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If you want to keep your cat happy and healthy it is essential to select the finest quality food they can delight in. This is why our team of reviewers has created an assortment of the top cat food for 2022 that is based on personal experience with the food that we recommend, recommendations from our vets, customer reviews, the quality of ingredients and price.

If your cat prefers dried cat food, or even wet food, we are aware the importance of keeping your cat in top health today as well as in the near future. The brands we recommend provide the protein and nutrition your cat needs to meet this aim.

10 Best Kitten Foods

  • For Variety: Fancy Feast Tender Feast Variety Pack
  • For Growth: Iams Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • For Best Texture: Royal Canin Mother & Baby cat Ultra-Soft Mousse
  • For High Protein: Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food
  • For Indoor Cats: Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • For a Flavor Mix: Meow Mix Kitten Li’l Nibbles Dry Cat Food
  • For Development: Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Cat Food
  • For Portion Control: Iambs Perfect Portions Healthy Kitten Chicken Recipe
  • For High-Quality Ingredients: Wellness CORE Grain-Free Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food
  • For a Flavor Medley: Hill’s Kitten Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley

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Find out the most suitable cat for your cat, based the cat’s age, preferences, and the family’s needs.

Our List

12 Best Cat Food Options to Consider, According to Vets

Best Overall Cat Food

FlavorFresh BirdFresh Other BirdFresh Cow
Life StageAllAllAll
FormGround or pulledSmooth or groundedSmooth or grounded
Protein (Ingredients)Chicken thigh, breast and liver of chickenTurkey Thigh (skin on) Chicken liverGround 90% lean beef and lean, beef liver and heart of beef
Protein Analysis17% min18.5% min15% min
Meets AAFCO Standards?YesYesYes

We are awestruck by Smalls because they’re an animal-friendly brand that puts cats first. They are a cat food company which is dedicated to providing optimal cat nutrition, small batch with fresh ingredients and exceptional customer service. The Human Grade fresh Cat Food is precisely what it claims it is.

 It’s of human-grade quality, USDA certified, and is made with sustainable and humanely harvested protein sources. It can be purchased in four different recipe types: Bird (Chicken), Cow Others Bird (Turkey and Liver of Chicken) as well as Fish. No preservatives are used or mysterious fillers, and there are the food is free of artificial coloring. The meals are cooked lightly and then delivered to your house in a subscription cat food service. This makes your life much easier! What’s not to like?


  • Human-grade, USDA-certified recipes.
  • Four different fresh food options to select from.
  • Protein sources that are sustainable and humane.
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Home delivery is simple.

Things to Consider

  • The food you prepare should be stored in the freezer until 24 hours before you’re in a position to serve. It should last until 12 months when it is frozen.
  • Smalls Fresh Cat Food does require refrigeration. It can be stored in a bag that is sealed or container stored in the fridge for up to 7 days after the time of opening.
  • Smalls is available only in subscription form. You’ll also receive 25 percent off your first trial purchase. You are able to postpone your order at anytime.

Best Dry Cat Food

Life StageAdult
Protein (Ingredients)Chicken, chicken fat, chicken liver
Protein Analysis30% min
Calories502 kcal/cup
Meets AAFCO Standards?Yes

If you’re looking for canned cat food that is dry, it’s tough compare to Hill’s Science Diet. This chicken-based recipe contains protein with a lean texture that helps your cat grow muscles and includes taurine, a vital amino acid that helps support the health of your heart.

 The recipe is vet developed and manufactured in the USA and is an ideal choice for Doctor. Barnette. “Hill’s Science Diet cat food is a good all-around diet for healthy adult cats,” she declares. “It’s formulated to meet cats’ nutritional needs, and most cats seem to enjoy the flavor.”

