Best Dog Cooling Vest For Small Dogs

It’s a risk every canine proprietor fears: warmness stroke. It’s when a dog’s body temperature receives as much as or exceeds 103 tiers, that may cause organ failure or even death. 

But warmness stroke isn’t the most effective warm climate danger that dogs face. If puppy proprietors don’t take right precautions dogs can emerge as dehydrated, too. Plus—as most human beings can attest—being outdoor on really hot days can be downright uncomfortable.

To save you overheating, many puppy dad and mom have considered the usage of dog cooling vests to maintain their dog’s temperature regulated. But what’s a cooling vest, how do they work, and are they beneficial to dogs? Learn more approximately those heat-weather add-ons and study approximately our pinnacle dog cooling vest selections. 

What Is a Dog Cooling Vest?

Dog cooling vests paintings via maintaining cool air towards your dog’s frame and heat air far from it. Most are designed to be snug and easy for dogs to wear while being energetic outside. 

There are one-of-a-kind types of cooling vests for dogs. Some have a layer that requires water to create the cooling effect, whilst others use frozen gel packs. 

The maximum important element to realize approximately how these vests paintings: They are effective for a touch while, until the ice completely melts or till they want to be re-wet and refreshed. Once the ice melts or water dries, they are able to sincerely make a dog greater warm.

7 Dog Cooling Vests That We Love

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Overall Best Dog Cooling Vest

Our Pick: RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest 

We can’t say sufficient good matters about the RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest. Using the evaporation cooling approach, like maximum of the vests on our list, this vest boasts accolades in solar protection, ease of use, and harness compatibility. There are over a thousand positive reviews from satisfied consumers. 


  • Comes in six distinctive sizes, starting from more greater small to extra huge
  • Vest functions UPF 50+ sun protection and reflective trim 
  • Side release buckles make it smooth to place on and take off
  • Vest is harness-compatible and may attach in your leash

Things to Consider

  • It’s a pricier option than the rest, but nicely well worth the cash 

Best Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest

Our Pick: Canada Pooch Blue Chill Seeker Cooling Dog Vest

This canine cooling vest makes use of the evaporation cooling technique on water-maintaining fabric to assist doggies in the course of heat temps. It capabilities mesh layers for ideal air move. One buyer stated it turned into wonderful-clean to position on. Another also cited it wasn’t too heavy whilst wet.


  • Comes in several one-of-a-kind sizes to select the appropriate in shape for every dog breed
  • No chemical coolants are used
  • Machine washable on a gentle cycle with cool water

Things to Consider

  • You will want to add water for it to be activated to chill your pup
  • One shopper said she likes the product, but wishes the buckle became positioned someplace else because it’s far too close to her dog’s leg

Best Dog Cooling Vest With Ice Packs

Unlike the relaxation of the dog cooling vests in this listing, which use evaporative methods to chill dogs, this one utilizes ice packs to hold dogs at ease. Simply freeze the packs, then insert before use. This vets is made in Japan and recognized by way of the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). It won the Innovative Manufacturing Award 2017.


  • Its ice packs have 12 times greater cooling power than evaporative methods
  • You gained’t must fear approximately your dog getting wet by real water
  • Cooling lasts as much as 4 hours

Things to Consider

  • Not a ton of length options, so match may be intricate
  • Ice packs may be heavier than the alternative evaporative water vests, and they don’t bend, doubtlessly limiting dog’s movement

Best Cooling Vest for Large Dogs

Not best do we love this dog cooling vest for its light-weight and progressive design, we additionally like that its size can move as much as greater extra massive for puppies with a chest length of as much as 39.Five inches. It has a easy, current look and is light-weight sufficient to provide puppies with plenty of motion. Plus, it gives UV safety to save you sunburn. 


  • Two available color combinations: grey with inexperienced or grey with orange—which are additionally reflective
  • Features a leash attachment point in a zinc-alloy D ring on the canine’s again
  • Buyers just like the adjustable drawstring and velcro for a cushty fit

Things to Consider

  • One consumer said they hung it to dry and it stretched and didn’t match the canine as comfortable after. Best to lay flat. 

Best Cooling Vest for Small Dogs

While maximum of the dog cooling vests on our listing are available specific sizes (this one does too), this one is a amazing alternative for small dogs because the fabric is not as heavy or cumbersome as some other alternatives. Your smaller pup gained’t feel too limited through the amount of cloth and it wears like any conventional dog harness vest. 


  • Comes in purple or blue
  • Uses the evaporation approach of absorbed water to cool 
  • Features moisture-wicking knit material, that allows you to be cushty whilst wet

Things to Consider

  • Features most effective one adjustable strap (while other options have two or greater)

Best Reflective Cooling Dog Vest

Using the evaporation system like most of the other canine cooling vests on this list, what sets this vest aside is its reflective cloth. Its mild color pursuits to deflect the solar’s warmth and dangerous UV rays. And when in use at night time, that reflective cloth will also help preserve your dog seen at the same time as on walks.


