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Manchester Terrier

The energetic and alert Manchester Terrier costs an average of $500-$1,000 and is expected to live for a period of 14-16 years. They’re not as expensive as having children but they will still have the potential for a minimum health cost that is around $10,000 over their life. The most common health problems with this breed are cataracts, patellar luxation kneecap problems and diabetes.


These tiny dogs, weighing just 10 to 16 pounds, is commonly described as “little black devils,” due to their playful and active personality. Schipperkes cost around $1,200 to buy.

Schipperkes are at danger of developing eye problems and patellar luxation and thyroiditis autoimmune, which could bring their potential medical costs to $7,200 over their 13–15-year duration.

Irish Terrier

Do not buy an Irish Terrier when you’re looking for a pet to snuggle with. They’re a fierce breed with the potential to live for 12-to-15 years and an average cost of purchase of $1,500 to $2,500.

The minimum cost for their lifetime health care are significantly lower than other breeds of dog, at just $1000.

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German Wirehaired Pointer

A German Wirehaired Pointer sounds like the ideal scenario for many, but you might be interested in adopting one instead of purchasing. The medium-sized hunting dogs are priced at between $800 and $1200.

German Wirehaired Pointers generally are healthy with the potential for a minimum health cost of around $1,700 during their lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

Border Collie

Dogs with intelligence that dislike inactivity, Border Collies have an average cost of purchase of $800 to $1500 and the cost of their lifetime health care is approximately $1,800. Keep an eye out for issues with the hip and eye health problems, which could be present throughout their 12 to 15 years of life.


These sweet, friendly pets cost between $800 and $1500 to purchase and are expected to live for a period of 12 to 15 years.

The cost of their healthcare for the entire lifetime could be as high as $7,700 but due to the prevalence of health ailments like spinal issues hip dysplasia, chronic ear infection and allergies.

Australian Terrier

This Australian Silky Terrier is available in a stylish and cute, 10-pound box for a cost of $1,200 to $1,500.

They are generally healthy and are able to live between 12 and 15 years old, however the most common genetic health issues can lead to the amount of $2,500 for healthcare expenses.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These energetic, low-to the ground canines are the favorite of Queen Elizabeth II who has owned and breed Pembroke Welsh Corgis. With an average price between $1,000-$2.000, Corgis make the ideal dog for those looking for a low-cost pet to have.

They live from 12 to 14 years and can have a minimal life-long healthcare expense of $4,000. They are susceptible to genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia and the most severe breed-specific condition known as degenerative myelopathy. This is a form of spinal cord disease.


The Otterhound initially was utilized to hunt — you’ve guessed it -Otters in Great Britain. They are priced between $1500 and $2500 to purchase.

An Otterhound typically lives between 10 and twelve years and is susceptible to developing health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia epilepsy and gastric torsion, or bloating, which could result in potential health cost of $3500.


The dogs that are spotted are well-known for their agility, the fact that they are a mascot for a firehouse and the course of their famous Disney film. Dalmatian dogs are expensive. Dalmatian is a dog that has an average cost of $1,000-$1.600.

Dalmatians are able to live between 12-14 years and have a minimum health cost of $700 however they can be susceptible to genetic health issues such as deafness and kidney and bladder stones.


These small, friendly canines have earned themselves the reputation of the purse-sized companions of famous stars. They’re available at a cost of $800 to $2,500.

Chihuahuas are expected to live a lifespan of 14-18 years, with the potential for annual healthcare costs that add up to $5,500.

Cesky Terrier

The price for a typical purchase of an Cesky Terrier is only $1,200-$2,500. The minimum healthcare expenses for this breed, with a the life expectancy between 12 and 15 years, averaging $1,500.

Field Spaniel

A close relative to the Cocker Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel, the Field Spaniel is ideal as an ideal hunter and household dog. The dogs can live from 11 to 15 years and are available with an average cost of $2,000 to $5,000.

The cost of health care for this breed over the course of its lifetime can be as high as a at least $2300. The most frequent health issues are hip dysplasia and thyroiditis that is autoimmune.

Redbone Coonhound

Laid-back and easy, Redbone Coonhounds stand out by their striking red coats and mahogany. They typically cost of $500 to $850.