Things We Like

  • Provides essential ingredients such as vitamin E, taurine along with omega fatty acids that aid in general health
  • The chicken flavor is appealing to cats in general
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in a range of sizes

Things to Consider

  • Foods can be dry inside the bag
  • The size of the kibble was changed a couple of years in the past

Best Wet Cat Food

FlavorTilapiaWild Salmon & ChickenWild SalmonChicken & EggSucculent ChickenAhi Tuna & Mackerel
Life StageAdultAdultAdultAdultAdultAdult
Protein (Ingredients)Tuna ChickenChicken, salmonSalmonChicken, dried eggChickenTuna, mackerel
Protein Analysis17% min15% min14% min17% min16% min17% min
Calories83 kcal/can71 kcal/can59 kcal/can70 kcal/can69 kcal/can72 kcal/can
Meets AAFCO Standards?YesYesYesYesYesYes

Wet canned cat food are a fantastic alternative for cats that struggle with keeping hydrated, as they have more moisture. They are also great for cats who have a difficult time eating. The Tiki Cat’s Emma Luau Variety Pack is a fantastic choice for choosing wet food for your cat.

“I like canned cat food that is simple – contains a protein source and water and very little else,” says Dr. Sarah Wooten, a Colorado-based vet. “This cat food can do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s also fantastic because it comes in a variety of flavors. It is ideal to mix flavors within a single brand of food to avoid excessive eating habits.”

Things We Like

  • Each of these formulations contains taurine that helps to support the health of your heart.
  • The recipes of Tiki Cat are made from pure ingredients, and are free of wheat, grains and soy. GMO ingredient, MSG and carrageenan.
  • These formulas can help your cat keep their water levels in check without stress

Things to Consider

  • Cans that are opened need to be stored correctly in the refrigerator to preserve the freshness
  • Certain cats might not enjoy all the flavors included in this pack of varieties.

Best Limited-Ingredient Cat Food

FlavorRabbit and Peas
Life StageAdult
Protein (Ingredients)Rabbit meal, pea protein
Protein Analysis30% min
Calories334 kcals / cup
Meets AAFCO Standards?Yes

If your cat is suffering from an allergy to food, choosing an alternative that is limited in ingredients can reduce the discomfort your cat is experiencing. “By putting your cat on a limited ingredient diet like Royal Canin — that has been specifically formulated for cats with adverse food reactions — you can be assured that your cat is eating food that does not contain any allergens that they are sensitive to,” Dr. Wooten. “Therapeutic diets like these are manufactured under strict parameters that prevent cross contamination with any other ingredients.”


  • Made from pea meal and rabbit meal.
  • Provides EPA along with DHA to aid your cat’s coat and skin
  • Conforms to AAFCO requirements for a complete and balanced diet
  • Made under conditions that protect against cross contamination.

Things to Consider

  • This food requires an order from your veterinarian
  • It’s on the pricey cost, but worth it if it can make your cat feel better.
  • Dry food is safe for feeding kittens However, the wet version isn’t. Take care when ordering food for your kitten

Best Eco-Friendly Cat Food

FlavorHomestead Turkey & Chicken
Life StageAll
Protein (Ingredients)Humanely raised chicken whitefish meal from the ocean herring meal
Protein Analysis41% min
Meets AAFCO Standards?Yes

This high-quality, protein-rich , high-quality kibble comes with delicious farm-to food-bowl flavor that cats are sure to love. We are thrilled Open Farm’s ethical and ecologically responsible practices are great for people, pets as well as the environment also!

The sustainability of the company’s philosophy means that each bite is made of the highest quality humanely-raised turkey and chicken meats, accompanied by nutritious superfoods like non-GMO carrot, pumpkin and turmeric. You can also track the origin of every ingredient by examining the lot numbers on each bag. In terms of bags, Open Farm offers a free recycling program across the country to their Hopen Farm Homestead pet food bags — an industry first!


  • Sourced from organically sourced protein sources sourced from family farms
  • Superfoods include cranberries, superfoods and dandelion greens to help with UTI health
  • Whitefish and herring oils supply omega-3 fats
  • No fillers or byproducts, or any unnecessary preservatives
  • A commitment to transparency and sustainability
  • A free, sustainable packaging program — a first for the pet industry!

