being followed by Quarters, Arabian horses and Standardbreds.

Here are 10 fascinating details about racing horses you might not have heard before.

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The sport is Called “the “Sport of Kings”

If you are looking around that you cannot see any sport, either individual or team that is called “the sport of kings” This title is exclusive to horse racing! Why is that? In 1605 the reigning king James I was so interested in the sport that Parliament passed an order requiring James to concentrate solely on the duties of king than horse racing. But James’s initial love for racing horses did not end, he founded Newmarket as racecourse and Royal resort. James II, his son James II, completed Newmarket as the official seat for British race horses. Because the two kings of England were enthusiastic about the sport, it became popular across the royals and the British Aristocracy and gained its name, the sport of kings, which is in use to this day!

The Largest Sports Industries

Horse racing isn’t comparable with football, or even Formula 1 in terms of the size of the industry, but it’s a multibillion dollar industry. For the United States alone, this sport brings $36.6 billion in revenue to the American economy and employs over 1,472,000 individuals, including jockeys, coaches and employees. For the United Kingdom, the annual value of the horse racing industry is around half one million pounds sterling and it employs hundreds of people and in turn, is beneficial to both the British economy.

Horses begin their racing career At 2 Years Old!

What is a human toddler able to do? In the end, he can successfully stop breastfeeding! At two years, horses start their racing careers and endure intense training to build up muscle mass. This allows them to race and compete against other experienced horses. In some cases, horses require three, four as well as five or more years before they begin their careers.

All Horses are Capricorns!

All Thoroughbreds that originate from across the Northern Hemisphere are born at the same time, which happens to be the day that is born on January 1st this means that all racehorses belong to the Capricorn the zodiac signs! Not only do they have Capricorn characteristics and characteristics, but they share ecological characteristics! The horses of the southern hemisphere get born on the 1st day of August.

This rule was formulated to help identify the horse’s age as the majority of major races have specific limits on the age of the horses participating. For instance, Kentucky Derby accepts 3 years old houses horses of or younger than 3 years old can compete. The gestation period for horses extends to approximately 11 months and mares are fertilized throughout the spring time to have babies between January and March.

The queen of UK has quite a few horses

It is it is not a surprise that horse racing is a sport for the kings, given that the queen of England, her majesty Elizabeth II is among the most well-known horse lovers and has many horses of which are not yet known, but is believed to be hundreds. Horses owned by Queen Elizabeth II have won more than 1,600 wins in all the races they’ve participated in up to today.

It is the Jockey Club Must Approve Thoroughbreds Names!

Imagine that before you can name the name to your animal, you require approval from a specific authority. In reality that’s exactly what happens to horses! Breeders of Thoroughbred horses must adhere to the guidelines of the Jockey Club and get their approval when the process of naming their horses. Since the requirements set by the Jockey Club are strict, breeders are provided with a list of names ranging from 6-12 to pick out of, and the name must be in line with the following requirements:

The name should not exceed 18 characters, including space marks and punctuation marks.

  • It should not be repeated.
  • It is not an actual number.

A horse may only be named after a person who is real the breeder has received the written permission of the person!

The name of a different horse cannot be used for at least five years following the time the previous horse has retired.

Kiplingcotes Derby Kiplingcotes Derby Is the Oldest Race Running This Day

The British Callinectes Derby was launched in 1519 and has been running every year since then until today. The race takes place on Yorkshire’s East Riding of Yorkshire within four mile of the tracks. It is not a time restriction for the horses who participate in the race. In 2020 the race was run but only two horses took part due to restrictions on social distancing!

American horse racing dates back to 1665.

The United States of America has long-standing track record of horses racing. Some say it’s longer then even the United States Declaration of Independence! The first track for racing horses was created in 1665 and it was the American Republic itself was founded in 1776! While the races were initially organized locally, the first official organized race was introduced in 1868. In 1890 the USA boasted three hundred and fifteen races and they’re growing up to the present.

The 2nd Most followed Sport in the UK

Just like football horse racing is the UK’s most loved sport. The UK horse races are watched by more than 6 million people every year.

It’s not an easy task to become a Jockey

Similar to other sports, jocks have some rules which jocks must adhere to and the rules can be strict for certain such as:

A jockey must be age 18.The jockey’s weight has to not exceed 118 pounds. A jockey has to complete an entire two-year program of training prior to beginning the first race.

The 12 most famous racehorse of History

The legendary man of War to the amazing Secretariat the world has witnessed some truly skilled racehorses. Many have had awe-inspiring careers and captured the hearts of many people across the globe.

