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Adjectives That Start With S – Learning Drives  “S.” The letters “s” is quite popular. There are many adjectives beginning by “s” in the English language. It is used so often it is “s” is one of the letters used by contestants for the final round of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune (along with T, R and N). and). Get your vocabulary up to speed with these 50 words that start by s “s.”

50 Adjectives That Start With S

Adjectives beginning at the letters “s” range from positive adjectives to those that define objects in an unfavourable manner and everything in between.

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25 Adjectives Beginning With Sa-Sk

Begin to build a vocabulary of s-adjectives using these alphabetical lists.

  • saccharinevery sweet in an artificial manner
  • sacred sacred; revered as a site or instrument used for worship
  • sacred the most holy of all and inviolable
  • sad – unhappy, sorrowful; substandard
  • secure is protected from danger or harm
  • holy creating a spectacle of being righteous or holy
  • sanguine is a blood-red color closely related to blood; positive
  • Sappy – silly or sentimental full of sap
  • Sarcastic – using irony or mocking to convey contempt through use of irony. utilization of irony
  • Sassy Impudent, lively
  • saucey is bold and flashy that is smothered with lots of sauce
  • savory spicy or salty food items or conduct that is moral or healthy
  • captivating extremely creative or skilled
  • Sedentary – sitting for a large portion of the time, being uninterested
  • self-reliant – capable of taking responsibility for oneself without the need to rely on others
  • selfless unselfish and doing what is beneficial to others more than oneself
  • shaggy hair; untidy; long untidy, messy hair
  • Sharp Sharp edge and feeling piercing
  • shiny – smooth, glossy surface; bright
  • clever – shrewd, displaying an ability to judge in a skilled manner
  • shy – timid, quiet, nervous
  • silky – smooth, soft
  • sincere sincere, honest, authentic
  • singular singular; unique in a way that is unmatched by other websites.
  • thin extremely small, thin and and bony

25 Adjectives Beginning With Sl-Sy

Keep going through the alphabetical list of s-adjectives by reading this list of additional exciting choices.

  • smooth and sleek smooth and glossy
  • tired tired and in need of rest
  • Sly – cunning, clever
  • smart is a term used to describe intelligence; having quick-wit
  • smelly with an unpleasant smell
  • sneaky – deceptive; underhanded
  • snug Form-fitting
  • complex – complex, cultivated refined
  • large vast area; offering ample space or room
  • unique is out of the norm; distinct from what is normal
  • rapidspeedy, swiftly moving that is happening or taking place very quickly
  • spirited – energetic, enthusiastic
  • Spry – agile; active, vibrant
  • unclean neglected; filthy and unpleasant
  • unwavering unflinching in its position or support that is unlikely to change
  • stereotypical – adhering the generalized bias perceptions
  • stimulating – interesting, exciting; energizing
  • strong powerful, forceful that moves through force
  • amazing absolutely appealing; extremely remarkable or surprising
  • fashionable – Fashionable fashion, dress, and manner
  • stunning stunning excellence, or beauty
  • successive one after another in sequence
  • super excellent, well over and above what might be expected
  • sweet flavor that tastes similar to sugar and is delightful or pleasing
  • synthetic is a synthetic substance (such as certain kinds of fabrics) that aren’t found naturally

Interesting Origin of the Letter S

You are wondering the origins of you can find out where the word “s” came from? This letter has its roots in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic illustrations of the sword. The early Egyptians utilized”sh” and “s” a lot. 

At one point they had nine symbols, each representing different versions of the “s” or “sh” sound! However, when the Phoenicians began to design their contemporary alphabet that is the basis of our alphabet was derived and standardized, they discarded the majority of these drawings as well as sounds, and developed a primary version of the”s” letter “s.”

In the past, Greeks and Romans added a few changes, with many more to come. In the English alphabet”s” was the first letter “s” went through a transformation. The 17th century saw a character that appeared to be an lowercase “f” actually represented the “s” sound. Then, after many twists and turns, the 19th letter of the English alphabet was chosen, and it’s a superior one it was.

Sound Off With S

Although the origins of it are unclear Although its origins are a bit hazy, the”s” is a common letter “s” always sounds the same as “ess.”

  • Your vocal cords need to be relaxed while making the “s” sound.
  • The best way to create”s” sounds is to make “s” sound is to put your tongue in front of your gums below, and then curling up.
  • Your tongue should rest on the sides of your teeth and you should feel the air moving across your tongue whenever it makes an “s” sound.

Certain people who have speech impairments frequently have trouble dealing with”s” as a letter “s.” Some leave the “s” off entirely when speaking words, while others pronounce it with the “th” sound, while some people over-pronounce the “s” and speak with the sound of a”lisp.

Continue Building Your S-Word Vocabulary

Smart English people are able to recognize and employ a myriad of adjectives that begin by “s,” along with other words that start by this letters. When you’re happy with the new information you have gained about adjectives that start by “s,” turn your focus to other areas of speech. Consider adjectives that begin in “s” first. This way you’ll be able to think up some Alliterative combinations of adjectives and nouns. After that, you can move on to verbs beginning in “s” to continue expanding your vocabulary.

It is possible to read the basic checklist of English words that begin with”M” to expand your vocabulary.

Help your child learn these essential but widely utilized adjectives, which begin with the letter M and follow the easy example in the previous paragraph. Keep this list of English adjectival words that start with M and keep it handy to refer to in the future.

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