20 Ancient Lost Cities of The World

20 Ancient Lost Cities of The World. Maybe , in the near future our children will gaze at the devastation of Taj Mahal or Statue Of Liberty and be stunned by the communities that are around them. It shouldn’t be a surprise to discover most contemporary cities are currently submerged. Actually, the history of the world has revealed numerous cities that were lost in the world that drowned , abandoned or were simply abandoned in the wilderness.

A lot of these cities across the world were lost to time until a traveler or historian intentionally or accidentally, discovered the ruin. Through these people, we have been able to see the beautiful and hidden locations across the globe.

The list is endless to the list of cities that were forgotten throughout the of the world. However, to make it easier for you we’ve put together a list of some of the forgotten cities across the world that were found. Take a look!

The Most Inspirational Cities Of The World That Are Inaccessible Cities Of The World

The research of places that once were important cities of trade, economy and culture and then lose their importance over the course of time, tells us interesting historical tales of the past. This is a list of cities lost across the globe, starting with the ones in the United States and ending with international treasures. Discover the fascinating facts regarding cities that were lost across the world:

  • Kalibangan – Rajasthan
  • Lothal — Gujarat
  • Dwarka – Gujarat
  • Sanchi – Madhya Pradesh
  • Vijayanagara – Hampi
  • Mohenjo-daro – Sindh
  • Taxila – Rawalpindi
  • Caral Barranca
  • Machu Picchu – Cusco
  • Calakmul Campeche
  • Lagunita – Yucatan
  • Gobekli Tepe – Orencik
  • Troy – Canakkale
  • Mesa Verde – Colorado
  • Skara Brae – Orkney
  • Pompeii – Campania
  • Leptis Magna – Khoms
  • Helike Achaea Achaea
  • Heracleion – Alexandria
  • Petra – Ma’an Governorate

1. Kalibangan – Rajasthan

The distinct altars to the fire along with some of the first ploughed fields discovered are what make Kalibangan important among the other cities that have disappeared around the world.

Location: Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

2. Lothal -Gujarat – Gujarat

It is perhaps the most important excavation site of the cities lost across the world. Lothal is still a marvel of city planning and constructed structures during the period that was the Indus Valley Civilisation. It is among the most well-known cities that have been in ruins in India.

Location: Saragwala Village in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

3. Dwarka – Gujarat

The city that was submerged to the sea by Krishna the God of Krishna is one of many mythical towns that’ve disappeared. The present-day Dwarka was believed to have been the 7th city which is the one that first floated along the coast of the Arabian Sea. Archaeologists have managed to find only the remains of a city from the 15th century BC.

Location: Gujarat

4. Sanchi – Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi is one of the most well-known historical sites in India. It is famous for the Greco-Buddhist-styled Sanchi stupas and the Ashoka pillar that was erected during the time of Emperor Ashoka. One of the most forgotten cities in the past was discovered in the latter part of the 19th century.

Location: Sanchi Town, Madhya Pradesh

5. Vijayanagara – Hampi

Archaeologists have discovered remains that date to the time of 300 BC The entire city that was excavated from Vijayanagar situated within Hampi is dated back to the empire that had a similar names. However, even the Hindu mythology founded upon Ramayana refers to Hampi in the form of Kishkinda meaning the heavens of the mongolian gods. Hampi is one of the most famous abandoned cities across the globe.

Location: Hampi, Karnataka

6. Mohenjo-daro – Sindh

In the list of most ancient cities that have been lost around the world, Mohenjo Daro was long neglected until its discovery in 1922. It was revealed as one of the most important city centers of during the Indus Valley Civilization as well as among the first cities across the globe. The usage of the use of bricks that had been burned by fire to build structures and the stunning design led to the city’s fame. Additionally, to the many buildings and ruins found The structure found in The Great Bath is the most famous.

Location: Sindh, Pakistan

7. Taxila – Rawalpindi

Taxila or Takshashila It is found to have the place it deserves in Indian and also in Greco-Roman literary texts and also in the stories of the two Chinese Buddhist pilgrims, Faxian and Xuanzang. It was the most important Indian education centre. It was based in the Hindu epic of Ramayana, Takshashila was founded by King Bharat who was the brother of Lord Rama.. It is thought that the city was named the son of Bharata Taksha who was the city’s first ruler. However, archeological excavations can’t verify its connection with anything prior to the year 600 BC.

Locale Rawalpindi, Pakistan

8. Caral Barranca Barranca

Caral is believed to be the most ancient city centre in the Americas until archaeological sites like Bandurria situated within Peru were discovered. No battlements, guns, or corpses that were mutilated have been found on the excavation sites. Therefore, the city that was long lost was believed to be the residence of a community of friends that was involved in commerce, music, and leisure.

Location: Supe Valley, Barranca Province, Peru

9. Machu Picchu – Cusco

It was constructed as an estate for the Emperor Pachacuti, Machu Pichhu is perhaps the most well-known construction of that period of the Inca civilization. However, it was capable of being used by the dynasty just for about a century before being destroyed at in the period of Spanish invasion. In a worldwide survey in 2007, it was selected as part of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Location: Cusco Region, Peru

10. Calakmul – Campeche

The belief is to be that Calakmul, the Maya old site of Calakmul was the main city of Calakmul which was also the capital city of Snake Kingdom. In its literal meaning, it is “the City of Two adjacent Pyramids It contained two high pyramids, as well as many smaller buildings.

Location: Campeche, Mexico

11. Lagunita – Yucatan

It wasn’t too long time ago that the long-forgotten city of Lagunita and Tamchen in the Maya civilizations were discovered in the forest of Mexico. The discovery was made when taking aerial photographs of the area.

