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Best Countries to Visit in March – Learning Drives . 37 Great Places To Visit in March Around the World.  Here’s a list of the 37 top destinations to go to in March across the globe to help guide you and help you satisfy your wanderlust. Explore the list below to find out what awaits you in these stunning countries that you can visit in the month of March 2022.

Select the one that matches your preferences and tastes to ensure you enjoy a the most wonderful time with your family and friends in a completely different region of the globe!

  • Paris France France
  • London — United Kingdom
  • Rome – Italy
  • Crete – Greece
  • Barcelona” Spain
  • Prague – Czech Republic
  • Marrakech — Morocco
  • Istanbul – Turkey
  • New York City – USA
  • Phuket Thailand Thailand
  • Siem Reap – Cambodia
  • Playa Del Carmen – Mexico
  • Lisbon Portugal Portugal
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • “Polkhara” – Nepal
  • Adelaide — Australia
  • Bermuda Bermuda British Overseas Territory
  • Lima – Peru
  • Cairo — Egypt
  • Montego Bay – Jamaica
  • Cape Town – South Africa
  • Punta Cana – Dominican Republic
  • Santiago — Chile
  • Cancun – Mexico
  • Nuuk – Greenland
  • Queenstown — New Zealand
  • Salt Lake City — Utah
  • Las Vegas – Nevada
  • Maui Hawaii Hawaii
  • Colombo Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  • HamburgGermany Germany
  • Whistler Canada Canada
  • Teton County – Wyoming
  • Zermatt – Switzerland
  • Reykjavik – Iceland
  • Delhi – India
  • Victoria – Seychelles

Paris HTML0 – Paris France Who wouldn’t like to visit Paris during springtime? Everyone would love kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower or sipping hot coffee while enjoying macaroons and croissants in the cafes on the streets. Paris’s monuments and museums are what make everyone’s hearts melt. For those who are avid historians should definitely visit Paris. Paris is among the top places to go during the month of March across Europe. The advantages of traveling in March is that you do not need to wait in long lines as opposed to summer. A flea market located in Paris is a dream location for those who love vintage clothing.

2. London — United Kingdom

London is famous for its unpredictable weather, the grumpy British guards outside of Buckingham Palace and mouthwatering fish and chips. If you’re in the city during March, be sure to be a part of St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day and Beer Week.

 Make sure to visit Brick Lane for vintage clothes as well as The Alfie’s Antique Market for accessories, and Southbank Centre Market for food. Are you prepared to explore this stunning and among the most beautiful places to go in March, if not India?

3. Rome – Italy

March is the ideal time to go to Rome. To celebrate Easter, Christians gather here in massive number. As winter is on edge of ending and the days are getting more long, Roman monuments basking in the sunshine are an amazing sight to behold and make this one of the most beautiful destinations to visit during March around the all of. 

From the Sunday market on Porta Portese flea market to grabbing a bargain at Porta Portese flea market to climbing up to the very top the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome is a city with a lot to provide. There are numerous places to go purchasing in Rome which will please you. When you’re wandering around in this beautiful landscape, don’t forget to visit these locations to be certain

4. Crete – Greece

Crete is a region that has a lot of unsolved historical issues. There are 22,000 varieties of plants blooming in March, and about 150 or more are located in this area only. Crete is considered as an ancient capital with secret codes dating back to the times of Theseus. There is a chance to see glimpses of the mysterious alleyways and castles or even go on a safari. The possibilities are infinite.

5. Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is not just known for Messi. What is it that makes Barcelona one of the top locations to go to in March? It’s got a lot of incredible sites and monuments that will make you feel awestruck. 

There is the “Gaudi Tour” that happens to take place in March, is one of the most well-known tours. It involves excursions to Sagrada Familia, The Casa Batllo, La Pedrera among other popular places of interest. Barcelona is home to one of the costly districts in Europe that is Eixample. It is considered to be the most ideal place to live and shop.

6. Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is a magical city as also a city that is budget-friendly that makes it one of the top destinations during March around the world for those who love history and hopeless romantics parents as well as architecture enthusiasts and those who love culture! The harmonies in Prague’s Municipal House, the Municipal House, and at the Spanish synagogue are something to be experienced. 

Be sure to visit the Infant Jesus of Prague statue in Mala Strana. Explore the historic town Square and the castles that take you back in time. In actual fact, Prague has two of the most intriguing castles of Hungary which you should not skip. In comparison to other European tourist destinations, this one is an affordable option and an absolute must-see for all types of adventurers!

