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7 Best Indian Food in Japanese – Learning Dives. Japan One of the most beautiful and powerful destinations in Asia offers a wonderful blend of tradition, history and modern-day comfort. This stunning country is home to captivating natural treasures that include blue ponds and waterfalls along with bamboo trees. It is possible to experience the variety of the ancient Japanese culture through the captivating temples and delicious food. Although Japan is famous for its tasty delicacies it is also possible to visit well-known Indian eateries in Japan that serve authentic cuisine of India. Learn more about the most delicious places to enjoy Indian cuisine in Japan:

7 of the Best Indian Restaurants in Japan

The hot Chhole Bhathure and Sambhar to delicious Indian breads and snacks, Japan provides a variety of food options for Indians living in the country. Here are the top five well-known Indian restaurant chains in Japan:

1. Dhaba India

The scent of Indian spices is evident from afar as you walk towards Dhaba India in Tokyo. The bright carpets and dark blue walls, blue tiles, and the south Indian music playing in the background, create an ambiance that attracts couples from all over Tokyo to this peaceful spot. It’s one of the most popular South Indian eateries in Japan and serves a wide variety of dosas as well as other south Indian delights like idli lemon rice, vada, Uthappam, served with coconut and sambar dip. Fish, chicken and prawn curries are thought to be one of the most delicious options provided by Daba India. If you’re not a fan of curries, you should try tandoori dishes that are available!

2. Andhra Dining

Andhra Dining is a fascinating food destination for Telugu food lovers. The restaurant is known for the finest South Indian food showing the importance of rice, millets, along with red chilies. Delicious curries made with gongura, tomato and pappu and tamarind make them taste exactly like traditional Telugu food. If you’re planning to visit this amazing South Indian eatery in Japan make sure to try their hot and spicy selections of pickles!

3. Annam Indian Restaurant

Annam One among the most renowned Indian restaurant chains located in Japan has been attracted by foodies with its tasty delicious food since. The restaurant has famous chefs who are known for providing the most delicious, as well as the dishes are made in accordance to the requirements of the patron. The restaurant is comprised of two private spaces, one counter and a box that can accommodate 10 and 20 people. The restaurant is adored by visitors because it serves authentic Indian cuisine with Indian native-speaking staff.

4. Priya

A firm believer in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava which means “the guest is really your God The restaurant offers the most cozy and welcoming environment. The restaurant serves a lavish variety of north Indian cuisine that is prepared and served by highly skilled staff. If you’re eager to try the best north Indian food in Japan for a reasonable price and a relaxing atmosphere, then go to this place to enjoy a wonderful experience!

5. Downtown B” Indian Kitchen

Downtown B’ is an inspiring, interactive and ingenuous Indian Kitchen that welcomes hungry commuters as well as the enthusiastic travelers can indulge in delicious Indian food that is prepared by a heart-felt and soulful chef. The restaurant’s roots are in Kolkata The restaurant is renowned for its most delicious Indian dishes and desserts in the city. For those who are missing home while being in Japan should definitely visit this beautiful restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal!

6. Devi Corner

Devi Corner is located at an easy walk of the Shinagawa metro station within the urban zone. When you walk along the street, the smell of Indian food and the stunning ambiance will definitely entice you visit the place. There is a wide selection of cuisine options, which includes some fascinating north and south Indian recipes!

7. Moti

Pakodha and naan, kadhi and chhaach spicy chutneys as well as an extensive selection of Indian food items for sale at affordable prices are provided at Moti Indian restaurant situated at Minato City. If you are searching for vegan, vegetarian or special tandoori dishes the restaurant is known for serving the finest of what it has to offer! The restaurant is often packed with people from the local area and tourists who are passionate about vegetarian meals.

Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Indian Restaurants in Japan

Does Indian food available within Japan?

There are many Indian eateries in Japan in which Indian foods are served with the same authenticity of the presentation and taste the way it is served in India.

Does Indian food very popular across Japan?

You’ll be amazed to learn that there are a variety of Indian dishes that are loved for the people of Japan. They are awestruck by Indian curry, which is why there are numerous curry establishments too. Tourists from all over the globe also enjoy Indian food in Japan.

Are there any well-known Indian eateries within Japan?

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine and would like to try it in Japan You can find many restaurants serving the same. Some of the most famous Indian establishments in Japan include Dhaba India Annam Indian Restaurant, Andhra Dining, Priya, and many more.

Are there foods that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians Japan?

Absolutely! There are numerous eateries in Japan that offer vegetarian dishes to savor. The Buddha dinner is very well-known. Vegans, who also avoid dairy can have some difficulty getting the proper diet for them.

Do you know of any vegan Indian restaurant chains within Japan?

You can discover it in the country when you are on your travels. There are several restaurants such as Andhra Dining, Annam Indian Restaurant, Moti, etc.

What is it that makes Indian curry so famous across Japan?

The climate in Japan is scorching hot and makes you feel dull. A spicy Indian curry can make Japanese people sweat, which is the reason why they love eating it. Indian curry is loved in Japan that it’s regarded as the third most sought-after food consumed in the country.

Do you have the exact Indian curry in eateries that are located in Japan?

The chefs in the restaurants are who are from India and you will be able to have a delicious meal with the same flavour. In addition being a bit thicker, it is worth noting that the Japanese curry is more thick than the traditional Indian curry. A variety of different spices such as cumin, saffron, cinnamon and turmeric. are employed in this recipe.

What are the most popular local foods can be tasted when you visit Japan?

Apart from Indian cuisine, if are looking to sample Japanese food, you can choose sashimi and sushi. Beyond that there are tempura miso soup, shabu-shabu, shabu-s as well as other dishes.

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