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Adjectives That Start With D – Learning Drives – It is important to never be discouraged with regards to adjectives. Therefore, if you’re concerned about being the only that’s in the room that’s slightly sloppy in the area of adjectives beginning by the letters D or if you’re ever dull when other adjectives pop up, keep going through the list – no need for extreme measures!

50 Adjectives That Start With D

Below are 50 adjectives that we have chosen to be common and relevant to daily conversation and writing. We’ve provided the definition from our dictionary as well as the list of synonyms that we have compiled courtesy from our thesaurus. If you’re in need of more look them up.

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dailydiurnal, circadian routine
dangerousdeadly, perilous, precarious, unsafe
darkdusky, gloomy, shadowy, tenebrous
deaddead, extinct, inanimate and lifeless
dearcherished, esteemed, precious, valuable
decentdemure, fitting, mannerly, virtuous
deepinfinity, unfathomable, absolute subterranean
defensiveGuarding, protecting, shielding
deliciousappetizing, delectable, yummy
delusionalconfused, deluded, neurotic, unrealistic
democraticautonomous, egalitarian, equalitarian, self-ruling
demurebashful, coy, prim, shy
dentalorthodontia, orthodontics
dependentReliant, conditional, provisional on, subordinate
merits to be a deservingExcellent, exemplary outstanding, meritorious, owed
desperatedespairing, despondent, dire, frantic
specificthorough, detailed, meticulous complete, detailed, meticulous
detrimentaldamaging, deleterious, destructive, disturbing
diametricContrary, contradictory, and converse and opposite
dichotomousbinary, bilateral, dual, dualistic
differentalien, disparate, divergent, unrelated
difficultdifficult, intimidating, hard heavy, arduous
digitalComputerized, automated, binary computational, binary, computerized
directStraight, linear and unaffected
dirtydefiled, foul, grimy, soiled
disappointeddiscouraged, dissatisfied, frustrated, let down
discordantcacophonous, dissonant, grating, shrill
discursivedesultory, digressive, rambling, verbose
disrespectfuldiscourteous, impolite, rude, uncivil
dissimulatecamouflage, disguise, dissemble, mask
distastefulUnpleasant, offensive, unwelcome and unpleasing, unpleasant
distinctunique, distinctive, outstanding special
distractingdiverting, engaging, intriguing, sidetracking
distressedAnxious, worried, nervous and uneasy
differentassorted, distinct, heterogeneous, varied
the most wonderfulGodlike, deified sacred, divine, heavenly
dolorousDoleful, sorrowful, plaintive and remorseful
doltishBlockheaded dumb, dense, obscure
domesticdomesticated, family, indigenous local
dominantControlling, authoritative, commanding Hegemonic, authoritative, commanding
doublebifold, binary, dual, twofold
downtowncitified, inner-city, metropolitan, urban
dramatichistrionic, spectacular, stagy, striking
dryarid, barren, desiccated, parched
dualcoupled, double, paired, twin
duplicitousdevious, disingenuous, sneaky, underhanded
durablelong-lasting, durable, tough, and durable and tough
dynamicActive, energetic dynamic, energetic, kinetic, vigorous
inoperativedebilitated, defective, flawed, maladjusted
dyspepticcross, grouchy, grumpy, touchy

What Is an Adjective?

A adjective can be described as one of the two types of modifiers used in English. Another type is an adjectival. The difference is that Adverbs modify adjectives, verbs as well as other adverbs. adjectives modify nouns. When using adjectives make sure that the word you’re changing refers to a object, person, location, or concept.

Types of Adjectives

Adjectives That Start With D – Learning Drives – Although all adjectives are used to alter nouns however, there are at least three kinds of adjectives each of which represents what they do.

Demonstrative adjectival terms although not a lot are among the most crucial terms in the language. They are the answer to “which one “which one?” in relation to a noun. If you say “these apples” or “that person over there,” you are using an adjective that is demonstrative.

Adjective descriptive adjectives are probably the first words that come into your the mind when you think of adjectives. They define specific aspects of the word they alter. In the example of “a red apple,” the word “red” is a descriptive adjective that is applied to “apple,” which is a noun “apple.”

Qualitative adjectives answer the issue about “how many?” when applied to a noun. For example, in phrases such as “all of the students” or “some of our neighbors,” “all” and “some” are adjectives of a quantitative nature that indicate the percentage of the subject being described.

Adjectives That Start With D – Learning Drives – If you’re unsure about some of the concepts mentioned above do not worry. We have a wealth of article on adjectives as well as different kinds of adjectives that can assist you.

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