7. Marrakech – Morocco

Mid-March is the ideal time to go to this incredible place. Marrakech is well-known for its distinctive mix of cultural variety. Discover Marrakech’s Jemma el-Fna, a prominent area and market with a the history dating back to 1,000 years. Shop in souks that are traditional markets where you can purchase bags, shoes, nuts etc. Explore museums and palaces that provide insight into the rich history of this gorgeous area.

8. Istanbul – Turkey

stanbul is among the most stunning cities in Turkey. It is home to stunning mosques. You must try the world-renowned Baklava in this place. If you are not vegetarian, Istanbul has a variety of foods to choose from. There are kebabs, mezes, and anything meaty. 

In order to recognize Turkey’s Turkish culture as well as Mevlevi culture, you should visit Galata Mevlevihanesi. For a deeper experience of a 500-year old bath that is a traditional one in Galatasaray Hammam for an insight into Ottoman culture. Go to the Grand Bazaar in Beyazit for shopping for exquisite goods that the vendors have to provide.

9. New York City – USA

Who wouldn’t want to travel to New York City? The city that never sleeps has plenty to offer visitors. March is the perfect season to go New York City because the days are beginning to warm. It is possible to be member of the St. Patrick’s Parade on 17th March and see the Statue of Liberty, among other things to do. You can also walk across Brooklyn Bridge at night.

Brooklyn Bridge at night and go on a free brewery tour or a complimentary food tour There are a myriad of options. With so many things to do and so many things to do, it’s no wonder people consider Brooklyn one of the most popular destinations to visit during March throughout the around the world.

10. Phuket – Thailand

Phuket is the largest isle in Thailand. Around 30,000 visitors come to Phuket throughout March. With beaches such as Kata Noi, Nai Harn and many more. you can enjoy a perfect family holiday in Thailand. 

If you want to be a millionaire then make sure to visit Surin Beach. Phuket Big Buddha , among the most famous statues. It is located at Nakkerd Hills and is 45 meters high. If you’re looking for a bargain it’s the most ideal place you can visit and enjoy an incredible nightlife experience in Thailand!

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11. Siem Reap — Cambodia

The Temples at Angkor Wat are Siem Reap’s most popular attraction. This city is also among the least expensive places to visit during March. Although it’s the most popular attraction but this isn’t the sole thing to be focused on. Visit Banteay Srei. It was constructed around the 10th century.

 Discover the floating village in which family of fishermen reside. It is possible to wander through the town on a bicycle. The majority of guesthouses and hotels have a bicycle service. Go to Angkor Night Market which offers Khmer art, handicrafts as well as street foods.

12. Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

Playa Del Carmen is a beach town located in Mexico and is less crowded than other places in Mexico. You can snorkel at Cenote Dos Ojos Cenote Azul as well as other. South of Playa is home to the oldest Mayan Ruins within the city of Tulum. 

Mexican food in Yucatan is affordable and delicious. Who wouldn’t love tacos from Mexico? If you’re planning to enjoy a relaxing getaway in Mexico This place is sure to provide you with the perfect experience!

13. Lisbon Portugal Portugal

March is the month to travel to Lisbon. If you’re interested in Portugal’s tradition and history and history, then make sure you go to Lisbon’s National Museum of Art. Another thing to do when visiting Lisbon is to go to Belem, the Cultural Center of Belem. 

Don’t miss the chance to have a cup of cup of coffee from the balcony that overlooks the river. It offers the kind of views aren’t found in other cities to visit during March throughout the all of the world. Take a trip to the Tower of Belem that was built in the 1500s . Also, make sure you go to the Oceanarium which is the most visited most popular tourist attraction.

14. Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai hosts the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in March each year The presence of internationally acclaimed author will help make the trip worth it. The malls of Dubai provide you with an experience of luxury. 

Don’t miss out on visiting Burj al Arab and Jumeirah Beach both of which are walking distance to each other. Be sure to visit the “world’s highest building” Burj Khalifa. If you’re interested in gold, you must visit The Gold Souk situated on the south bank of Dubai Creek in Deira.

15. Pokhara – Nepal

One of the least known locations, Pokhara is surrounded by mountains and has plenty of beautiful scenery to provide. Because nature is the best place to be seen in March, it is possible to go to Pokhara at this time. If you’re an avid adventurer, then this destination is perfect ideal for you. 

