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Adjectives That Start With Z – Learning Drives It’s rare to find adjectives that begin in “z.” In reality there aren’t many English words that begin with “z.” A few of the ones that exist are usually very informal sometimes even being slang. Slang can help convey the intended meaning in a precise manner.

 Furthermore, the more often you employ slang terms and phrases, the more popular they become. Some of the most popular slang terms get into the language of the masses and develop into official vocabulary.

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30 Adjectives That Start With Z

Learn new Z adjectives and utilize them with confidence. Although they may be small in quantity and you’ll not see the majority of them being used in everyday conversations, however they’re still full of meaning to communicate. Utilizing the descriptive Z words can increase the vocabulary of your friends and enhance you writing.

Zaftigbeing a woman with a full and sculpted form; often used to describe a woman with a full, shaped figure; said of acurvaceous curvy, curvy, buxom
zanyfunny in a hilariously ridiculous or humorous in a slapstick orquirky, eccentric
zappyMoving at a rapid pace with high energyActive, vibrant
zazzyShiny or flashy orsparkling, dazzling
enthusiasticin the fullness of, marked by or displaying passion; deeply committed to a goalfervent, enthusiastic
zeroabsence of or in a volume so tiny that it is insignificantNull, none
zerothbefore the first thing in a sequenceantecedent
zestfulfull of enthusiasm; with good spiritsExuberant, enthusiastic, and eager
zestylively, full of energy and energetic, and spicyfrisky, tangy, piquant
zenVery relaxed and tranquil extremely relaxed and calm.peaceful, enlightened
zibelineof or in connection or involving the of or relating to a (the animal)sable, sable-like
zigzagconsisting of a number of sharp, short angles or turns that alternate directionThe twisty, crooked
ZillionthA reference to something that’s occurred numerous instancesUncountable, massive
zinciferousyielding, producing, or containing zincferrous (in relationship to zinc)
It’s a zingyA pleasant stimulation to the sensesdelicious spicy
zippywith energy and enthusiasm full of energy and enthusiasm; fastlively, pliable
zodiacalof or of orAstrological
zoeticof or in connection with or relating toOrganic, living, and biological
Zoicor related to animals or the life of animalsAnimal
zonalzone that is separated into several zonesdivisions, segmentation
ZoningZones are zones that divide areas (voting districts; land use limitations)districting and informing
I was snoringexhausted; lacking the energyexhausted tired, exhausted,
Zoogenicstarted or caused by animals, or as a result ofzoogenous, zoonotic
Zoologicalof, related to, or relating to of, relating to, or concerned withanimals, fauna
Zoophagousanimal that eats other animals; carnivoreflesh-eating, meat-eating
Zootyvery flamboyant stylesnazzy, over-the-top
zygomaticanatomical term that refers to the zygoma zone of the face, Zgomatic bone, zygomatic archcheekbone, malar bone
Zygomorphicbotanical term used to describe one level of symmetry and plants with the same halvesbilateral symmetry, mirror image
zymoidbiochemistry term relating to fermenting and metabolizingcatalyst, accelerator
ZymolyticThe cause of fermentation, or the connection to the cause of fermentation or related tozymotic, zymolytic
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Get Descriptive With Adjectives

Reading through the alphabet through letter-by-letter, can help you build an extensive listing of words. Make a list of adjectives starting at “z” and other letters and you’ll be armed with a list to help broaden the vocabulary of your writing and expand your writing. Think about putting an old pen to paper and write down an adjective list for all different ages. Writing will allow them to stick in your memory. And, once you decide to showcase your skills to the world you’ll be able create your prose with elegance and grace.

Enhance Your Writing With Adjectives

Whichever letters they begin with No matter what letter they begin with, adjectives function as descriptive words which can assist you to improve your writing. Once you’ve mastered a few adjectives that begin by a “z,” consider developing an understanding of how you can enhance your writing by making use of descriptive terms. Examine the different kinds of adjectives and think about how they can improve your writing. After you’ve spent the time to study, take an adjective test.

Read the basic listing of English words Beginning with the letter M to increase your vocabulary.

Help your child learn these essential but widely employed adjectives which begin with the letter M and follow the example provided in the previous paragraph. Keep this list of English adjectives that start with M to keep to use in the future.

If you liked a printable infographic of English adjectives that begin with M I’d love it to have you share it by sending it to acquaintances or posting the infographic via Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Thank you!

Recap of what we’ve learned

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If you’re in doubt about the properties that come with adjectives beginning with the letter M or M, please write a message below, and we’ll be sure to provide you with feedback as soon as we can. Thank for your input!

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