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Adjectives That Start With K – Learning Drives .While adjectives beginning by “k” are not all very popular, there are a few extremely good ones that shouldn’t be missed. If you’re looking for an “k” adjective to use for the sake of an organization or advertising campaign, but aren’t looking to resort to cute misspellings such as Krazykrispy or (spare us and do not) kwik, take a look. 

Discover the top 50 adjectives that start by a “k.” They might not be appropriate for advertising but they could provide an edge to your writing. And at the very least, they’re actual words.

50 Adjectives That Start With K

Improve your vocabulary by mastering a range of adjectives starting by the letters “k.” Chances are you’ll come across a phrase that conveys what you’re trying to convey on this 50 expressive adjectives.

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K-Adjectives From Ka-Kin

Look through this alphabetical list adjectives that begin at “k.”

  • Kabbalistic – with a hidden or hidden the meaning of something; occult, or mystic
  • Kaleidoscopic – akin to a Kaleidoscope, having patterns that shift quickly
  • kaput – over, defeated, destroyed
  • Katabatic – a term used to describe wind caused by cold air moving down an incline
  • Kayoed – becoming unconscious due to being struck by a powerful blow
  • Keeled – with a ridged appearance; formed in a similar style to the appearance of the keel on an ship
  • sharp – sharp-witted; enthusiastic or enthusiastic; powerful or fierce
  • kempt – neat; tidy; well-groomed
  • maintained– a person that is financially secured by someone who is engaged in a romantic relationship.
  • keylesscapable of operating without keys
  • Khaki – a yellowish-brown hue
  • kidney-shaped is a form that is reminiscent of a kidney
  • killable capable of being killed
  • killer is a person with the capacity to kill extremely difficult or difficult to handle either; impressive, effective or thrilling
  • Kin are members from the same family and being related to the same family; sharing an affinity with
  • kind – sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tenderhearted, generous
  • kinder is a term used to describe a comparison which means the fact that someone has been more considerate than another
  • gentle – showing compassion or kindness towards other people
  • kindly – benevolence; gentle or mild demeanor
  • similar to is of a similar nature Similar
  • the kinesthetic – that is, or connected to bodily movements
  • the kinetic is caused by movement; dynamic or energetic
  • King-sized – very large as a king-sized bed
  • Kingly– stately, regal; presenting oneself as if a royal
  • Kinky packed with kinks, or tightly curled; bizarre, weird or eccentric in a sexual manner

Real Words for Real-World Messages

There are a lot of adjectives that begin by using “k.” Now that you’ve got them down, creating new ones isn’t needed. Why should you use the word kleanor the word kleenin to describe your compelling writing in the absence of Kempt? What’s the use of the word krazy with funand deadly? Choose your preferred. There’s something for all. To get more inspiration, look over some examples of rhetorical methods to persuade and inspire.

Read the easy listing of English adjectives which begin with the letter”A” to expand your vocabulary.

Instruct your children to learn these essential but widely utilized adjectives which begin with the letter A and follow the example provided in the previous paragraph. Save this list of English adjectives that begin with A to be useful for later use.

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