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Adjectives That Start With X – Learning Drives Ask someone to identify words that begin by “x”, and you’ll most likely hear “xylophone” or “x-ray.” This isn’t very appealing you think? What do you ask anyone to identify an adjective that begins in “x”? Several blank stares await you. Adjectives beginning by a “x” do exist, but they’re not as common. Most of the time they fall under the four types ( xanth, xen and the xer as well as the xyl) according to the Greek roots.

Adjectives That Start With “Xanth”

It is believed that the Greek roots “xanth” means “yellow,” therefore, any time you encounter it in a phrase likely has something to do with color.

  • xanthic yellow or yellowish or relating to the compound known as xanthine
  • xanthous is a yellow-colored hairstyle in relation to persons with auburn, yellowish, or light brown hair.

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Adjectives That Start With “Xen”

“Xen” means “foreign,” therefore the adjectives listed below all pertain to weird, foreign, or non-native items.

  • an xenogenic – is a substance that originates outside of the body or derived by introducing a foreign substance into the body
  • xenolithic is of or related to a rock piece that is foreign in relation to an rocks of the igneous within that it’s placed
  • is a xenophobic – unreasonably scared of strangers or foreigners
  • xenotropic reproducing in cells that are not that of host species

What could you consider the English language be if it didn’t have certain peculiarities? In the following examples two of the words begin by a “xen,” but they actually refer to exactly the same thing as foreign.

  • xenial is a warm connection between host and guest
  • the xenodochial Friendly to Strangers

Adjectives That Start With “Xer”

“Xer” means “dry.” Adjectives that are derived from”xer”‘s roots “xer” refer to dryness in some way. While it’s not necessarily what you imagine when you create copies using the Xerox device however the genesis of the term is similar. In the 1930s in the 1930s, an New York patent attorney wanted to figure out a way to create copies that didn’t require chemicals (as was the norm for photography in the past). 

In the final analysis the process of photographing (or xerography) was a process that used electricity but not an chemical one. This means that xerography is “dry writing,” making photocopying a dry procedure. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

  • xeric adapts to dry conditions
  • xerographic refers to xerography (photocopying)
  • xerophilous capable of flourishing in dry, hot climate, just like certain animals and plants
  • xerophthalmic is a term used to describe excessive dryness of the eyeball caused by conjunctivitis, or an insufficient supply of tears
  • xerophytic refers to a plant that has been adapted to development under dry conditions
  • xerothermic refers to an extremely dry and hot climate, and an example of one of postglacial cycles.
  • xerotic dry; affected by or is characterized by xerosis

Adjectives That Start With”Xyl”

“Xyl” means “wood,” which means that all the following adjectives have to have to do with wood. This is where everyone’s favorite word X (noun), xylophone comes into. Today, xylophones can be constructed from fiberglass or metal, as well as wood however the word itself comes due to the fact the xylophones originally constructed from wooden bars with different lengths.

Take a look at this list of “xyl” adjectives:

  • “xylographic” – related to the technique of engraving on wood
  • xyloid – akin to or made from wood or similar to wood
  • xylophagous eating or cutting into, or destroying wood
  • xylophonic – refers to the sound created by the phone called a xylophone.
  • xylotomous capable of cutting and boring wood

Take It to the X Level

These adjectives might not be popular or extremely useful in everyday conversations or writing however, when someone asks you to use an specific word that begins in “x,” you’ll be in a position to surprise and amaze the people around you. To expand your vocabulary of fascinating adjectives, focus your attention to learning adjectives beginning with “y. “

Read the basic listing of English words Beginning with the letter M to increase your vocabulary.

Help your child master these fundamental but widely employed adjectives, which begin with the letter M by following the easy example in the previous paragraph. Keep this list of English adjectival words that begin with M and keep it handy to use in the future.

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