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Best Countries to Visit in September – Learning Drives  . Are you planning a trip for September? Here’s a list of the top destinations to visit in September.

September is an extremely popular travel month. Why? Because it’s a good month to travel to most destinations around the globe. Since September being the Autumn Equinox (in Northern Hemisphere) being observed in September when the seasons change. 

The transition from the season of summer into autumn within the Northern Hemisphere and winter to spring in the Southern Hemisphere make September ideal with a pleasant weather, plenty of opportunities for tourism and fantastic holiday atmosphere even among the locals. 

The coastal areas such as Greece and Italy can be ideal for relaxing at the beach while the ones that are landlocked such as Turkey are dry and cool with clear skies. The islands like Scotland and Ireland are blessed with warm weather , and countries like Iceland close to close to the North Pole become ready to show off their stunning Northern Lights on the world.


The coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is region of Eastern Europe and is home to more than a thousand islands, and much more. It is a popular tourist destination due to the Dynamic The Alps as well as the medieval appeal of the capital city Zagreb and numerous museums, and it is also famous for the Gothic as well as Renaissance architecture of the coastal cities. 

September is an excellent month to travel to Croatia because the weather is more pleasant and the longer days, which means 13 hours of sun. A number of major events take place in September, such as those of the Zagreb Theatre Festival, Outlook Fest (a traditional music festival in the country) and the Varazdin Baroque Evenings.


The country that has made “Port” (or Porto Porto Wine an international commodity from the 18th century and has had its borders carved out from the beginning of the 12th century, Portugal is Europe‘s longest-running country.

 It is the home of football fans and stadiums and also Christiano Ronaldo. A trip to Portugal will surely be a mixture of architecture, history beaches, churches, beaches and, of course, football. September is the month that marks the end of the summer season in Portugal and consequently provides a comfortable weather, with an average of 22 degrees Celsius daytime temperature and the lowest at 17degC in night.


The oldest of civilisations, and where legends are told of Greek Gods, this is an area that is frequently called the cradle of Western civilisation. The country has Athens being the capital city, Greece still has a number of iconic monuments and landmarks and even ruins dating from the 5th century BC. 

A trip to Greece is ideal during September, when the weather is pleasant and the sun shines golden. In the Mediterranean sea is clear and everything appears perfectly pressurized to make you enjoy the vacation you’ve always wanted. 24degC is the standard daytime temperature in Athens but it drops to 19degC in the evening.


The land that gave to the entire globe Shakespeare as well as Magna Carta, David Beckham and Benedict Cumberbatch. England can be described as an incredible place of amazing history, stunning cities, and tranquil moors. September is an excellent time to enjoy moderate sunshine, dry and dry weather and a general trailing of summer heat.

 Its average temperatures are 16degC and the likelihood of rain is lower than the norm. There are also some big events that are fun to attend at this time of season, including those of the Nordic Walks in Yorkshire, Sense and Sensibility Festival dedicated to Jane Austen in the city of Bath (Somerset) and the Tour of Britain in Cotswold


Italy‘s farmers’ pie , also known as ‘Pizza’, and the simple “Pasta” are well-known throughout the world, both in street and as in gourmet cooking. The thing that is unique about this tiny European country is its natural beauty which is combined with a profound affection for art and architecture which is rich in the past. 

September is the ideal time to visit the country and its numerous stunning cities with bright sunshine warm temperatures, as well as take in traditional homemade pastas and sauces as and savor the many wines.


Famous for the gift of W. B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Guinness beer, Celtic rituals, elves and, oh, the omens. Ireland can be described as an area of mystery. It is often referred to as the Emerald Isle due to its dark green meadows , and is home to many castles and ruins. 

The month of September is when, Ireland becomes cool and nearly sunny. With temperatures ranging from 9-13 degrees Celsius, clear waters and cool land, Ireland becomes ready to explore. Festivals such as Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival in County Clare, Oktoberfest (for beer enthusiasts) within Dublin in Ireland, and Dingle Food Fest in Cork are some of the most enjoyable events.


Scotland can be a part of the United Kingdom since the bloody battle of Culloden in 1746. Although it is home to a number of fashionable and modern cities such as EdinburghInverness and Glasgow, Scotland is known as the land of the highlanders.

Those elegant warriors who put on the kilts. September is the month that marks the beginning of autumn , and the warm sunny days are followed by cool nights, with temperatures ranges from 15 to 17 degC. There are many events happening in September. Edinburgh Antiques Collection Fair, Pitlochry Highlands Games and the Largs Viking Festival make this month very interesting.

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Wales It is an incredible country situated in the southwest region of Great Britain. It is famous for its prosperity during its tourism industry during the Great Industrial Revolution in Britain as well as the miners and coal industries boom of the latter half of 18th and 19th century. 

Wales can also be described as a nation with a stunningly beautiful coastline, high mountains, and a distinct Welsh culture along with Celtic culture. September is among the most popular occasions to travel to Wales not to mention due to the waning of summer. Wales is awash with summer celebrations. From Gladfest and the Ironman Wales to the Goodlife Experience You will be spoiled with choices.


The land of snow-capped mountains and lakes, Switzerland is known throughout the world for its cheeses chocolates, banks, and breathtaking scenery. This is the most mountainous area located in central Europe which is also home to majestic Alps as well as a myriad of stunning lakes. 

The country is characterized by extremely cold winters as well as mildly warm summers. September brings the end of summer’s heat. There are mild days and cool evenings along with dry weather to enjoy a wonderful outdoor holiday.


The fashionable capital city of the globe and also some exotic food and ladies and ‘dames.’ France is tiny country located in the west of Europe which has been regarded as an imposing power in Europe from the beginning of time. 

It is the home of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, and The Palace of Versailles. If those aren’t your ideals of the ideal vacation spot for October, how could be? Since in the month of autumn the country is colorful and bright with colours and romance. With temperatures averaging 15 degrees Celsius, France becomes most suited for the outdoor activities you’re anticipating.


This country in Turkey can be described as an amazing blend of both eastern and western cultural traditions. It’s not surprising. In the end, it is both continents, Asia in addition to Europe which makes it an amalgamation of two different ways of living. 

Its cultural ties go through the centuries in GreeceRome, Persia, Syria and the Byzantine, Turkey is what was once called the Ottoman Empire. The present Turkey is a beautiful paradise, which is blessed by nature with abundance.

 It is the time of year that signals the beginning of the autumn season in Turkey and the consequent increase in tourist numbers. With the rains receding and eight hours of sun the temperatures are between 20 and 31 degrees Celsius.


Bali can be described as a picturesque Indonesian island that is known for its forested volcanoes and rice paddies, rolling hills as well as pristine beaches for leisure along with coral reefs. 

September is the gradual ending of the dry season, and a 26 degree Celsius average temperature. It is a dry month, with a rainfall of 40mm. This means that you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches, long stretches sandy beaches and water sports to choose from as well as the stunning views that make ideal picnic spots when the days are dry or have little drizzle.


With its stunning landscape encased in ice and volcanic eruptions that release scorching hot Lava occasionally It is truly a marvel. It also has geysers in a series, hot springs, and fields of lava. 

The majority of people in Iceland lives in its capital, Reykjavik that, as it turns out it is completely powered by geothermal power . It is also located near Saga and the National museums.

 National as well as the Saga museums. In September, Iceland remains in the grip of a summer that is waning so the temperatures are relatively warm, with fewer people. The average temperatures are 8degC and the day generally lasts 14 hours. This is the ideal time to observe northern lights. Northern Lights.

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