Redbone Coonhounds have a lower daily minimum cost for healthcare of $1500. The dogs can live from 12 to 14 years in the average.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Despite their name American Pitbull Terriers can be trustworthy, loving and loving family dogs. They are averaging purchase cost of $500 to $1000.

The dogs are able to live an average life expectancy of 10-14 years and an estimated minimum health cost of $5,100 to treat typical health problems such as knee and elbow dysplasia and bloat.


Pekingese that typically weigh around 14 pounds, display the kind of swagger that is appropriate for larger dogs. They are priced at an average of between $1,500 and $3,000 and an average life expectancy of 13-15 years.

The minimal healthcare costs for common ailments including Legg-Calve Perthes disease and hernias could be $3,150.

Bichon Frise

It is known to be one of the most sweet and most loving dogs that exist, it is the Bichon Frise is known for its curly, cotton-ball-like , hair. The cost of purchasing the breed ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

Bichon Frises are expected to live between 12-to-15 years and an estimated minimum health cost of $4,300 for treatment of common breed-specific ailments like cataracts and patellar luxation.


The Affenpinscher is available with an average price range between $1,800 and $2,5000. The life expectancy for an Affenpinscher is 12-14 year old, and throughout its life the minimal healthcare cost for the most common health issues could exceed $4,000.


Primarily breed to hunt badgers, Dachshunds are distinguished by their shorter legs, their large backs and their jovial disposition. They’re affordable to purchase with an average cost of between $800 to $1500.

Weiner dogs, which they’re affectionately known are able to live a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. It is recommended to budget at least $7,300 in health costs to treat back pain that are among the most prevalent breed health problem.


Papillons are famous for their butterfly-winged ears. They are small and smart dogs. can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 to buy.

The average lifespan of the Papillon is between 13 and 16 years old and the minimum cost for healthcare comes in the range of $3,600 due to several health problems that typically affect smaller breeds of toy-dogs.


A pug with a wrinkled face costs around $800 to $1,500. The cost of healthcare for common issues for Pugs and other dogs with flat faces begin at a at least $9600. The average life expectancy for Pugs is 12-15 years.

English Setter

This breed of dog is famous for its unique feathered coat. The English Setter can be found with an average price of between $1,000 and $1,500 and an expected lifespan of between 10 and 12 years. The potential minimum cost for this breed for typical health concerns is around $3,900.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

The tri-colored dogs are frequently mistaken for a larger Beagle however they are completely distinct.

The quick and fiercely competitive Treeing Walker has an average purchase cost of $400 to $800 and minimal healthcare costs for common ailments which start at $1500. The lifespan of this breed is between 12 and 13 years.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers believe they’re larger than they really are, and they often bark at and chase everything that comes in their way. The cost of buying the Miniature Pinscher is $1,000-$2,000, and as with many small dogs theirs has a greater life expectancy , which ranges from 12 to 15 years.

The estimated minimum health care expenses for common problems like patellar luxation and disease begin at $2,500.

American Foxhound

While it’s true that the American Foxhound is among the more traditional American breeds, they’re widely known. The cost of buying the American Foxhound is $500 to $700. The minimum cost that could be incurred for medical problems is $1,500. The life expectancy for the breed ranges from 10 to 12 years.

Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terriers often called Jack Russell Terriers are also athletic intelligent and affectionate. The medium-sized terriers are priced at price range of $1,200 to $2,000 for a typical purchase cost. A Parson Russell’s life span is between 13-15 years. It is generally healthy and healthy with a the minimum healthcare cost of $2,800.

Plott Hound

It is the Plott Hound breed is determined hunter who can look for any animal, from a raccoon to bear. The breed’s cost of $500 to $700 is one of the most affordable breeds of dog to acquire, and it can live between 12 and 14 years old.

The minimum cost that could be incurred for treating health issues like gastric torsion, more commonly referred to as bloat the cost is $3,000.

Black and Tan Coonhound

American born and breed, this hunting dog, known due to its distinctive black and Tan coloring is happy and peaceful by nature. This Black and Tan Coonhound has an average cost between $400 and $800.

Costs for treating common ailments such as hip dysplasia can amount to just $1500. The lifespan of dogs is between 10-12 years.