Every year there are millions of Thoroughbreds are bred with hope that they will be the Crown champion being born. An Triple Crown champion is a horse that has won three races: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes in the same season. Although only a handful of horses will become a racing legend Every time and often a horse with a unique performance is seen on the track and is admired by the world’s population.

The most famous racehorses of the history of racing are Secretariat, Man o’ War, Ruffian, and Seabiscuit. With respect to their fame and racing record These four horses are part of the horse racing legends.

While it’s a hotly debated subject, we’ve listed below in no order of importance 13 contenders to be the top racehorses in the USA and across the globe.

Below are the 13 most well-known racehorses of all time.

1. Man of War

Man O’ War wins in 1920 the Belmont Stakes

Man of War is definitely an extremely successful racehorse to live. The chestnut stallion was able to win twenty in the races he participated in the course, which is an remarkable accomplishment.

Popularly referred to as Big Red, his career ran from 1919 until 1920 during which time he earned an impressive $249,465 (equivalent to more than three million by 2020). Although he was a winner of in the year 1920 with wins at Belmont Stakes and Preakness, he Preakness and Belmont Stakes, He did not participate for the Kentucky Derby, meaning he was never able to take home the Triple Crown.

Man o’ War was the only horse that ever was defeated by a colt named Upset in the race at Saratoga Race Course, later named”the “Graveyard of Champions” due to the fact that great racehorses lost in this race. It was a race that caused controversy since he was a bit ahead of the winner’s horse following an unpopular start, which many believed was unfair.

Through his incredible achievements Man o’War was awarded the title of THE greatest racehorse in the twentieth century. He was retired in 1921 and was a top sire and had descendants like Seabiscuit, the legendary War Admiral and Seabiscuit. He also is a member of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame as of 1957.

2. War Admiral

A son of the legendary Man of War, War Admiral carried the legacy of his father. The brown stallion enjoyed an impressive career between 1936 and 1938 and won at least 21 times in his run and receiving $273,240 from purses.

War Admiral was only the fourth horse to ever win the Triple Crown. In only 1937, he was the winner of the entire eight races he took part in and even the Triple Crown, which earned him the title of Horse of The Year.

Despite suffering an injury throughout the course of his professional career War Admiral made a comeback to keep his winning streak. His most well-known matches was against Seabiscuit, a team that was considered to be underdogs Seabiscuit. Both teams raced at Pimlico racetrack in 1938, an event dubbed as the ‘Match race of the Century.’

After his retirement, War Admiral became one of the most popular broodmare sires of North America. His bloodline is still present with Triple Crown winners American Pharoah and Justify in addition to other racehorses who are champion racehorses. On the list of The Blood-Horse’s the Top 100 US Thoroughbred Champions in the 20th Century, War Admiral is listed as 13th.

3. Seabiscuit

Although Seabiscuit was not the best beginning in his racing career, the horse soon found his feet after changing trainers. In his racing career Seabiscuit was considered an underdog and earned the respect of the American populace, and was seen as an icon of hope during times of the Great Depression.

From 1935 until 1940 the bay stallion had an impressive 89 times with 33 wins. The horse’s career began to take off in 1937 when the horse won 11 of his 15 races and even continued to pursue his racing career after suffering an injury to his suspensory ligament.

Seabiscuit’s most memorable race was when he was up against War Admiral, who was just coming from the Triple Crown victory. In the race that was one-on-one, Seabiscuit was the underdog and defeated War Admiral by four lengths. The famous race was depicted in the 2003 film Seabiscuit which even won the Academy Award for Best Picture nomination.

Seabiscuit is the 38th American Horse of the Year and the most profitable racehorse in his time with a total of $437,730. Seabiscuit was inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside his foe War Admiral. Of his 108 foals Sea Sovereign and Sea Swallow established themselves in the racing world.

4. Citation

One of the best racehorses of all time, Citation was the first horse to ever earn one million dollars in earnings. Between 1947 and 1951 the bay stallion was able to win thirty-two of his races. He was eight times winner of American Triple Crown and 3rd on the list of the Top 100 US Thoroughbred Champions of the 20th Century.

in 1948 Citation was a dynamite performer with a record 19-1. This included taking home the Triple Crown. The legendarily famous jockey Eddie Arcaro, claimed Citation was the best horse he’s ever ridden. His trainer Jimmy Jones famously said: “My horse could beat anything with hair on it.”

