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8 Best Countries to Visit in December – Learning Drives . Europe is an amazing continent that is full of amazing places for tourists to explore. While many people flock to Europe during summer however, winter is an ideal time to explore the various countries too.

The month of December is particularly a joy since many countries celebrate the Christmas season with festivities and gorgeous decorations that can’t be found anywhere else in the year.

The 8 Top countries to visit throughout Europe in December

1. Germany

Germany is a well-known tourist destination in December for a variety of reasons, but most notably because of its famous Christmas markets. Germany is home to numerous markets that each has their own distinct character and products.

2. Norway

This Land of the Midnight Sun is among the most beautiful places to go to in December. Since the days aren’t getting enough sunlight, it provides many opportunities to witness the vibrant Northern Lights.

3. Finland

While most people imagine Finland as a serene location to visit during summer, to relax in gorgeous forests and strawberries, it’s equally gorgeous in the month of December. When you’re in Finland, go into Lapland, Yllas, or Levi to see the stunning Northern Lights unobscured.

4. France

The most sought-after destinations in Europe throughout any season is France. This charming country is known for its Christmas decorations during December that decorate the streets, including lamp posts adorned with garlands, and strings of sparkling lights that hang over the pavements.

 It is also possible to visit the capital Paris for a window-shopping spree in department stores, like Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, which are known for creating many of the impressive display windows for the holidays.

5. Austria

Austria is another stunning destination to visit in the month of December. It is home to a variety of Christmas markets that you can visit and most of them offer stunning views and home-made items to purchase. 

The most renowned are the Vienna City Hall Christmas Market. The market is situated just in front of the historic City Hall, this market is known for its lighting by only strung candles and lights. The market also has choirs singing traditional Christmas carols as well as a wide selection of Christmas-themed cookies to try.

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6. Italy

The month of December is also an excellent time to travel to Italy and especially Northern Italy and the Dolomites. 

These regions are home to numerous gorgeous ski resorts that will offer stunning views of the mountains surrounding. For example, Cervinia is a reliable location in December to have even snow coverage and is famous for its imposing height, which is ideal for those who love skiing.

7. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a charming location to visit in the month of December. It is possible to stop in London to see some of its elaborate Christmas decorations and visit its tiny shops. 

Many of the local streets have been turned to a winter wonderland where you can wander around and purchase items at. It is also possible to stop at the historic Harrods to discover special toys and other gifts and also their Christmas Grotto.

8. Switzerland

Although it’s a tiny country, Switzerland is one of the top destinations to travel into during the month of December due to its extensive cultural. There are numerous outdoor activities that you can take part in such as tobogganing and skiing. 

One of the best spots to take advantage of winter sports is located in the Interlaken region. The resort town is located under the Alps and is home to a number of glaciers and forests that to explore.

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