The main tourism activity in Pokhara which has placed it on the list of top destinations to visit in March around the worldwide for many budget travellers and backpackers around the globe. In addition, thrilling activities to try within Nepal like paragliding and bungee jumping as well as zip-lining, which are great to experience.

 Hire a boat tour starting from Lake Phewa to appreciate the landscape and mountains. Go to the World Peace Pagoda and enjoy its architectural design and the beautiful landscape.

16. Adelaide Australia Australia

As one of the most popular tourist destinations during summer in Australia One of the most desirable destinations to visit during March of 2022 will be Adelaide within Australia. 

Apart from having a variety of nightclubs and bars for an experience unlike any other You can also enjoy the beautiful Adelaide Festival in this month. If you’re looking to discover more of the wildlife that inhabits the region, a trip to Kangaroo Island is definitely a must.

17. Bermuda Bermuda British

Overseas Territory

The most beautiful places to go during March is Bermuda. Bermuda. It’s not just beautiful beaches that are dotted with pink sand that you can soak in the sun and relax, but it also boasts an abundance of marine life can be explored through snorkeling and diving.

 If you’re thinking of visiting this gorgeous destination any time in the near future, make sure to visit the stunning Crystal Caves and the evergreen Bermuda Railway Trail National Park.

18. Lima – Peru

ima Ima, the capital of Peru is a historical colonial city that is a well-loved summer vacation destination, especially for those who are from South America. From December to February, are the best months to visit the destination due to the wonderful temperatures. 

Lima is regarded as one of the top places to visit in March around the World. The weather is pleasant throughout March too , however the crowds diminish and hotels are priced at a reasonable price and make it an ideal time to go and puts on the top ten destinations to visit during March around the this world. Lima has a vibrant nightlife and the prices for food are also affordable. 

The famous museums like the Museo Larco exhibit the collection of pre-Columbian art , and The Museo de la Nacion, exhibits remains from Peru’s early civilizations. Other notable monuments comprise those of the Plaza de Armas and a 16th-century cathedral.

19. Cairo – Egypt

People often ask the reason Cairo is considered to be one of the top places to go to in March around the this world. Many people are unaware that the capital city of Egypt has a pleasant and warm temperatures in March that draw tourists from all over the world. 

Actually March is an ideal time to visit regions in the Northern as well as Southern parts of Africa. Although it’s a peak season in Cairo but the services available in the city are generally less expensive all season. Since Egypt is focusing on increasing tourism, 3 star and 4 star hotels are offered at a reasonable price. 

Food is also accessible. The city is situated on the river Nile there are numerous fascinating Cairo museum sites like those at Tahrir Square and Egyptian Museum. The museum is home to the royal mummies, as well as treasures of Tutankhamun the King. The mild weather permits you to explore the city to the fullest extent.

20. Montego Bay – Jamaica

Montego Bay is a city located in Montego Bay, which is located on the Northern coastal region of Jamaica. Montego Bay is a major ship port, and is home to a number of beaches, including Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach.

 In addition to the numerous possibilities of budget hotels, Montego Bay also has numerous resorts for beach and golf courses. There is also an enjoyable time with Montego Bay’s AquaSol Theme Park situated at this location. 

The secluded atmosphere of the Montego Bay Marine Park is the perfect spot where you can snorkel or dive in coral reefs. It is definitely the most ideal destination to visit during March.

21. Cape Town – South Africa

It is the month that March falls in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, is a dry and pleasant season with a pleasant climate. It is the month that follows the peak season and the cost of accommodation also decreases. 

Take a cable car ride to the summit of Table Mountain and the breathtaking panorama from the top. Other sights to explore within Cape Town include the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Point Nature Reserve, Signal Hill, Sea Point Swimming Pool and the Robben Island Museum. 

It is recommended that you make a plan for a longer stay to Cape Town because the expenses of traveling into the city is quite high. Cape Town is amongst the most desirable destinations to visit during March.

22. Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is a town located at the easternmost tip in the Dominican Republic, along the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The town is famous due to its 32 km stretch of beaches that are pristine. 

March is one of the most popular months to visit this area as you’ll likely encounter lots of people particularly in the last week of the month due to Easter. The number of big resorts makes this a place that is worth visiting. While the weather might be a bit hot, the cost is low. You can enjoy adventures like sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and zip-lining in Punta Cana.