When Citation gained fame and became a household name, it was difficult for a racer to come up with a contender who could match his feats. After stopping the 1949 season due to the complications of an osselet-related injuries ( source), Citation returned to the track in 1950 in order to continue his success.

The racehorse that won the gold medal retired after taking home the Hollywood Gold Cup in 1951. The horse then started his Stud career and produced champions such as Silver Spoon who won the important Preakness Stakes in 1956. It is no surprise that Citation has been a part of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.

5. Secretariat

Secretariat is thought of by many as one of the most skilled racehorses to ever live. From 1972 until 1973, Secretariat won sixteen of 21 races. Although this is an impressive feat and a great accomplishment, he also claimed the Triple Crown for the first time in over 25 years.

Also known under the name Big Red, Secretariat not only took home his share of the Triple Crown, but did it by setting records in each race that remain in place in the present. In addition Secretariat was the winner of Belmont Stakes. Belmont Stakes by a shocking 31 lengths. After achieving such achievements, Secretariat gained fame among the American people as his talents were inspiring.

This legendary racehorse is worthy to receive a flood of awards. It’s true that the horse did take home the two successive Horse of the Year titles along with the five Eclipse Awards and ranks 2nd on The Blood-Horse’s Top 100 US Thoroughbred Champions of the 20th Century list.

Secretariat’s secret to success was his heart that was oversized, weighing between 21 and 22 pounds. Because of a syndication arrangement that ended his racing career at the age of three. As sire, he gained many successes through the lines of his daughters, and became the best broodmare sire of North America for 1992.

Secretariat passed away from laminitis in the age group of 19. In tribute to his legacy, Walt Disney Pictures produced the film that became a hit Secretariatin 2010.

6. Northern Dancer

Northern Dancer is certainly an extremely renowned sires of the horse racing era. He took 15 wins out of 19 races which included his wins in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Although he was not able to win his chance to win the Triple Crown coming 3rd in the Belmont Stakes, he is thought to be the crown jewel of Canadian Thoroughbred breeding.

Although Northern Dancer was the most successful when he was a stud horse His racing accomplishments were not by unnoticed. He was the Canadian Champion Two-Year Old Colt , in the year the year 1963 and is also listed among the Top 100 US Thoroughbred Champions of the 20th Century.

He went to stud in the year 1965 and had immediate success. One of his progeny from the beginning Nijinsky took home the English Triple Crown, making him the most sought-after sire in during the latter half of 20th Century. The influence of Northern Dancer continues to be felt even today, and many of his children also became famous sires. The legendary stallion was elected to his respective US and Canadian Racing Hall of Fame in the year 1976.

7. Phar Lap

The list of our favorites wouldn’t have been complete without the legend Phar Lap the most famous Australian racehorse to ever live. In only four years the champion took home more than 37 races during his career, and gave people hope in the midst of the Great Depression.

Born by a breeder in New Zealand, Phar Lap took over Australian racing with his wins in his first Melbourne Cup, the Australian Derby, and two Cox Plates. While he was gaining fame, many attempted to stop his career but they were unsuccessful.

A symbol of national significance across both Australia and his home country, Phar Lap died of mysterious causes in 1932. There are many theories that suggest that the horse was poisoned but none of them was proved.

Like Secretariat, Phar Lap also had a huge heart that weighed 14 pounds, which is more than 1.5 larger than the average horse’s heart. The story of Phar Lap is featured in the movie Phar Lap (1983).

8. Ruffian

The nickname is “Queen of the Fillies”, Ruffian is by far the most well-known filly in racing history. She won without losing a race during her entire life and was the winner of 10 of 10 races before an unfortunate accident stopped her winning streak.

The Ruffians’ grandchild is Bold Ruler, the same mare that produced the famous Secretariat. Through her entire time in the sport, she never put her foot wrong and always took the lead in her races by a few lengths.

Although, Ruffian broke down during the match race she was running with Foolish Pleasure the who was the winner in 1975’s Kentucky Derby. The vets carried out surgery on her leg right afterward, which was successful. As she was coming off anesthesia Ruffian began running around on her back. Due to this, she suffered more injuries, the owners decided that they would put Ruffian to sleep.

The top racehorse won numerous prizes after her death which included one of them being an Eclipse award and the Hall of Fame induction. She is ranked 35th in the Top 100 U.S. Thoroughbred Champions of the 20th century and one of the few non-human athletes to be listed on the Top 100 Female Athletes of the Century list.

The legacy of Ruffian was celebrated in his 2007 movie Ruffian and the Ruffian Legacy, and a variety of books and artworks.