Things to Consider

  • It doesn’t have the water your cat requires So make sure that your cat is adequately hydrated
  • Produced in the US However, the formulation was developed in Canada
  • Due to the freshness that the food ingredients are, consumers must be particularly aware regarding the “best before” dates before offering the food to their pet

Best High-Protein Cat Food

FlavorWild-caught, wild-caught, and turkey fish
Life StageAll
Protein (Ingredients)Turkey, chicken whole mackerel giblets (liver and heart, gizzard) flounder and chicken liver whole herring and eggs dehydrated turkey, dehydrated chicken dehydrated mackerel bird’s liver, dehydrated eggs and chicken fat
Protein Analysis40% min
Meets AAFCO Standards?Yes

If you’re in search of an animal food that is high in protein to provide energy for your pet’s daily activities take a look at Orien’s original Recipe High Protein Cat Food. It’s created with top-quality ingredients such as organs, meat cartilage, bones, and other organs. We love the fact that it’s a great source of omega acid fatty acids from wild pollock, which help maintain your cat’s coat and skin health as well as taurine to help support the heart’s health.

Things We Like

  • Real chicken, turkey and mackerel in delicious proteins to provide energy to your cat’s active lifestyle and keep muscles lean.
  • Produced with as much as 90% genuine animal-based ingredients. This formula was designed to complement the whole prey diet, meaning it has cartilage, organ meat and bones, all of which are nutritious food ingredients for your cat.
  • This is a fantastic high-protein cat food that is suitable for cats of all stages of life including senior cats or kittens.

Things to Consider

  • It’s an expensive dry cat food that is not a liquid.
  • It’s not a resealable bag.

Best Grain-Free Cat Food

FlavorOcean Whitefish & Egg
Life StageAdult
Protein (Ingredients)Hake, chicken meal, dried egg product
Protein Analysis35% min
Calories392 kcal/cup
Meets AAFCO Standards?Yes

Are you a cat owner with allergies to food or sensitive stomach? A grain-free food might be the best choice! We chose Purina Beyond’s Grain-Free formula as being the most nutritious grain-free choice for cats. “With Purina, you know that you are getting food that is the result of decades of solid research,” Dr. Wooten. “This food contains cod, which is high in good quality protein, low in calories, and rich in B Vitamins.”

“This diet is a source of essential carbs in the form of the cassava the root, flour and pea starch and
sweet potatoes, and avoiding grains,” adds Dr. Catherine Barnette, a veterinarian who is based in Florida. “This is a well-balanced diet that will provide quality nutrition for your cat.”

Things We Like

  • Purina Beyond is formulated with real Ocean Whitefish as the first ingredient, as well as cod, which gives your cat the protein it needs to build strong muscles.
  • This recipe also contains probiotics that are natural to aid in healthful digestion. It also includes the addition of vitamins and minerals for optimal health.
  • Many cats like the taste. Even the pickiest eaters is sure to enjoy this food as well as reaping all the benefits of being healthy.

Things to Consider

  • This food has the strong fish scent
  • The price of this food has increased in the last few years.

The Best Hairball Cat Food™/?th =1&tag= gpctrx1- 20

  • Flavor
  • Chicken
  • Stage of life
  • Adult
  • Form
  • Dry
  • proteins (ingredients)
  • chicken, pork fat
  • protein analysis
  • at least 29.5%
  • calories
  • 327 kcal/cup
  • Yes

Cat hairballs are uncomfortable for both pets and humans. Fortunately, there are a number of cat foods that will help reduce the development of hairballs. A good anti-hairball cat food will contain more fiber and fatty acids to support the skin and coat. This selection from Hill’s Science Diet contains more than 9 percent crude fiber from ingredients like whole grains and beet pulp, plus fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce hairballs. “This diet is high in fiber to reduce
the risk of hairballs,” says Dr.

Barnett. “It also has optimal magnesium levels to reduce the risk of certain urinary crystals and bladder stones.”

