Best 17 Indian Food Truck – Learning Drives

Best 17 Indian Food Truck – Learning Drives .Have you ever had a moment when you took the extra mile to satisfy the foodie within you? If food is your main source of inspiration and dictates how your trip will be the time has come to go to the next level for your food-loving side. What could be better than eating on street food at one of the amazing food trucks that are popping up in India?

No matter if you’re in one of the cities in India, such as Capital of India or the City of Dreams, the food truck trend is spreading throughout India. From traditional Indian dishes that are infused with Indian flavors to hot local cuisine These trucks will provide you with a taste of food and leave you feeling full and full!

Best 17 food Trucks India India

You’ve heard about the Palak Paneer taco? Are you interested in trying it? Explore our menu and find out which of these incredible food trucks is serving it! Make sure to visit the food truck in India because a variety of delicious and crazy meals are in store for you! Scroll down to read about them!

  • The Lalit Food Truck Company, New Delhi – Taste Of The States
  • The Cheese Truck, Pune — for cheesy Delights
  • Bombay Food Truck, Bombay – Everything In One Place
  • SuperSucker Food Truck, Delhi — Snacking made more fun
  • Burgertron, Pune – Best Of Burgers
  • Delhi Food Truck Co., Gurgaon – Taste the Savory Dishes Of North
  • Henny’s Gourmet, Pune – All Things Sweet
  • S.W.A.T, Bangalore – Taste The Twist
  • Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai – Hyderabadi Kebabs And More
  • Go Waffles, Bangalore – A Dessert Wonderland
  • Chaska, Chennai – Best Of Tibetan Cuisine
  • Desi Firangii, Chandigarh” A Mix Of West and East
  • “Eat n’ Run, Mumbai – For Breakfast Scenes
  • Parathawalas And Grills, Hyderabad for To Experience The Taste Of North
  • Road Kill, Bengaluru – A Variety That Doesn’t End

1. The Lalit Food Truck Company, New Delhi – Taste Of The States

Let’s start with our list of the best food truck in India in the capital city of Delhi. If you ask the locals, one the most well-known food truck located in Delhi is Lalit Food Truck Company. It is easy to spot the bright red food truck that has white and yellow stripes at Connaught Place in New Delhi.

The concept behind this amazing truck is Keshav Director of the Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. The only thing he wanted to do was introduce to India the Eat street culture from in the United States in India and when the food truck opened the crowd was drawn to it. The reason lies in the mouthwatering food offered on this food truck. Make sure you try the most delicious Mexican food items and at the final, don’t forget to enjoy their hot chocolate Brownies!

2. It’s the Cheese Truck, Pune – For Cheesy delights

The next to be included on the list of most well-known food truck located in India includes the yellow truck which is situated at CCD Junction. CCD Junction in Pune. If you’re a lover of all things cheesy then you must go to this Cheese Truck in Pune.

From their delicious fries to the Cheesy sandwich all of it is made with love and lots of cheese in this truck. If you love cheese, we’re betting that one of your most-loved meals is Mac and Cheese and you will be pleased to know that the Cheese Truck is a pro in this. If you happen to go to Pune make sure to stop by The Cheese Truck and satisfy the Mac and Cheese desires!

3. Bombay Food Truck, Bombay Everything You Need At One Place

The one we have on our list of the top fast food restaurants located in India can be described as Bombay Food Truck that is very first and longest-running truck located in Bombay. The story of this food truck began in 2005, and continues to this day. food truck is a favourite by the residents of the city.

If you’re planning to visit Bombay in the near future and you want to add this food truck to your list. And if you’re a true foodie then you must make a plan to visit soon because there is nothing as important to you than food? When it comes to the food offered, there are many options, including hot Dogs, Paranthas, Chicken Mayo Sandwich and many more.

4. SuperSucker Food Truck, Delhi Snacking Made Fun

Karan Malik being just a foodie, like you, set up an eatery truck that serves diverse different cuisines in one place. since then, the SuperSucker Food Truck has been an extremely popular food truck within India. A truck with a variety of colors serving American, Mediterranean, Mexican and French food for all Delhites and tourists, the SuperSucker is sure to be awestruck with the food as soon as you visit! Try their Tandoori-Paneer Sandwich french fries, Dark Fantasy Super Shake and more!

5. Burgertron, Pune – Best Of Burgers

A treat for all burger lovers around the globe, Burgertron in Pune is ideal for those who enjoy crisp patty burgers topped that come with a variety of sauces and some twists. What exactly distinguishes Burgertron food truck and other eateries?

 It’s the huge amount of burger as well as plenty of sauces and fillings that attracts both tourists and locals alike and they will end up visiting the food truck over and over repeatedly! If you’re someone who loves burgers, and you want to try a burger, then go to This food cart in Pune!

6. Delhi Food Truck Co., Gurgaon – Enjoy The Delicious Dishes Of North

Are you a North Indian cuisine lover? Do not be concerned, we’ve prepared for you! The second truck we have on our list of food trucks in India serves delicious North Indian delicacies but the food served here is cheap. If it’s their delectable Kebabs or the delicious stuffed Naan, Delhi Food Truck Co. is located in Gurgaon will keep you coming back for more!