Rat Terrier

Fun and courageous, Rat Terriers love to “talk” and socialize with their family members. They are small dogs with an average price of between $600 and $1,200. They have a long lifespan from 15 to 18 years.

The affordable $1500 minimum health cost for the breed’s most frequent ailments help establish the Rat Terrier’s status in the top tier of cheapest costly dogs to own.


The Harrier is not just inexpensive, but it’s also among the most sought-after dog breeds. The Harrier is very sweet and loving, but as a hunter, the Harrier is a ferocious animal. The lifespan of the Harrier is typically between 10-12 years.

The breed has an average of between $1,500 and $2,500 in cost of purchase and an initial health cost of $1500 for typical issues.

If I decide to follow through and create a breeding program for my pet, do you think to be the case that offspring exhibit the same traits that I am looking for?

The odds are not in your favor however, the training and conditions help puppies develop exactly like humans. It’s rare that puppies, particularly mixed breeds have the same characteristics as their parents, particularly in regards to behavior and personality.

I would like for my puppy to be bred in order to decrease his sexual behavior. Will this work?

The act of mating your dog could cause this behavior to get worse! If you’re trying to manage or limit your dog’s sexual behavior or tendencies but breeding him won’t help solve the problem.

What can I do to limit my dog’s sexual activity?

The process of neutering your dog can decrease unwanted behavior, like roaming around to find an animal companion. The advantages of neutering surpass the drawbacks. Neutering your pet reduces the risk of developing cancer in the testicular area and decreases the chance to develop prostate disease. Neutering is proven to be safe and doesn’t cause negative behavior changes for your pet. Neutering can only improve the health of your pet and could even be able to save his life!

If I don’t raise my pet, what do I find a dog with the same traits?

Contact the person or company that gave you your pet. There’s a good chance that they have similar pets and would be the perfect companion in your home.

I got my female dog through an animal sanctuary and they advised her to be neutered after six months. It has turned out to be a beautiful pet that I’d love to have to have a litter of her. What do I need to do?

Spaying is the best option for dogs with mixed breeds. Five to ten million pet are killed in shelters across the country every year.

Because each female dog could have six or more pups at every mating and they could mate twice every year, the pet overpopulation issue will be addressed only by the spay and sterilization programs. With the plethora of pets in need of good homes, you’ll not have any difficulty acquiring one that has the same great characteristics in the event that you decide to join your family!

I am aware of that, however, she has proven to be so exceptional that I would love to get a pup from her.

Like humans, dogs differ in a variety of ways. However careful you are in choosing an mate, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the puppy you’ve always wanted. Do you really want to risk as much as 12 or more lives? There are a lot of costs involved when you breed your dog ethically Your dog will have to be examined for hereditary illnesses in order to avoid producing puppies with chronic medical issues; you must be prepared for the huge cost of an emergency that results from breeding or even losing your dog due to this. You must be always available for the initial three weeks following whelping to keep an eye on the puppies and offer nursing care should it be required; and you must care for and interact with all puppies until you’ve found an appropriate home for them, as well as offering vet care including vaccines and deworming.

Is it possible to mat with my mixed-breed female dog other than running her with any dog at parks in the area?

Pedigree stud owners will occasionally allow mating with a non-purebred dog. This is especially beneficial if you are looking to focus on a particular trait or particular conformation.

If, for instance, you own one that is a hybrid Boxer female might be possible to mix her with the purebred Boxer Stud. Contact your local dog club or breed society or talk to the secretary of your local breed club. The information is available through the American and Canadian Kennel Clubs each of which has websites.

I’m a part of a local dog-training group and I know many who are interested in an animal of my male. What would be a good method of doing so?

This is acceptable. There is a huge gap between the initial excitement and the final approval of the pup. A lot of people change their minds during the time between the time of birth and weaning and they also are less enthusiastic when faced with housetraining their puppy. This is why that there are numerous puppy and older dogs at shelters for animals all over the world.

What would you then recommend?

Spay your dog and choose a similar breed of dog from your local shelter for animals. This is the best choice for your dog, you, and the millions of dogs who are in dire in need of adoption. Be aware that the majority of service dogs –Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs for people who are deaf, and Dogs for the disabled–are sterilized.

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