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Adjectives That Start With C – Learning Drives .Writing shouldn’t be boring, especially when you use adjectives that start in “c.” From calamitous to cybernetic, all of your “c” adjectives are covered. Apart from understanding new terms, you’ll also understand the definitions as well.

Catchy Adjectives That Start With C

One of the fascinating things about adjectives beginning in “c” is the fact that the letter may be used multiple times within the sentence with distinct sound. In addition in the event that “c” is next to an “h”, you get an entirely new sound. In the case of one word in our list the first “c” is silent, however, the word’s end is an incredibly strong “c” sound. It’s true that the excitement never ends by the”c” letter “c”. So, let’s get to it.

Adjectives That Start With Ca-Ch

Here are the 25 most common “c” adjectives from “ca” to “ch.”

  • catastrophic – calamitous
  • either calculating, scheming or an uncompromising approach to taking action
  • capacious – very spacious or roomy
  • unpredictable – sudden changes in the mood or behavior
  • captivating – holding one’s attention
  • reckless – not paying attention and making errors
  • casual , relaxed or casual
  • catastrophic , unfortunate or destructive
  • Be cautious and be aware
  • cavernous – resembling a cave large
  • certain, knowing something without doubt
  • certified – capable of being be recognized
  • cerulean – a hue of deep blue
  • cervical – in relation to the neck
  • challenging – demanding, testing
  • Chances – possibilities
  • changing – alter or modify in order to make distinct
  • Giving to charity
  • charming , delightful, welcoming and warm.
  • playful – prudent in an appealing or charming manner
  • cheerful – happy
  • chic – stylish or elegant
  • Childish, immature, or silly
  • Chinese – the relationship with China as well as its cultural heritage
  • Chthonic is obscure and dark; comes from the underworld

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List of Adjectives That Start With Cl-Cy

Find out about 25 commonly used “c” adjectives from “cl” to “cy.”

  • clever, quick-witted, smart
  • incomprehensible – can’t comprehend totally lost
  • awkward, awkward, moves that are not elegant
  • rough and coarse

colonial is a term used to describe colonies, particularly the thirteen British colonies that eventually became the US.

  • humorous – hilarious
  • complete – total; highest degree
  • complicated – there are many components
  • full and complete, comprising all elements
  • Contrary – nature of opposition, opposing direction
  • corny – trite, cliche
  • bold – courageous; unaffected by pain or danger
  • cozy – warm, relaxing
  • imaginative – invoking the imagination, in particular when it comes to art work
  • Crisp, dry and firm
  • A message that is cryptic, meaning it’s difficult to comprehend
  • cuddly and soft – great to hold
  • culinary – in relation to cooking
  • Enthusiastic and eager to discover
  • curt – rude, abrupt
  • cute – attractive, enduring
  • curvaceous: having an attractive curvy shape
  • customary, commonly used and built on custom
  • Cyan is a shade of light blue, with the appearance of green
  • cybernetics – related to cybernetics, which is the study of machine and human control processes

Sound Off: Letter C

“C” can sound like the sound of a “k,” as in the catchy way, but it could be a soft sound of a serpent like celestial. This “c” letter “c” can also be occasionally a little sloppy at times. It is a swaying of the “e” and “i” to make it difficult for people to determine what is the first letter in terms like ceiling. This can cause English spelling more complicated than it needs to be.

When it comes to pronunciation there’s that difficult “c” that shows up in the words cupcake or coffee. The other however, is the gentle “c” that pops up within the ice in your drink. You’ll be able to notice that all of these consonant sounds in adjectives beginning in “c.”

Having Fun With C Adjectives

How about a look at the investigation of this fascinating one of the letters in our alphabet? The list of adjectives starting by “c” in your arsenal will surely create your next piece writing shine with clear, crisp ingenuity. You are welcome to add to this list and to share your top picks with us in our comments. Keep a pencil and paper close by. Don’t waste time for too long. It’s time to get back to a brief study of adjectives beginning by a “d.”

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