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8 Best Waterfalls in Mauritius – Learning Drives. Mauritius is an island state situated in Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. The paradise island has become a popular vacation destination that is renowned for its stunning beaches lagoons, reefs, and beaches but what people don’t know about is the waterfalls that are found in Mauritius. They are stunning and beautiful enough to make you want to up the quality of your photos and get the attention of every nature lover. Are you convinced? See it for yourself!

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The best time to visit

Mauritius is an island that is tropical, and the weather is pleasant throughout the year. However, it is busy in the popular summer time period that runs from December until March. Thus, the ideal season to travel to Mauritius is between April and November.

8 Best Waterfalls To See In Mauritius

Not only beachfronts, Mauritius is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls anywhere in the world. Here is an collection of stunning waterfalls on Mauritius that will leave you breathless.

1. Alexandra Falls2. Tamarind Falls
3. Eureka Falls
4. Grand River South East
5. Exil Waterfalls
6. Rochester Falls
7. Chamarel Waterfall
8. Underwater Waterfall

1. Alexandra Falls

The most famous waterfall of Mauritius The Alexandra Falls, standing 700 meters above sea level, is situated in the Black River Gorges National Park. The waterfall’s white rim is surrounded by the beautiful greenery and rare flora and fauna. The views at The Alexandra Falls Viewpoint will make you pause before the beauty of nature. The waterfall is accessible through Plaine Champagne.

Activities to try: At Plaine Champagne Try some delicious fresh Goyave de Chine (Chinese Guavaor Strawberry Guava)

2. Tamarind Falls

Tamarind Falls are located in the district of Black River. The Tamarind River that supplies water to the falls. It is among the most stunning and exciting falls in Mauritius. The area around this stunning Canyon of the island is dotted with native vegetation. There are also beautiful birds. Tamarind Falls are seven waterfalls that are simultaneously flowing. That’s why it is also known as “Sept Cascades also known as Seven Cascades.

The style of the Tamarind falls is the reason it is the top waterfall on Mauritius for activities in the adventure category. There are some challenging trails and require assistance from expert guides. The huge pond at the bottom of the falls is accessible for swimming.

What to Do: Hiking, trekking, canyoning, and swimming

3. Eureka Falls

The historical era is highlighted as it falls down Eureka Falls, situated near Eureka Mansion in Moka. When you descend out of the residence, if you are on an uneasy path, remember that the waterfall is far. Within the lush greenery of palm and mango trees is this group of four stunning waterfalls.

When you reach this spot of bliss and you are in a peaceful environment surrounded by the sounds of the rushing waters and animals. Within the Eureka river’s banks, lovers of nature can discover the aquatic plants such as water lilies “jacinted d’eau”, ‘bredes songs’ and marine life like the “scampi” and “madame Cere and tilapias’ that are plentifully available.

What to see: Explore the authentic colonial Eureka House & gardens, buy Mauritian souvenirs, and sample the traditional Mauritian food at Mauritian cuisine in the Old Kitchen.

4. Grand River South East

It is believed that the Grand River South East is another popular tourist destination in Mauritius. The Grand River South East is situated on Mauritius’s South Eastern Coast of Mauritius Your excursion to the waterfall is sure to be a journey through a series of paths leading towards coastal towns. Along the way you’ll see the dramatic change between turquoise blue and green water will be an surprise. The dense vegetation and the massive wall of basalt rock dominate the area.

What to Do: Speed boat trip and catamaran cruise

5. Exil Waterfalls

In the fringes of Combo Forest lying in the Southernmost part of Mauritius it flows Exil Waterfalls. The waterfalls are situated in the Savanna River, Exil Canyon is surrounded by tropical forest. The canyon is a moderate amounts of water all through the year, and it swells during monsoons.
Exil Waterfall is an ideal location for water-based adventure. There are two principal falls: Leon and Cascade Cecile. The river runs into the dam that powers the water.

Activities to try: Try the adventure activities such as abseiling, jumping and swimming across ponds.

6. Rochester Falls

The Rochester Falls, situated in the Savanna District, is the largest waterfall on Mauritius. The 100m high falls is situated in an uninhabited wilderness area of forested forest. The distinctive aspect of this falls is that it with unique cliff formations that are transformed into rectangular blocks through the pressure of water over the thousands of years.

7. Chamarel Waterfall


Three distinct streams that come out of the River Saint Denis jumble to create the waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by the oldest lava rocks from Mauritius which date back approximately 810 million years.

Activities to take in: Chamarel Waterfall hike and visit Seven Coloured Earths & Black River Gorges National Park.

8. Underwater Waterfall

Just close to the shores from Le Morne mountain, on the island’s Southwest lies what appears be a huge subaquatic Linn. While this is a part of Mauritius waterfalls, it’s not actually a waterfall but an amazing illusion for eyes. Sand and silt from the floor of the ocean flow in a manner that appears as if the water is gushing out to form an underwater waterfall. It is the movement of currents in the ocean which create this stunning visual effect. This effect is seen only from a bird’s eye view, which is why helicopters are specially designed for the underwater waterfall tours. Mauritius tour.

Safety Tips for Visitors to Mauritius Waterfalls

It’s always a good idea to be safe when you enjoy exploring the outdoors. Make sure you follow these safety rules when you visit an waterfall:

  • Take a walk on trails that have been developed Other paths could be paved with loose soil or rocks.
  • Be attentive and adhere to the instruction signs posted on the location
  • Be careful of your steps Be careful, the surface of the rock may be slippery because of algae
  • The top of of any falls is considered to be the hazardous zone, don’t be affixed to any edge
  • Be careful not to get distracted while snapping images. Be sure to stand on a secure surface before you begin.
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Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Waterfalls In Mauritius

Do you know of any waterfalls under water within Mauritius?

Yes, there is an underwater waterfall that is located in Mauritius.

What is the definition of the waterfall?

The erosion of soft rocks occurs faster than hard rock and results in the formation of a waterfall.


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