23. Santiago – Chile

Santiago The capital in Chile is the biggest city in the nation. The valley is surrounded by the snowcapped Anges along with Chilean Coast Range. Chilean Coast Range. In March, the weather in Santiago begins to cool down and the cost of living also goes down. 

The famous Plaza de Armas consists of two neoclassical landmarks: the 1808 Palacio of the Real Audiencia that houses the National History Museum, and the 18th-century Metropolitan Cathedral. The highly acclaimed La Chascona Museum was also the residence of the poet Pablo Neruda.

24. Cancun – Mexico

Cancun is one of the cities located in Mexico famous as a resort and beach destination. Cancun comprises two distinct zones – El Centro, which is an area that is traditional along with Zona Hotelera which is a long stretch of beachfront that is lined with hotels that are high-rise as well as nightclubs, restaurants and stores. 

If you’re eager to experience nightlife in the Mexican nightlife, make sure to go to Cancun. It is among the most popular destinations to visit in March since the prices for airfares are less expensive

25. Nuuk – Greenland

Imagine your dream of seeing this part of the Arctic Circle come true by making a trip to Greenland as it is among the top destinations to visit in March, without doubt. 

Greenland is the perfect destination to take a boat trip which will take you through numerous icebergs, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing experience with whales and walruses and other sea animals. It’s an ideal place to relax during the summer when Greenland will be blessed with longer daylight hours and shorter nights and allowing you to take part in activities during daylight.

26. Queenstown Queenstown New Zealand

New Zealand is definitely one of the top destinations to visit in March because the warm weather here coincides with winter time in Asia and gives those in regions of the Northern Hemisphere the perfect excuse to visit New Zealand to get away from the frigid winter weather.

 It’s among the most picturesque and stunning places in the world due to the stunning scenery that appears to be alien to the earth! It’s also an ideal destination for nature lovers, romantics who are hopeless photographer, birdwatchers, and people who are enticed to go solely because of the iconic Hollywood films made here!

27. Salt Lake City – Utah

If you’re searching for the best locations to go to in the month of March 2022 when you are able to be outdoors the majority times, then the capital city of Utah is the perfect choice and you need to begin making plans for your trip as soon as possible.

 With a myriad of gorgeous beaches, lovely weather, and memorable experiences, Salt Lake City offers a ideal touristy atmosphere where you can unwind, relax and go back. The stunning scenery and the pleasant weather will make you understand why it’s among the most popular vacation spots.

28. Las Vegas – Nevada

While many people tend to think of Vegas as a resort for summer however, there is much more to it. It’s not only a fantastic destination to spend your holidays in the USA and is it is also among the top destinations to visit in the month of March 2022 across all of the world, specifically for those who want to experience the most amazing pool parties. 

It is a fantastic summer getaway that has a variety of things to offer. From gaming at casinos, bar and club-hopping, experiencing the lively and exciting life and culture, and taking a cruise through Las Vegas.

29. Maui – Hawaii

Undoubtedly , one of the top international destinations to go to in March for an afternoon of beach fun, Maui is a gem of a destination to discover. With more than 30 miles of beach, Maui is a hidden jewel in Hawaii which isn’t well-known to many. 

The island is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the globe in which you can live and enjoy the way you want to live. If the reasons for visiting are in question there are plenty on the internet. If a paradisiac paradise is what you are looking for There’s nothing to be more satisfying than Mau

30. Colombo – Sri Lanka

If you’re looking for a low-cost answer to your questions about which places to visit in March, you should visit Colombo within Sri Lanka. It’s one of the most affordable places to visit during summer, and is the ideal spot within Sri Lanka to enjoy an variety of activities such as food tours, clubbing and much other things. 

With the weather and environment that is similar to India the place provides an ideal opportunity to take some relief from the heat and enjoy it with a professional. There’s nothing about Colombo that you don’t like which is what makes it unique. It’s among the most popular vacation spots in the world..

31. Hamburg Germany Germany

Are you unsure of what to do during March across Europe? The northern part of Germany, Hamburg is a international trading port that is known as the ‘Gateway into the world’ which is the perfect destination to take your summer Eurotrip.

 It doesn’t matter if it’s an experience that is unique like an evening of Andalusian flamenco in the world-class concert hall or exploring the vibrant cultural aspect of Hamburg A summer trip to Hamburg is sure to be unlike any other.