  • Material is light-weight
  • Product is gadget washable 
  • Vest is likewise adjustable at two points

Things to Consider

  • Directions of use for this cooling vest states to wring it out after wetting it earlier than setting it on your dog

Best Budget-Friendly Dog Cooling Vest

This brightly-colored cooling vest from YOULY (a Petco brand) is good for small to medium-sized puppies. It uses the evaporative cooling technique to preserve your domestic dog cool on warm summer time days. The nice element is that it received’t break the bank at underneath $25. 


  • Has mesh layers and water-absorbing inner fibers
  • Comes in 5 distinct sizes, starting from greater small to greater massive
  • It’s available at an less costly charge point

Things to Consider

  • While it’s adjustable using a hook and loop closure, you’ll need to make certain it’s a secure match

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Dog Cooling Vest Buyer’s Guide

Aaron Rice, professional dog trainer and co-owner of Stayyy, a community for canine lovers and people who are trying to train their canine, reminds puppy owners that “not all cooling vests are created same.” 

Rice says to do not forget those factors while searching for a canine cooling vest:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Breed 
  • Age 
  • Where you stay
  • Availability/capability to re-moist one or freeze one
  • If your canine could be inclined to wear a vest at all

Rice also says to don’t forget every use case for while you plan to use a vest. For example, some might be better for energetic puppies who’re jogging or exercise exterior, even as others may be higher ideal for leisurely walks or lounging in the backyard. Make positive to select a vest that fits your dog’s preferred activities and your standard lifestyle.

You’ll also need to component in how often you propose to apply it at some stage in the warmer months. If you live in a mainly warm climate, you may use a dog cooling vest extra than if you stay someplace with four seasons. If that’s the case, and you’ll be the usage of the vest frequently, pay close interest to sturdiness and search for vests with warranties. 

As for what not to shop for? There are dog cooling vests that aren’t really worth your cash. “Some may be uncomfortable, don’t healthy properly, and don’t paintings as advertised,” cautions Rice. “Some dogs have a difficult time adjusting to the cooling vest, that may motive them to pant excessively and sweat greater than regular.” 

Slowly get your canine used to wearing the cooling vest in and around your house the usage of high-quality reinforcement with treats and reward. Only hold it on for a few minutes at a time and progressively work as much as longer durations. If your dog appears uncomfortable inside the vest, take it off and attempt once more yet again. 

At the stop of the day, the satisfactory alternative to your dog is one which doesn’t limit his motion and provides him with cool air always. 

Dog Cooling Vest FAQs

Here are a few commonplace questions (plus, solutions!) about canine cooling vests…

Do canine cooling vests paintings?

Yes, dog cooling vests can assist preserve dogs cool by way of retaining cool air near their body the usage of the evaporation approach or with frozen gel packs. However, it’s important to maintain in mind that these vests are not a protracted-time period cooling answer and will forestall running as soon as the water evaporates and dries or the gel packs unfreeze. Once the vest dries or the ice packs are no longer frozen, the vest have to be eliminated from your canine to save you overheating.

Do dog cooling vests work proper away?

It may additionally take at least 15 mins for the dog cooling vest to be powerful. If your dog is in instant need of a groovy down, bring them to a shady spot, spray them with lukewarm water, and inspire them to drink. 

Are canine cooling vests well worth it?

Overall, canine cooling vests can be useful if you spend time outdoors together with your dog in heat temperatures. Most of these vests are relatively less costly and may offer some consolation to your dog on the ones high-temperature days.

Plus, the vests tend to be durable and puppy parents can get a variety of use out of them before needing to shop for a alternative. However if you don’t spend plenty time exterior together with your dog at some point of the summer months otherwise you don’t stay in a warm climate, your dog won’t need a cooling vest. 

Will my canine get soaked by using the vest if it’s wet?

While dog cooling vests do commonly use water to activate, it doesn’t mean it have to soak your canine. In reality, that may be very anxious to a canine. The dog cooling vest have to take in the water to chill the canine, however not drench the canine.

Tips for Using Dog Cooling Vests and Keeping Your Dog Cool

As with everything, it’s critical to read instructions for use. When you’ve selected the dog cooling vest that’s great for your puppy, observe the guidelines that come with it. 

Most vests that use the evaporation approach will need to be dipped in water, wringed out, after which placed in your canine. If you purchase a vest that makes use of gel packs, ensure the packs are frozen and insert them into the right booths before becoming the vest on your canine. Make positive to adjust and in shape the cooling vest to your canine so that it’s no longer too tight or too loose. You should be capable of slide stacked arms easily among the vest and your canine’s body.

Not all puppies will need to wear a vest—cooling or in any other case. Allow your canine to explore and get used to the vest at home, in a comfortable surroundings, before trying it out on a long stroll or throughout an afternoon journey. 

To preserve your dog cushty inside the warmth, use cooling vests together with different cooling methods. These consist of:

  • Providing your dog with plenty of fresh consuming water
  • Finding shady spot to rest
  • Using air conditioning or fans interior if to be had
  • Misting your canine with a spray bottle
  • Avoiding walks or outside activities during the most up to date instances of day

While cooling vests offer a few relief for puppies on hot days, they aren’t foolproof and shouldn’t provide pet dad and mom with a fake feel of protection. If there’s a heatwave and it’s uncomfortable so that it will be outdoor for long periods of time, it’s in all likelihood excellent to hold your canine indoors until matters quiet down. 

Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

According to Nancy Tucker, an IAABC-certified animal conduct representative, a dog’s worry of fireworks is generally due to some thing in his genetics combined with any past worrying stories he might also have had with loud noises. Dogs who weren’t absolutely uncovered to a full range of sounds and reviews as young puppies may also be much more likely to broaden noise phobias.

“To a canine’s more sensitive ears, the sounds of fireworks involve varying levels of frequencies starting from very high-pitched whistles and hisses to deep booms,” Tucker provides. “We human beings can see in which the sound is coming from and are capable of decide that we’re safe. But a canine can’t inform what the source is or wherein it’s placed, and that feels simply frightening and dangerous.”

The unpredictable spacing of these pops and bangs additionally makes it tougher for dogs to get a handle on what’s happening round them, amping up their fear—and, in step with Tucker, making it more difficult to train them to endure fireworks or manage their fear as soon as it’s already advanced. 

Do Fireworks Hurt a Dog’s Ears?

A dog’s hearing is an awful lot greater touchy than ours. For some sounds, it’s surely masses of times sharper [1]. This could in part give an explanation for why a canine may also react so strongly to loud noises that wouldn’t hassle human beings. (Dogs additionally lack the context we’ve, especially on the subject of fireworks.)

A 2018 look at determined that dogs who have been freaked out with the aid of loud noises may also simply be in pain [1].Among dogs who have become sensitive to loud noises over time, the researchers determined related musculoskeletal ache—meaning that once the dog heard a noisy noise and jumped or tensed up, his pain might also have flared, growing an affiliation between sound and pain.

Tucker says it’s additionally possible that a dog may want to enjoy “unpleasant bodily sensations of their ears” in the event that they’re close to a fireworks show. “I wouldn’t advise taking a canine to an occasion in which fireworks can be released, partially for that reason,” she says.

Signs a Dog is Scared of Fireworks

It will likely be obvious in case your canine is terrified of fireworks, even though a few signs and symptoms are subtler than others. Tucker says to watch for these behaviors, all of which imply that your canine is probably terrified of fireworks:

  • Hiding
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Panting
  • Drooling
  • Pacing
  • Tail tucking
  • Crouching down low
  • Pinning ears back
  • Exhibiting saucer-like eyes with dilated pupils
  • Barking or whining
  • Curling up in a ball
How to Calm a Dog During Fireworks

As lengthy as your canine isn’t so sensitive to noise that extra sound will make her extra disenchanted, Tucker recommends covering up fireworks with familiar, neutral, and less erratic sounds. She shows going for walks a fan or turning on the dryer with some thing lightly thumping inside, like tennis or dryer balls.

You also can attempt turning on the TV to a show with heavy talk or a laugh music—“something that doesn’t have long silent moments like a suspenseful movie,” Tucker says. Or play some track that has “lots of excessive and coffee frequencies,” she adds, “like rock or pop.”

Tucker additionally suggests letting your canine decide where he desires to journey out the fireworks. “If he desires to conceal in the back of the couch or beneath the blankets for your mattress, permit him,” she says. “If he unearths safety inside the returned of your closet, installation a few blankets in there for him and preserve the closet door open.”

Or if he wants to curl up in your lap or drape his frame in opposition to yours, “by all method, offer him with the safety he seeks,” she says. “Don’t worry, you’re no longer making things worse with the aid of comforting your apprehensive dog. That’s only a myth.”

If you realize your dog is scared of fireworks, you could try calming treats and dietary supplements to assist your dog relax. Talk in your veterinarian about these options and be aware that now not all puppies will react the same manner to those calming aids. Other options to strive which could relax your dog encompass anti-anxiety vests or shopping a calming dog mattress, which may additionally deliver your pup a safe region to snuggle in and hunker down at some point of fearful periods.

It is feasible to desensitize puppies to loud noises, Tucker says. But that schooling has to manifest at the same time as they’re nevertheless puppies. To do it, you’ll need to create a tremendous association with loud noises by using pairing them with meals or play. 

Dogs and Fireworks: Other Tips and Advice

If vet-accredited over-the-counter solutions don’t paintings, Tucker recommends speaking together with your veterinarian approximately possible anti-tension medications to have reachable when fireworks are imminent. “It may additionally take the time to check numerous medications to peer what works high-quality to your dog, so don’t delay,” she says.

She also reminds puppy dad and mom to be particularly cautious approximately letting their puppies outdoor on nights while there will be fireworks. Many doggies will panic and try to run away.  “Make positive you permit your puppies out to alleviate themselves in advance in the night, and again after you’re sure all the fireworks have ended,” she says. “To be secure, use a nicely-fitted harness and leash and accompany them out of doors—dogs can effortlessly slip out of a flat collar in the event that they’re panicked. And ensure they’re wearing a tag that identifies them.

Hurtta Cooling Wrap, Aquamarine

HORAY WORLD Cooling Vest for Dogs

Petco Brand – YOULY Yellow Cooling Dog Vest, Large

SGODA Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket Grey

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