8 Things To Know About Visiting Ireland In December

8 Things To Know About Visiting Ireland In December. The bright side is that Ireland during Christmas is difficult to beat. There’s many christmas markets across Ireland along with a lot of towns and villages also have the perfect festive vibe to them.

On the negative side, when the days are shorter, and conditions can turn a disaster while flights are costly when people fly back home to celebrate New Year’s and Christmas.

In the below guide there’s everything you need to know from average temperatures to what to expect, to the best things that you should do Ireland during December. Get ready to dive into the water!

A quick overview before going to Ireland during December

Even though a trip to Ireland in December can be fairly simple, there are a few tips to help you get up to speed quickly.

Here, there’s details about the conditions in Ireland throughout this month, along with helpful information.

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1. The weather

It is true that the weather of Ireland in December can be, not surprising, but unpredictably (December can be described as the winter month in Ireland).  The average temperature can be around 8 degrees Celsius with the average temperature of 10degC, and lows that average 3degC.

2. Short days

At the start of the month the sun rises at 08:22 and goes down at 16:19. This means that you’ll have a short time to spend each day exploring and explore, which could make the process of planning the Ireland trip more difficult.

3. It’s Christmas! (pros and pros and)

The Christmas season in Ireland is difficult to beat. Christmas markets and lights add excitement to several villages and towns which makes them an absolute delight to explore. However, prices for flights skyrocket as people head home for the festivities Keep that in mind when traveling to Ireland with an affordable low budget.

4. Festive celebrations

There are lots of Christmas-themed activities to enjoy throughout Irelandduring December. In addition to markets, you can find performances of Christmas carols, Christmas carols and other festive events happening in numerous cities and towns.

5. Make an educated decision

Deciding when to travel to Ireland isn’t easy and it can become confusing, especially if it’s your first time visiting. If you’re not sure you’re not sure, we’ve created easy-to-follow guides for each month:

  • Ireland on January
  • Ireland during February
  • Ireland during March
  • Ireland during April
  • Ireland from May
  • Ireland during June
  • Ireland on July
  • Ireland from August
  • Ireland from September
  • Ireland on October
  • Ireland on November
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The advantages and disadvantages of spending the month of December in Ireland

There are benefits and drawbacks to traveling to Ireland in December. I have touched on a few of them earlier.

I’ve been in Ireland (Dublin particularly) over the last 32 years. The details below observations are based on my personal experience (note that you’ll find more detailed details regarding how the Irish weather is in the following section).


The buzz of Christmas Christmas in Ireland provides a beautiful holiday spirit to numerous towns and villages in Ireland

Markets for Christmas A lot of larger cities and towns host markets beginning in mid-November.

Cost of accommodation In the towns and villages that are more remote will be less expensive

The area is quieter Since it is the off-season some of the most famous towns, villages and tourist attractions will be quieter.

The pros

Weather Weather in Ireland in December is extremely uncertain (see below)

Days that are short at the beginning of the month , the sun rises at 08:22, and is set at 16:19, leaving you little time to play

Flights When people fly back home for NYE, or Christmas with family in Ireland the cost of flights skyrockets.

What can you be expecting from the climate in Ireland this December

It is true that the weather of Ireland in December is often unpredictable. Recently, we’ve seen Decembers which were mild and dry and others that were wet and cold.

Here’s how the weather has have been like over the years. This information comes from Met Eireann which is Ireland’s Meteorological Service

December 20, 2021

It was a mild winter in Ireland during December of 2021, was pleasant changing, windy and variable at times.

The number of days rain fell varied between to 15 to 26 (Casement Aerodrome, in Dublin) from 26 (Cork Airport)

The average temperature during the month was between 7.0 degC to 7.2 degC.

December 2020

It was a cold winter day in Ireland in December of 2020 was cold, wet, and at times windy.

The number of days rain fell varied between to 20 to 31 days (Dublin Airport) to 31 days at a number of stations.

The temperature average for the month varied from 4.9 degrees Celsius to 5.8 degC.

Temperature average in Ireland during December

Average temperatures in Ireland during December tends to fluctuate between 8 and 9 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is of 10degC , and lows of 3degC.

The people who live in colder climates should find the temperatures that is in Ireland in December mild but manageable. Those who live in more tropical climates are likely tofind the month of December Ireland as cool.

Averaging temperature of the previous years

  • 2021: 7.1 degC
  • 2020: 5 degC
  • 2019: 6.1 degC

Activities to enjoy on the island of Ireland throughout December

There are obvious things to do in Ireland during the Christmas season, as well as other activities that aren’t so obvious, as you’ll find below.

If you’re looking for activities to do in Ireland during December, you should look in the county in Ireland sections that is filled with the best destinations to explore in each county! Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Christmas markets

One of the best activities to take part in Ireland during Christmas is to schedule your holiday trip to one of the numerous festive markets that are held in Ireland.

The season usually begins around mid-November until the end of December. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Galway Santa market
  • Dublin The Christmas market
  • Glow Cork
  • Belfast Santa market
  • Waterford Winterval

2. Make sure you plan your road journey

In the event that you’re contemplating an excursion in Irelandin this month, you’ll have be very precise in your planning because you’ll have a limited number of time to play.

If you’re stuck to figure it out, we’ve got a simple guide for planning an Ireland itinerary. We also have guides that are ready-made for spending five day on the island of Ireland or seven day within Ireland.

3. Pubs with cozy atmospheres

One of my favorite activities doing during the winter months in Ireland throughout December is spend the morning and afternoon working on one of the numerous hikes that are available in Ireland.

An evening spent within some of the numerous drinking establishments throughout Ireland.If you’re able to, opt for one of the traditional pubs as they usually have more appeal and charm.

4. Get indoor activities ready

The conditions that we experience in Ireland during December is extremely harsh It’s important to have an emergency plan for those rainy and wild days.

If you’re heading to our county hub just click on the destination you’re looking for and you’ll discover a myriad of indoor tours and museums.

5. A visit to Dublin in December

There’s a lot you can do and see within Dublin throughout December. If the weather is good you can take any of the walks that are available in Dublin.

If the weather is bad There are many activities to enjoy during the month of Dublin during December even if it’s raining! Take a look at the 2-days at Dublin as well as our the 24 hour on Dublin guidebooks to get an easy-to-follow guide.

What to pack/ what to wear to Ireland for December

The month of December marks the time of winter for Ireland therefore packing is easy be prepared for the most severe weather… i.e. rain snow, wind… as well as more rain.

A warm and comfortable jacket (waterproof when feasible) with lots of layers of warm clothing and a comfortable pair of walking shoes can be useful. Here are some additional ideas:

FAQs on traveling to Ireland during Christmas

There have been a number of inquiries over the years all sorts of questions, from “Is Ireland Green in December?’ (it is) to “Does it snow?” (on the mountains Yes, but not often on the ground below).

In the following section we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions we’ve received. In case you’ve got a question we’ve not answered, just ask your question in the comments section below.

Is December the best time to travel to Ireland?

According to me, December is considered to be one of the best times to visit Ireland. There’s plenty to see, plenty activities to enjoy, and an enthralling festive atmosphere in the towns and villages. The weather could bring snow, winds, and rain.

Is it cold the winter in Ireland during December?

Christmas in Ireland is usually mild (there are some exceptions) with average temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius and lows of 3degC.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy throughout Ireland during December?

The main activities to take part in during the holiday season in Ireland during Christmas is to go to the markets during the holiday season. But there are plenty of walks, hikes, scenic drives and much more available, too.

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