7. Henny’s Gourmet, Pune – All Things Sweet

For those with an addiction to sweets, Henny’s Gourmet is among the most popular food truck in Pune. If you’re ready to indulge in the tastes of Red velvet cheesecake or chocolate mousse that is dark Belgium chocolate mousse, you must go to this food truck. It is essential to arrive in time to this food truck because it only opens for a brief time on a regular basis. The proprietor Henny makes amazing desserts that are not just delicious but look awe-inspiring too! Try waffles and sundaes at this gourmet food truck located in Pune!

8. S.W.A.T, Bangalore – Taste The Twist

S.W.A.T is well-known for having brought cuisine culture of India and is awed for its tasty dishes that are cooked with originality. In reality, the name of S.W.A.T is serving with a twist. They are well-known because of the quality of their American fast food, and are reportedly named 2nd Best Burgers in Bangalore during The Burger Riot event that happened in 2015.

9. Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai – Hyderabadi Kebabs And More

It’s one of the most popular food truck that you can find in India, Mumbai. It is the place to try the best Hyderabadi Kebabs. If you’re a lover of sandwiches that are grilled This is the spot for you. Many people visit the food truck to get the exotic omelettes that are prepared. This is the perfect option for those looking to try some spicy treats.

10. Go Waffles, Bangalore – A Dessert Wonderland

If you’re looking for an establishment where you can satisfy your cravings for taste that desire something sweet while you’re in Bangalore Don’t overlook Go Waffles. The tasty waffles they serve will surely bring you joy and no more you could request. Crispy waffles made using cream as well as Nutella are sure to bring the hunger to an end.

11. Chaska, Chennai – Best Of Tibetan Cuisine

It is believed that Chaska is the very first truck for food to be established in Chennai and was started by four individuals. They serve the most delicious Tibetan food items that offer many different dishes ranging from egg noodles to momos. If you’re craving spice, Chaska it is! The crowds keep coming to the food truck for many good reasons.

12. Desi Firangii, Chandigarh – A Mix Between West And East

Like the name implies the restaurant, here you’ll be able to sample dishes that have been influenced by western cuisine, but with a distinct Indianness. They serve a variety of dosas which will alter your view of South Indian food. Additionally, they serve deliciously cooked Maggie and Frankie. It is possible to get in touch with them even if you’re planning to host an event for a birthday celebration.

13. Eat and Run, Mumbai for Breakfast Scenes

The food truck is one of the most popular ones you could go to while traveling. The menu is praised for its wide variety of food options – you can enjoy an excellent breakfast, as well as a satisfying lunch there. From milkshakes to sandwiches and desserts, you’ll get the best. The greatest part is the fact that all of it is within a reasonable price.

14. Parathawalas and Grills, Hyderabad – For The Taste Of North

Although it is situated in Hyderabad but it’s an one of the top food trucks located in India that you’ll come across in the city. It serves many of the finest dishes of the Punjabi food culture. In addition, they offer an array of other dishes that are so delicious that you’ll want to lick your fingers. This food truck offers high-quality food in a price that is affordable.

15. Road Kill, Bengaluru – A Variety That Doesn’t End

This colorful truck is sure to draw your interest. After visiting you’ll realize you’ve made the right decision. It’s not just the variety, but the distinctiveness of the food is prepared will be awe-inspiring to you. With so many options to pick from, you’ll be seeking out more even after you’ve attained your saturation point.

16. Auto Express, Hyderabad – Eat Saucy-Juicy Hot Hog

If you’re looking to try out lip-smacking food that are served by food truck in Hyderabad You must take a bite of the delicious hot dogs that are available at the food truck located in Madhavpur. It is available in the lunch and dinner hours at a moderate cost.

17. EGGjactly, Gurgaon – Savour The Flavor Of Delicious Egg dishes We’ve adopted the food habits of American meals in our everyday life and egg is one of the main ingredients of our daily breakfast menu. This food truck located in Gurgaon offers a variety of egg-based dishes that are delicious

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Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Food Trucks In India

What number of food truck do you have within India?

At present, there are around 21 food trucks operating in India which attract many customers from different areas of the nation.

What is the top awaited restaurant located in Bangalore?

Some of the most well-known restaurants in Bangalore are: 1. the Great Indian Bhukkad
2. Square Ruth
3. Foodipa
4. The SWAT Truck
5. The Spitfire Barbecue Truck

Are food items from food trucks cost prohibitive?

No. Most food items that are sold by food trucks are moderately priced. However, based on the item being served and the ingredients that are used the cost can vary from one location to the next.

Food trucks food trucks safe to eat from?

Food trucks are generally healthy and safe. But, the safety of food trucks will depend upon how the truck’s food is controlled and if they are following the guidelines for health or not.

Are there vegetarian food truck restaurants within India?

GoodDot has launched a variety of food trucks that are vegan at many places across India which serve delicious vegan meals that are also healthy and nutritious.

What is the very first time a food truck to be opened in India established?

Bombay Food Truck which was inaugurated in 2005 is one of the longest-running food trucks operating in India that has been operational for over 14 years.

What are the most loved dishes from Henny’s Gourmand?

Henry’s Gourmet serves some of the most imaginative desserts that are not just delightful to eat but also breathtaking to see. Some of the most sought-after desserts include Dark Belgium Chocolate Mousse, Oreo Cream Waffle, and Peanut Butter Waffle.

What Food truck offers Indian cuisine at Pune?

The Cheese Truck The Cheese Truck, the Gourmand Food Truck, and Pune Food Truck Zone are the most well-known restaurants in Pune that serve Indian dishes like pav bhaji, rolls dosas, and much more.

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