9. Zenyatta

While she did not begin her professional profession until three-year-old because of Ringworm, Zenyatta swiftly displayed her talents to the world. Her distinct personality and athletic abilities earned her a huge fan base. She also developed a love of Guinness Stout!

From 2007 until 2010 from 2007 to 2010, the bay-colored mare was successful in 19 out of her 20 races. Her wins included some of the most prestigious races like the Breeders’ Cup Classic which she won against male competitors for the very first time in the history of the race.

The only race that Zenyatta has never lost in her final one, in which she finished second. Zenyatta was once deemed to Sports Illustrated to be the most beautiful filly ever, which seems like a perfect title for her incredible career.

Zenyatta was also named the American Horse of the Year in the year 2010 and is also a member of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame as of 2016. After five years of success she decided to stop racing and became broodmare.

10. Frankel

By Koc91 By Koc91 Ascot Racecourse Press enclosure CBY-SA 3.0.

Frankel’s racing experience throughout Great Britain was one for all ages. From 2010 until 2012, the bay stallion was victorious in every single race he took part in which left him unbeaten in his race career.

Frankel’s main focus during his time was the mile-long races. Since he only raced on the tracks of Great Britain, he never took part in any race in the Triple Crown. Following his phenomenal performance on the track, many believe he is to be one of the most successful racehorses ever to live.

The descendant from Northern Dancer and the son of the legendary Galileo, Frankel won many of the most famous races. In May of 2011 Frankel officially became the most popular racehorse in world. It was just one of the many accolades he won.

It is believed that the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings committee thinks Frankel to be the top racehorse that they have ever evaluated since the rating system was first introduced in 1977. Frankel is currently at the stud at the stud in Suffolk with Banstead Manor Stud.

11. Winx

Winx is certainly one of the best fillies to race and among the top race horses from Australia. From 2014 until 2019 The bay mare was able to win an impressive 47 of 43 races.

From May 2015 until the conclusion the season in April of 2019, Winx won 33 consecutive races which included 25 , Group 1 races. In her career, she broke a number of records on the track.

From 2016 until 2018she was the top filly around the globe. She also took home the three times in succession Australian Horse of the Year titles, which is unheard in the history of horse racing. Through her racing career she earned over the sum of 26 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 20 million dollars).

After racing to seven years old, Winix retired to become a broodmare. She was the only horse to ever be admitted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame while still racing.

12. American Pharoah

After a long absence, American Pharoah came through to claim the Triple Crown. From 2014 until 2015 the bay stallion was able to win nine of his eleven starts and made $8,650,300.

The year 2015 saw American Pharoah made history as the 12th horse to be awarded the Triple Crown, becoming the first since Affirmed was the winner in 1978. His Belmont victory was the second-fastest ever among Triple Crown champions, only second to Secretariat.

American Pharoah was the very first mare to take home the Grand Slam since 1941, because he was the winner of two of them, the Triple Crown and the Breeder’s Cup Classic. It beat record for the Breeder’s Cup track record winning by six and an eighth length despite racing against older horses.

In the year 2015. American Pharoah has already received his Eclipse Award to be named the American Horse of the Year and the Champion three-year-old title. The owners of the horse decided to retire the horse to stud and he’s achieved the right track. The legend of racing was admitted into the US Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 2021.

13. Seattle Slew

Seattle Slew was among the two horses undefeated throughout his career when it was his turn to win the Triple Crown. From 1976 until 1978 this dark bay horse was successful in the Triple Crown in 14 out of 17 races.

After struggling to get started in training and an injury to the stall, Seattle Slew’s two-year-old career finally began his journey after a lengthy delay. His abilities quickly attracted the attention of racing fans and the colt aged three was eventually awarded the Triple Crown.

He suffered his first loss just days after winning the Triple Crown victory. After the big victory, he was sent away to California to compete in at the Swaps Stakes, where he finished fourth. The race was believed as controversial. Many people believe that the legendary racehorse had lost his luster after having been sedated several times through radiographs and the fact that he didn’t get sufficient rest after the Belmont.

In the end of his illustrious racing career Seattle Slew retired to Stud. In his time as a racehorse received numerous honors, like the 1997 Horse of the Year. He was admitted into the United States Racing Hall of Fame in 1981.

According to the Blood-Horse magazine list of the top 100 U.S. racehorses from the 20th Century, Seattle Slew was ranked in a respectable ninth position. On May 7 2002 at the age of 28 years old, Seattle Slew peacefully passed away in his sleep just 25 years from the day he won winning the Kentucky Derby win.


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