Location: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

12. Gobekli Tepe – Orencik

Gobekli Tepe is the most ancient temple in the world. It was built before the pottery neolithic era. Many circular and oval structures were discovered on the high up on the hills. The research later revealed that the structures weren’t intended for use in the domestic however, they were mostly used to serve religious purposes.

Location: Orencik, Turkey

13. Troy – Canakkale

Troy as well as The Trojan War were only discussed in Greek mythology for a long time before the town was found in latter part of the 19th century. Troy was once a myth. Cities that were lost, Troy not only finds poems by The Homer and other authors, but it was also made into an epic adventure War film in the year 2004.

Location: Tevfikiye, Canakkale Province, Turkey

14. Mesa Verde – Colorado

An National Park & and listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mesa Verde preserves one of the best-preserved ancestral Puebloan archeological sites in the US. Most well-known is the Cliff Palace, believed to be the largest living cliff on the continent of North America.

Location: Southwestern Colorado, USA

15. Skara Brae – Orkney

It is older than Stonehenge or The Great Pyramids, Skara Brae is referred to as Sottish Pompeii because it is well preserved. It was built of stone. Neolithic settlements on the largest island in the Orkney archipelago in Scotland which was discovered after severe storms that raged from 1850 to the mid-1920s.

Location: Bay of Skaill situated in the West Coast of Mainland, Orkney, Scotland

16. Pompeii – Campania

Pompeii is one of the cities lost to time during The Roman Empire which was destroyed and submerged in many layer of volcanic ash after the massive eruption that was Mount Vesuvius. When the first evidence of the site was discovered in the late 1990s the remains discovered were preserved because of the lack of moisture and air beneath the layers of ash.

Locale Province of Naples, Campania district, Italy

17. Khoms & Leptis Khoms

The once-famous Roman city, Leptis Magna is thought to be one of the best-preserved Roman ruin sites throughout the Mediterranean. The site of excavation is home to preserved amphitheatres, gates, theaters market gate, Arch of Septimius Severus and many more.

Location: Khoms, Libya

18. Helike Helike Achaea

Helike was an early Greek city that was swept away by the tsunami of 373 BC. It was later discovered by Helike was on the list of World Monuments Fund had included Helike on its list of 100 most endangered places. The city that submerged was listed among the most important archaeological targets of underwater archaeology.

Locale Achaea, Greece

19. Heracleion – Alexandria

It is believed that the Lost City of Heracleion in Egypt was hunted for years in the vast region in Abu Qir Bay. French archaeologist Franck Goddio discovered the site which had been submerged for 6.5 kilometers along the coast of Alexandria. The underwater remains include 700 anchors, 16-feet high standing statues, and the remains of the massive temple dedicated to the god of Amun-Gereb. The site is one of the most popular things you can take part in when you visit Egypt.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

20. Petra – Ma’an Governorate

This is an archeological town located in the southern region of Jordan. It was a well-known city in the past. And, to this day it is the most emblem of Jordan. The area was first known as Raqmu and was utilized as a place of settlement during the time period of 7700 BC.

Location: Ma’an Governorate, Jordan

A Frequently Asked Questions About The Lost Cities Of The World

Exist cities in the world that are under water?

There are a lot of cities that are underwater according to many popular myths. This city which was destroyed by Atlantis is only one.

Do you know of a town that has been forgotten located in Amazon?

According to the highly acclaimed publication The Lost City of Z A tale of deathly obsession composed by David Grann, there does exist a mysterious and undiscovered city in the forest in the Amazon. There is a theory that it could have it the case that Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett may have disappeared in the forest, looking to find the town.

Do you believe the legends of the Lost City of Z true?

According to certain reports according to some reports, the city is situated in the treacherous forest of the Amazon. The city was named after its honor of British surveyor Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett who believed that there was a native city that was located in the Amazon forest. American author David Grann has even written an award-winning novel called The Lost City of Z A Story of Deadly Obsession that is based on Fawcett’s quest for this city in the Amazon.

Which city is it that was destroyed by Atlantis Where is it?

There is a theory that the city that is submerged of Atlantis is located in the Atlantic sea located just several miles from the location of the Pillars of Hercules (presumably the Strait of Gibraltar).

What’s what happens to Pavlo Petri?

Pavlopetri is an ancient port city in the Bronze Age . It was submerged around three thousand years ago as a result of the erosion rate and other erosion processes, or other reasons. It was located in southern part of Greece’s mainland Greece it was found in the year 1967 beneath less than 15 inches of water.

Are you aware if there’s a real gold-rich town?

According to mythology, Hawikuh, Halona, Matsaki, Quivira, Kiakima, Cibola, and Kwakina are seven gold-rich cities located within the Pueblos located in New Mexico Territory. There is also a possibility that there may be seven cities, however it’s not yet been discovered.

What caused cities from the past to be to be buried?

There are a variety of reasons ancient cities sank into the ocean long in the past. Erosion, tsunamis and flooding are the main reasons. In addition, there are many abandoned and abandoned towns which were affected by the natural floods. This is because the seeds of plants are prone to expand and develop into an enormous amount of carbon dioxide absorbs from the atmosphere, which eventually leads to the submergence of the land.

Which city it that is referred to in the name of Lost City?

The Lost City, or Ciudad Perdida in Spanish is the location of archeological excavations that have revealed an ancient city in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia. It was discovered in the year 800 CE over the 700 years before Machu Picchu.

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