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20 Best Places With Free Wifi – Learning Drives .Sharing photos on social media and liking others’ photos and then retweeting posts tweeting, hash tagging, and tweeting on Instagram, and setting up live statuses , stories and live updates all of it is all that is happening in the present. As all of these activities form the bulk of our lives and travel experiences, the one thing that is essential to all people in the globe cannot live today is the internet.

Although this obsession with being connected to the online world is causing people to be trapped in their own little bubble however, numerous countries that have free WiFi are increasing the number of visitors via the internet. This does not just cut down the hassle of purchasing an international SIM card and committing to complicated plans, but it can also allow tourists to visit more locations with free WiFi.

So, the next time you’re planning on visiting a new destination you should take notation of these most popular countries that have free internet in relation to the speed of their upload and download (in Mbps) and enjoy a stress-free travel experience.

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Top 20 Countries with Free Wi-Fi

Please note: Though all these countries provide internet connectivity that are free, it cannot be certain that all are secure to connect to , or even not. The average upload and download speeds could differ since these figures are only for the second quarter of 2017.

The procedure to access free wifi remains the same across all these countries , where you must install a specific app, sign in to the public network or sign-up for the mobile phone you use (local or international) and remain connected at no cost!

20. USA

Although the speed of downloads on Wi-Fis in public areas may not be on par with other countries that have free internet but this country in the United States of America did appear on the top 20 however. From cafes to restaurants as well as bars to pubs as well as airports to hotels and from pizzerias to parks All the states of USA provide a huge amount with regard to free internet access.

19. Canada

If one is able to utilize a public network in a safe manner is a matter of personal preference. Canada can be considered one of the countries that offer free WiFi with a robust WiFi network can be the main element in almost everything for every person. From where one wishes to stay to where one would like to for food, it’s been blessed with a free wifi network in Canada.

18. Portugal

With a nationwide network Go WiFi which is not just free, but also secure and safe, Portugal is on growing and has became one of the leading nations with the fast free wifi networks in public areas. They do not just allow access to internet on the go however, they also upgrade the speed and frequency of hotspots in special occasions and celebrations. All you need to do is register one time with their network across the nation, and then start exploring for no cost.

17. Sweden

Apart from the standard public spaces such as cafés, restaurants malls, airports and hotels, travelers can also get free WiFi throughout the country of Sweden at certain locations like libraries and museums. With apps such as WiFi Finder for Android-based smartphones and WiFi Map for iOS, and WiFi Map available for iOS software, Sweden makes sure travelers enjoy unlimited internet and can locate the nearest hotspots without hassle.

16. Germany

Although Germany might not be an example of countries that have the fastest internet but it is likely to eliminate the responsibility issue for service providers regarding piratey concerns. Are you looking forward to free Wi-Fi hotspots as well as much better internet service in public areas in the fall of this year, the odds are good for Germany may be recognized as one of the top countries that offer internet access for free. wifi.

15. Latvia

In an effort to provide the fastest and most reliable internet services across Europe, Latvia offers high speed internet services in Riga, the capital of Riga. There are more than 930 hotspots in all of the capital city Latvia certainly is one of the top nations with free WiFi throughout Europe.

14. Switzerland

It is not any surprise that a popular tourist-oriented nation like Switzerland provides wifi for free in public areas. However, what can be a bit surprising is the fact that Switzerland is one of the amazing countries that have free WiFi on buses too. You can be able to experience the joy of surfing on the go! (pardon for the dark tunnels)

13. Finland

Of all countries that offer free WiFi of all, Helsinki in Finland is the most free. Helsinki Finland is renowned for its free internet that’s quicker than private connections to the internet or paid subscriptions. In addition, it is safe, fast and unlimited. Intrigued much? We are too!

12. Singapore

With an average speed of around 9 Mbps the WiFi services offered by public wifi in Singapore actually outperform half of all developed countries that offer free wifi. It is expected to increase the number of hotspots, which is estimated to be around 22,000 by the end of 2018 The public service provider [email protected] offers free WiFi hotspots across the nation for uninterrupted streaming, browsing and streaming.

11. Bulgaria

WiFi hotspots that are public aren’t considered very secure in Bulgaria as is the case with all public connections that are available for free. Like many countries that have free WiFi there isn’t at all difficult to identify the presence of a wifi network using the app WiFi Finder in the Balkan country.

10. Slovenia

The reason Slovenia is among the countries with a particularly large download speeds is due to the fact that its internet services aren’t completely free. While it could provide free wifi at some major hotspots, it holds its spot on the top ten countries that have free WiFi due to its internet surfing speed. This is the result of limiting access to services according to time of use. For instance there are some places in Slovenia could provide internet access for 1 hour each day.

9. Belgium

When you arrive in Belgium’s capital, Brussels it is possible to get access to internet services that are provided through the WiFi network in Belgium known as Wifi.Brussels which is absolutely completely free. If you meet a minimal prerequisite of one-time registration and logging in to the network, visitors can browse without difficulty within a certain area of the WiFi hotspots.

8. Hungary

Have you ever imagined what it would be like being connected to the world, even without wireless connection? This is what sharing is about, and Hungary has the best idea of. Download the free WiFi app known as Wiman which connects you with the most reliable wifi networks in your area. It could be a public network , or any user connected to Wiman who is willing to use their network to share it with others. It’s smart, isn’t it?

7. Denmark

As the most “connected nation” globally with regard to the use of mobile and internet-connected smartphones, Denmark is indeed one of the top countries that have free wifi. Like Switzerland, Denmark too offers broadband internet in various public spaces , as in various modes of transportation, such as trams and buses.

6. United Kingdom

If you are in the country of royalty travelers have to use the internet like the royals too. For those who do not like carrying cash, since for everything else there’s always MasterCard you is possible to use this MasterCard Wi-Fi App when they are in London. It will also help them get connected to the most reliable wifi networks but also aid to make their travel experience easier and prepare the travelers well prior to arriving at their destination.

5. Romania

Romania is among those countries that have free WiFi that is extremely proud in providing travelers by providing high-speed Internet services. As with any other advanced European nation, Romania offers wifi services in a variety of spots like restaurants, cafes and parks, hotels and shopping malls, but not just free but also at high speeds also.

4. Ireland

With an average speed of over 11Mbps, Ireland offers qualitative wifi access at speeds that are more than double the speed of the USA. In addition, with the help of the well-known app WiFi Finder you can gain access to numerous hotspots in their reach while travelling throughout Ireland.

3. Estonia

Estonia was once thought to be second in quality among all countries that have free WiFi until Croatia was able to take over the top spot. With an average rate at 12.5 Mbps Estonia is still able to make it in the top 3 list of the top countries that provide free WiFi services to residents as well as tourists.

2. Croatia

Being able to beat Estonia to top on the ranking, Croatia is able to offer a number of ways to provide free internet access to its residents and visitors alike. With a staggering downloading speed of just fourteen Mbps, Croatia bagged the second position according to the research conducted by Rotten Wifi, which is an infamous monitoring service for users of 3G/4G.

1. Lithuania

Lithuania is among the top countries offering free WiFi services as well as the most speedy wifi networks. According to reports from Rotten Wifi, it’s been noted that the level of satisfaction of customers with the wifi service that is free by Lithuania is high and highly satisfied. In response to the growing need of travellers seeking free WiFi services, Lithuania leaves no stone to be left unturned in delivering their requirements year after year.

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