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Adjectives That Start With V – Learning Drives There’s plenty of adjectives starting by “v.” Exploring descriptive words that start using this alphabet is a great method to expand your vocabulary. Find out the definitions of intriguing words that begin in “v,” then review several examples of sentences to get an idea of how they’re utilized in writing or in conversation.

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List of Adjectives That Start With V

This list of adjectives beginning in “v” provides a wide range of words that can be used to define nouns you’re writing about or in discussion.

  • emptyempty but not vacant, not
  • vagabond is someone who moves often and doesn’t own a permanent home
  • brave – courageous; brave, heroic
  • validating serves to verify or verify
  • variable is expected or likely change change or
  • vast broad; vast and of immense importance
  • vaulting is overreaching, exaggerated.
  • vegan – made with no meat
  • intense – having a great amount of energy or enthusiasm; passionate or enthusiastic
  • velvety Soft, smooth and silky to the feel
  • venerable – honorable; commanding respect
  • verbose Wordy; with more terms than are necessary
  • verdant green hue; filled with living green plants
  • flexible is a versatile technology that can serve many functions or be used in different ways
  • vertical the up and down position
  • feasible could be a possibility capable of growing and living
  • violent is a way of seeking revenge or acting in spite
  • violent – causing injury through force; extremely strong
  • extremely virulent virus that can spread or gets worse quickly; brimming with malicious intention
  • visual is visible as a visual image. It is a part of the visual world.
  • vital – necessary; important
  • violent means making and threatening statements or launching personal attacks that are inflammatory
  • Volcanic – refers to or emanating from an active volcano
  • optionalno coercion optional
  • vulnerable in danger of becoming damaged

V Adjectives That End With -ous

Adjectives That Start With V – Learning Drives There’s a little twist to this set of “v” adjectives listed below. It’s evident that many of them begin with an suffix -ous meaning “full of” or “having qualities of.” Keep this in mind when you continue adding to your personalized collection of adjectives!

  • uninteresting lacks any thought or content
  • vainglorious vain or boastful
  • the valorous – – having great courage
  • vandalous– destructive and acting as vandal
  • vaporous emitting cloud of vapor i.e. fog or fog or
  • different Multiple different, more than one
  • venomous – poisonous; spiteful; malicious
  • Venous – akin to veins and with veins
  • veracious honest, truthful (not to be misinterpreted as voracious: anxious or greedy)
  • irritating and vexatious – irritating and stressful; brimming with chaos
  • vicious – malicious; harmful
  • victorious is the term used to describe winning some thing, i.e. an event, game or legal matter
  • strong – full of energy and strength strong; durable; powerful
  • the villain – evil; bad and playing the role of the role of a villain
  • villous – anatomical term that is related to villi or the villi-covered structure.
  • wineous – related to or closely resembling wine
  • virtue – pure; clean and having moral high-values
  • vitreous – is derived from glass, resembling glass in appearance
  • viscousnot liquid nor solid; with a thick sticky, sticky consistency
  • vivacious – lively; high spirited
  • loud – the tendency to speak loudly, particularly when speaking one’s opinion
  • large and voluminous and large.
  • Voluptuous A beautiful and full-figured woman
  • vomitous – sickening, nauseating, disgusting, gross
  • extremely savage – having an overwhelming appetite

Historical Tidbits About Words That Start With V

Thankfully, we’re not stuck in our Middle Ages when the letter “v” was interchanged with the letter “u.” In general, the”v” was used when the “v” came at the beginning of words and”u” was used to indicate the beginning of a word “u” was used within the word.

 For instance, “up” was written “vp” and “have” was in the form of “haue.” It wasn’t until around 1500 when the letters “v” started to be used as a distinct consonant. Interesting, right? After you’ve discovered many adjectives that begin in “v,” it’s time to increase your vocabulary more. Because the word “u” is already on your thoughts, look at it by exploring adjectives beginning with “u. “

It is possible to read the easy checklist of English adjectives that begin with”M” to increase your vocabulary.

Help your child master these fundamental but widely employed adjectives which begin with the letter M by following the easy example in the previous paragraph. Save this list of English adjectival words that begin with M to keep to use in the future.

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