Special Features

  • Contains high-quality fiber, fatty acids and antioxidants for healthy digestion, skin and coat and immune system support
  • Chicken as the first ingredient
  • No chicken by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Available in 3.5, 7 and 15.5 lb bags (tin pack also available in
  • Become an Amazon member and save 5% on your shipping costs

Things you to keep in mind

  • Made in the USA but ingredients sourced from around the world
  • Contains wheat flour, corn gluten and wheat gluten

Cat Food Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best cat food for your feline family member can seem overwhelming. With all the strains and formulations available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We have the vet Dr. Sarah Machell, Medical Director of Vetster, and Dr. Maranda Elswick of The Meowing Vet for some tips on what to look for and consider when buying cat food. Here’s what he said:

Consider your cat’s life stage

One of the first things pet owners should do when choosing a cat food is to choose a food that formulated for your pet’s
. certain stage of life.

“The life stages of cats can generally be broken down into kitten, adolescent, adult neutered/neutered, senior, and geriatric segments,” says Machell. “During these life stages, there are different needs in terms of energy requirements, food digestibility and nutrient composition.”

Take a close look at the list of ingredients

While all cat foods have different properties Ingredients and offerings, pay attention to the listing and the order. A high-quality protein source should be among the first ingredients listed. “The list of ingredients is always presented in order from highest to lowest,” Machell says.

But Dr. Elswick warns cat owners to beware of misleading advertising on cat food labels. “Pet owners should be aware of pet food marketing tactics and avoid pet foods that hop on the bandwagon of humane feeding trends that falsely humanize pets and may lead pet owners to believe that a particular trend is healthier than more traditional commercial diets,” he said. says.

Take a close look at the ingredient label

While all cat foods have different ingredients and offerings, pay attention to the listing and order. A quality protein source should be among the first ingredients listed. “The list of ingredients is always presented in order of most present to least present,” says Machell.

But Dr. Elswick warns cat owners to beware of false advertising. on cat food labels

“Pet owners should be aware of pet food marketing tactics and avoid pet foods that hop on the bandwagon of human nutrition trends that falsely humanize pets and may lead pet owners to believe that a particular trend is healthier than more traditional commercial diets,” he says. .

Make sure there is protein

“Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that the majority Your diet should include protein and fat from meat sources,” says Dr. Elswick. “While some carbohydrate content (including grains) is fine for cats, too much carbohydrate is not biologically appropriate for the feline species.”

Read the label carefully and discuss You with Ask your veterinarian if the protein content of the cat food you have chosen is right for your cat.

Look for the AAFCO seal

The American Association of Food Control Officials (AAFCO ) is a non-profit organization that provides pet food guidelines to ensure a complete and balanced diet. If the seal is present on the bag or container of cat food, it has been formulated to conform to these guidelines. “The fact that every diet listed here meets the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines is a fantastic important first step for any reputable pet food,” says Dr. Elswick.

“Having an AAFCO seal of approval can give a cat owner peace of mind that the food manufacturer has endeavored to operate within recommended standards,” Machell adds .

Consider your cat’s medical needs

All cats have unique dietary needs and some cats may need special care. Diets due to certain medical conditions or digestive problems. Machell explains that a medical diagnosis from your vet can lead to a change in diet. This is common when treating certain medical conditions such as kidney disease or allergies. In these cases, it’s important to work with your veterinarian to find the best cat food for your pet’s specific needs.

Consider the costs

“It’s always important to work on a diet that fits your budget,” Machell says. Use your vet as a source for some suggestions for cat foods that won’t break the bank.

“Pet owners should also keep in mind that a more expensive diet doesn’t necessarily mean a higher one quality,” says Dr. Elswick. “Many budget diets offer the best nutrition.

Remember that special diets and prescription cat foods can be more expensive than other cat foods, but the cost is well worth it in the long run. “A special diet may be more expensive,” Machell says, “but if that expense saves your cat from illness and distress, it probably saves her expensive veterinary care as well.”

FAQs on cat food

When it comes to cat food, there are many questions out there.
We have the answers to some of the most common ones.

What does cat food contain?

Cat food is a combination of proteins (such as chicken, fish, beef, and liver), carbohydrates (such as grains, corn, and certain vegetables), fats, vitamins, and minerals.

All cat food manufacturers use their own blend of ingredients to make dry cat food, wet cat food and cool cat food. All ingredients must be clearly labeled and listed on the cat food packaging.

