Why Is My Cat Butt Red? – Learning Drives

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Redness & Irritation on a Cat’s Bottom Nobody loves to think about his cat’s bottom. It’s one of these personal subjects quality left for your kitty herself. However, occasionally her bum receives purple and inflamed making her scoot and scratch; what a bummer. Several culprits can be answerable for her unwelcome public struggling. Suggested Read: … Read more

Common Cat Blockage Symptoms & Treatment

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Cats love to play with strings, ribbons and rubber bands but unluckily, they on occasion get the urge to devour these items, making intestinal blockage surgical operation for cats incredibly common. Our Berkeley vets explain extra about intestinal blockage surgical operation for cats consisting of cost and recuperation. How do intestinal blockages show up in cats? … Read more

10 Black Wild Cats of Africa – Learning Drives

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Wild cats are some of the most charismatic animals on the planet, and Africa is home to ten one-of-a-kind wild cat species. Two of them are big cats: African lion and leopard, and eight are classified as small cats: cheetah, serval, caracal, African golden cat, jungle cat, sand cat, African wildcat, and black-footed cat. Three African cats are endemic to the African continent: African golden cat, serval and … Read more