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Adjectives That Start With H – Learning Drives H is a letter that H is a fascinating letter in the alphabet. It adopts its typical “huh” sound in adjectives like joyful as well as courageous. When it is used in conjunction with specific letters, it shifts to a soft sound, like in “chew” or “share.” In certain instances, H is entirely silent that is, the honorable and sincere. It’s pretty powerful for a single letter, isn’t it?

For adjectives beginning by a “h,” we hope you’re eager to learn fresh highlights. It’s hard to believe there are numerous, but after you’ve learned them you’ll never forget them. The list of adjectives that begin at “h” will launch you into a new realm that goes beyond the common ones like Hot as well as extremely.

50 adjectives that begin with H

The following 50 adjectives are listed that include descriptions taken from the dictionary and a list synonyms from the thesaurus. We selected all 50 adjectives because they’re widely used and are relevant to daily writing and conversation.

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hackneyedSomething that is repetitive or overusedcliche, meme, overdone, stale
Halcyonpeace or tranquil, particularly in the midst of a storm.peaceful, tranquil, relaxing peaceful, tranquil, soothing
reveredis considered sacred or holyblessed, consecratedand sacred, sanctified,
hands-onbeing active and being involved in a particular situationactive, involved, proactive, tangible
usefulproficient or competent at the task at handable, dextrous, skillful, useful
HappyHigh spirits; contentJoyful, thrilled, grateful and happy
hardsomething that has a firm the texture; in turn the need to be demanding or unforgivinghard, laborious, burdensome stiff
negativeSomething that causes harm or cause injuryadverse, hazardous, hurtful, pernicious
severeCaustic or unpleasant to be inAcrimonious, coarse, unpalatable harsh
hazardouscreating a hazardous or unfavorable scenariodicey, perilous, risky, unsafe
healthybeing in good health; having healthHale, hearty and sound and trim
amazingrelating to the idea of paradise; in turn it is something enjoyable or joyousCelestial, divine, beautiful and sublime
heavyof considerable weight; by extension, depressed or hard to lift.heavy, cumbersome, difficult or heavy
hebdomadaloccurring every seven daysSeptad, heptad weekly
hebephrenic(obsolete) Schizophrenic or suffering from schizophrenia-related symptomsdelusional, hallucinatory, mad, insane,
hebetudinousThe condition of being dullDozy, dreamy, irritable tired
Hedonisticis characterized by pleasure-seeking, and being self-indulgentepicurean, sybaritic, voluptuary, voluptuous
Hegemonicwielding power, in chargecontrolling, despotic, dominant, ruling
heinousSomething scary or frighteninghorrific, terrifying, horrible and warped
beneficialA positive thing, as defined by making a difference in an existing situationbeneficial, constructive, helpful, supportive
herbaldealing with herbaceous plants, leaves and diverse culinary and medicinal usesherbaceous, grassy, verdant, vegetal
heterocliteoutside normal behaviorabnormal, eccentric, peculiar, unusual
heuristicin answering queries, and to employ both non-empirical and empirical methodsinterrogative, intuitive, investigative, speculative
highVertically raisedhigh, lofty, high, soaring
high-qualitywith good qualities that make them desirableexcellent, impressive, valuable, valued
hilariousis characterized as funny and causing laughterhilarious, funny, jocular ridiculous, absurd, funny,
HircineResembling an animalCaprine
historicalsignificant, dealing with a significant moment in the history of mankindmeaningful, powerful, relevant, significant
historicsomething significant that actually took placereal, old and chronicled in the historical, chronicled, and
histrionicSomething dramatic or dramaticdramatic, melodramatic, pantomime, stagy
holisticthat are related to the whole system not just one componentaggregate, comprehensive, entire, integrated
holySomething that is considered sacred by some religion or anotherhonored, revered, hallowed and sacrosanct
homelessDisplaced, without a homedrifting, indigent, mendicant, needy
homemadeHome-cooked homemade, not boughthandcrafted, handmade, homegrown, homespun
homochromaticof or in connection with only of or relating to onlymonochrome, monocolor
honestBeing honest, speaking the truth and being genuinehonest, straightforward, open real
horizontalthat extends between sides, rather than going up and downdecumbent, endwise, flat, recumbent
terribleinvoking disgust or horrorAbhorrent, harrowing, disgusting and vile
horrendouscausing horror, disturbingterrifying, chilling, terrifying, terrifying and terrifying
short-termin relation to speech that inspires the taking of actiondeclamatory, encouraging, exhorting, urging
hostilean object that is violently opposed or something elseantagonistic, averse, inimical, truculent
hothigh in temperature, stimulated in a state of emotionintense, fiery, heated warm
hugeextremely hugemassive, gigantic, huge enormous
humanof or related to the person or personsanthropic, anthropogenic anthropomorphous
humblenot arrogant or confident and sluggishlowly, respectful, self-effacing, unassuming
hungrydesiring foodHunger, hungry, hungry and hungry.
hybridA mixture or composite made of more or less itemsblend, cross, crossbred, mixture
hyperbolicoverstated or presented in an overly dramatic wayenthusiastic, excessive, hammy, overdramatic
hypersonichigher than sound’s speed in excess of five
the hypnoticsleeping or reducing the level of mental alertnessanodyne, lenitive, mesmeric, somnolent

H Is Handy to Have

The letter H can be an intriguing study, due to the ability of it to influence other alphabetic letters, be a stand-alone letter or remain in silence. If it’s the initial letter in a word, it’s most likely to be able to replicate its original tone (save some pauses). Do you want to be more intriguing? Let’s get to words that begin with the letter I. Do you think your incredible memory will lead to a more impressive vocabulary?

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