How much is cat food?

The cost of cat food varies significantly depending on the brand and type of food you use want to feed your cat.

Pet owners can expect to pay an average of $120 to $800 per year for cat food.  Dry cat food in 5-to-10-pound bags is in typically range from $8 to $60 per bag, while bags over 20 pounds range from $15 to $80 per bag. Wet cat food costs anywhere from $6 to just over $100 per box, depending on the size and quantity of the cans. Fresh, freeze-dried or raw cat food delivery services are often more expensive than buying dry or canned cat food.

How much food should I give my cat?

Cats require different amounts of food depending on their life stage and the type of food you feed them. Consult your veterinarian and follow the directions on your cat’s food package to determine the correct serving size.

Can kittens eat adult cat food?

No, it is not recommended that kittens eat cat food intended for adult cats was formulated.

Kittens have specific dietary needs and require more calories than adult cats. Kittens should be fed a kitten food formulated for kittens or for all life stages.

Cat Food Storage Tips

It is important to take all appropriate precautions to keep Store your cat’s food properly to ensure its freshness and avoid possible contamination or spoilage. Follow manufacturer recommended storage instructions found on food packaging and use or discard food before the expiration date.

“Of course, dry foods have a longer shelf life than canned or fresh foods and should be stored in a cool, dry, airtight container and open tinned foods are not eaten and should be refrigerated says Machel.

Always keep the original container of cat food, even if you store the food in a different container. This will help you compare your cat’s food to any cat food recalls, should they occur.

Why trust Great Pet Care

Our Editorial and Products has been creating content and recommendations for pets for over a decade and has previously worked for leading brands in the pet industry including, Chewy, PetSmart and Petco. It’s our job to keep up to date with trends and new products available to pet owners and this list is based on in-depth knowledge and research of brands and products.

We also consulted three veterinarians to create our cat food recommendations. These experts include:

  • Dr. Sarah Wooten, a Colorado veterinarian and veterinary journalist
  • Dr. Catherine Barnette, a Florida-based veterinarian and veterinary writer
  • Dr. Sylvalyn Hammond, a South Carolina veterinarian and founder of The Honest Vet on Instagram

We also solicit cats Advice on buying feed from two vets. These
experts include:

  • Dr.Maranda Elswick, Florida veterinarian and founder of The Meowing Vet
  • Dr. Sarah Machall, Medical Director of Vester

We purchased this article from Dr. Emily Swiniarski, Medical Director of the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, Illinois.

In addition to consulting with veterinarians, Great Pet Care also has compiled this list of the best cat foods based on the following

AAFCO Requirements: The Association of American Food Officials Food Control ( AAFCO) is a non-profit organization that establishes nutritional requirements for pet foods. Cat food with the AAFCO label is considered a complete and balanced diet.

Accessibility and Availability: The cat food on this list is available to pet parents both in-store and in-store. They represent a variety of price points, giving cat owners a wide range of options to meet their budget and lifestyle needs.

Nutrient Profiles and Analysis: these cats – Dietary recommendations: All provide an analysis guaranteed to meet minimum protein and fat requirements for adult (non-pregnant) cats. These
minima contain 26% protein and 9 t. In addition, we prioritize foods with food-grade ingredients and safety testing.

How we choose the best kitten food

We have researched hundreds of products to help you choose the best premium pet products for your furry family member.

Before we recommend a product for pets, we analyze and test it based on the following factors:

  • Customer Reviews: We read at least 100 customer reviews for each product in our line, taking into account the pain points and benefits cited by
    pet owners.
  • Reviews: Every product we recommend has a large number of verified customer reviews on sites like Chewy and Google, and deserves high average ratings.
  • Brand Research: We conduct research on each brand to assess its reputation in the pet industry.
  • Features: We compare products based on the key features, customization options, and other performance-related factors.


Keeping your cat healthy and happy starts with a diet that focuses on optimal nutrition and pure ingredients. We hope our curated list will help you find the best formulas for your cat based on your specific needs and desires.

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