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Adjectives That Start With U – Learning Drives There are numerous adjectives that begin in “u,” it’s overwhelming. However it’s possible to break them into categories to make them easier to manageable. While the most important classification includes “adjectives that start with un-,” the smaller categories like “common ‘u’ adjectives” and ” up- adjectives” are included in the list, too. Let’s look at it for ourselves, do we?

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Common Adjectives That Start With U

Let’s start with the simple category. There are a small number of adjectives that begin by a “u.” There are a few of them do include “un” as the first two letters, however it’s not exactly the same as”u,” which is the suffix “un”. Three of them include”under” in their prefix. under”-“ meaning “below or too low.” Below is our list of the 20 most popular “u” adjectives:

  1. Super super; top degree
  2. ubiquitous appearing to be everywhere at the same time. ubiquitous
  3. ugly is unpleasant to see; visually unattractive
  4. an ulcerated is a condition caused by the ulcer
  5. later – subsequent, later beyond what is evident or implied; unidentified
  6. the ultimate – – beyond that point at which it is impossible to go; highest or the highest level of possible
  7. ultra is going over the normal limit; exceeding or extreme
  8. ultrasonic is a sound wave that have a higher frequency than the limits of human hearing
  9. the umbrageous – being offended easily; having shade and irritated by something unjust or unfair
  10. Umpteenth – in relation to an event that occurred in other instances
  11. unctuous suave or oily in language or behavior
  12. underrated underrated – not rated, assessed or calculated to be too low
  13. comprehend – being or being defined by understanding or empathy
  14. underweight less than the allowed or normal weight
  15. unique unique with no resemblance or like; unparalleled
  16. joined – joined; combined to form one in harmony or agreement
  17. urban city – the characteristic of the city in contrast to the country
  18. urgent urgent immediate actions
  19. is usable can be used
  20. utmost – most extreme; greatest

Adjectives That Start With Up

While these might be among the top performers but there’s an entire list of adjectives that begin by using the suffix up”- that means “in” (or “going toward.” Explore this collection of upand down adjectives.

  1. upbeat – optimistic
  2. coming soon is about to occur
  3. was smashed and turned upside down or on its back
  4. upfront – – honest, honest, and honest
  5. uphill ascending upwards
  6. Upland – hilly region
  7. elevated elevated to an upper moral, social, or even a cultural degree or state; raise
  8. Upper – – on higher ground
  9. uppity – haughty, arrogant, snobbish, etc.
  10. standing straight– standing straight Honest or truthful
  11. up-scale is classy or costly
  12. upstairsUpper floor
  13. excellent Honest, honest
  14. upstage focus on you
  15. upstart is a person who climbs to a prominent position abruptly
  16. upstream – a direction in opposition to the flow of stream or river
  17. uptight Tense, nervous
  18. turned up directed upward
  19. up – ascending
  20. upwind towards or against the direction of wind

Adjectives That Start With Un

Let’s review of the majority of the words in English that begin by a “u,” a beast of a class and as well as the “undeceives. Its prefix “un” signifies not, and is possible to add it to the beginning of almost every other adjective in order to create an opposite meaning or an antonym. For instance an example is that unexpected is the reverse of expected, predicted can be unexpected and an opposite to zip can be unzipped and the list goes on. Below are 50 adjectives beginning with the letter un..

  1. unanswered – irrefutable
  2. uncomfortable Uncomfortable
  3. ungracious – not courteous
  4. Unmotivated There is no enthusiasm for the job
  5. unsafe – dangerous
  6. unappetizing – unappealing food
  7. not enticing unwelcome, undesirable
  8. ungrateful – unappreciative
  9. motionless – motionless
  10. insufficient insufficient
  11. extremely painful Very painful, painful, and unpleasant
  12. error-free – doesn’t go off the rails
  13. unhappy sad, feeling unfulfilled
  14. not needed Not needed
  15. not talented lacking unique skills or qualities
  16. unbeatable – impossible to defeat
  17. unexpected unexpected
  18. unhurried – not happening quickly
  19. frightening loss of courage in a circumstance
  20. not tidy Not clean
  21. unbelievable – unimaginable; far-fetched
  22. unflappable – calm, collected; unexcitable
  23. Unimaginable impossible, impossible, and unimaginable
  24. empty and there is nobody within it
  25. not used not being used
  26. uncanny – unnatural, eerie
  27. impervious inability to justify
  28. not significant not having any significance
  29. not popular and not well-liked
  30. uncommon uncommon – not often used
  31. dirty dirty
  32. very unfortunate Not lucky
  33. is uninviting not appealing
  34. unpredictable – uncertain, unforeseeable
  35. non-changing and constant
  36. uncouth way of life or appearance
  37. hostile unkind or pleasant
  38. unfair is not morally correct or fair
  39. Unreal is so bizarre that it’s hard to believe
  40. not cautious Not cautious
  41. undiplomatic and tactless. insensitive
  42. not a good looking – ungainly
  43. rude not nice
  44. absurd Not logical, not influenced by good judgment
  45. unwilling to take action
  46. unfading lasting, indestructible
  47. unbelievably Unholy, immoral
  48. unlikely is unlikely. It’s not likely to happen.
  49. unregenerate – not reforming
  50. uncompromising and flexible

Having Fun With Adjectives

Just like that You learned a variety of “u” adjectives. Are you ready to make things more interesting? Let’s look at an alphabet of adjectives that begin by “v.”

Read the basic checklist of English adjectives Beginning with the letter M to expand your vocabulary.

Help your child master these fundamental but commonly employed adjectives, which begin with the letter M by following the easy example in the previous paragraph. Save this list of English adjectival words that begin with M and keep it handy to use in the future.

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Recap of what we’ve learned

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  • List of Adjectives That Start With M
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Adjectives That Start With U – Learning Drives If you’re unsure about the properties associated with adjectives beginning with the letter M or M, please make a comment below and we’ll try to respond in the earliest time possible. Thank for your input!

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