32. Whistler Canada Canada

In The Coast Mountains, Whistler in Canada is also one of the most popular destinations to visit during March for those who want the perfect combination of adventure, nature beautiful weather, popular tourist destinations. And delicious food. 

There are so many interesting things to do such as hiking the trails, taking an adventure with bears and much more, the time to visit this city is a chance to experience the most beautiful part of Canada at the same time. Do you find this to be the answer to your “where to go during the month of March” questions?

33. Teton County – Wyoming

The county is located in the middle in the heart of Wyoming state Teton County has landed on the list of all of top destinations to visit during March around the around the world and it’s not surprising! A dazzling surprise for all kinds of traveler. Teton County is home to the renowned Yellowstone National Park that serves as a paradise for those who love adventure and draws tourists, adventure lovers and couples from all over the globe.

34. Zermatt – Switzerland

Hidden in the midst of the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is an idyllic town that is regarded as a paradise for skiing, hiking and mountain-climbing enthusiasts. It is located at an altitude of around 1600m, Zermatt is situated at the lower reaches of the famed Matterhorn Peak in Switzerland and is among the top destinations to visit during March around the all of the world. As a well-known mountain getaway, Zermatt undoubtedly tops the list of great summer getaways.

35. Reykjavik – Iceland

It is regarded as among the most popular places to visit in the month of March for all types of travellers, Iceland is where every tourist should be if they’ve got a enthusiasm for nature and adventure. 

Iceland offers not only amazing views and stunning views, but also enjoyable experiences that will allow you to let you escape the heat and humidity. Although this location can certainly be explored during March, the time between the months of July and august is excellent.

36. Delhi – India

Are you wondering which city to visit during March all over the worldDelhi is in the month of March. It is stunning with the perfect weather. comfortable. From old monuments to amazing eateries, Delhi has it all. If you’re a shopper or an avid eater the capital city of India will surely satisfy all your desires. 

Go to Chandni Chowk and relish delicious street food, or go to the Indian Gate and take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the stunning panorama. There are many options to choose from in Delhi as well as tourist destinations that you can visit.

37. Victoria – Seychelles

Seychelles is among the top destinations that you can visit during March around the this world and is the most frequented one. If you’re a sun enthusiast, you should go to Victoria, which happens to be the capital of Seychelles. 

There are many famous beaches such as Beau Vallon, Anse Lazio, Anse Major, and Anse Volbert. If you’re an adrenaline junkie then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s numerous exciting things you can do at Seychelles. It is possible to snorkel on Anse Source d’Argent or Anse St. Sauveur. If you’re in the mood to take a relaxing vacation, Victoria is the perfect spot for you.

Commonly Asked Questions about Places To Visit in March Around the The World

Can you safely travel internationally over the next months or even weeks?

Tourism is slowly returning to normal and visitors can now visit the majority of the mentioned destinations and more with a small number of people and complying with the guidelines that were issued. However, don’t rely on us for it. Read up on the most recent travel warnings regarding Covid-19, the measures that apply to you, as well as the amount of instances prior to you leave.

The most desirable destination to go to during March?

March is the time of spring season across the Northern Hemisphere. Some of the most gorgeous destinations to visit during March include Lake Garda, Italy, Japan, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Dublin, Ireland, Tenerife and the Andaman Islands, as well as India.

What are the top destinations to go to this month?

Destinations like Maldives, Croatia, Corfu, Pompeii, China, South Africa, Barcelona are among the top places to go to in March across the world that is a must-see. They enjoy mild weather, and on top of that, there are lots of activities available in these locations.

Where can I go in March?

You are able to visit many places, but , on average, pick the hot spots such as Cancun, Phuket, Barbados, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. They all fall within the range of 25 to 35 degrees centigrade.

Which country experiences mild weather throughout March?

The hot regions of March are Mexico, Thailand, Barbados. Their temperatures are neither too hot nor cold.

What is the warmest area within the US in March?

One of the most warm places for a trip in the US in March is Palm Springs in California, and then Los Angeles, Miami, and Phoenix, Arizona.

What’s Greece similar to in the month of March?

The first indication the beginning of spring in Greece occurs in March and the temperatures are high towards the close of February. The average temperature during March is usually between 12 up to 16.

Are you looking for a great time to go to Europe?

Spring is the perfect time to travel to a few regions of Europe. The weather is great since it’s neither too hot or cold. This is the ideal opportunity to stroll in the streets in France, England, Scotland, Hungary, and Ireland.

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