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1. Look at the specs you need

Although all of us love our puppies, not all have the equal canine, that is why it is essential to observe the specifications you need to your dog depending for your canine, for instance, when you have a sport canine you may like a pet tracker that could have extra accuracy inside the vicinity of the canine, when you have a canine with any ailment you could like a collar that might help you test the health of your dog, there are some puppy trackers able to save the heart fee of your canine and its sleeping styles,

If you have a completely energetic canine then you can just like the one which lets you reveal the places wherein he goes so you recognize if it’s in a safe zone or he isn’t, or you can have a very lay dog and you may no longer want such a lot of specifications. For instance, I use Fi Collar on my dogs for daily walks but Garmin Alpha a hundred when going for outside adventures.

2. Check the size of your dog

Not all GPS pet trackers may be used in all puppies, a few collars can be too small for your dog and others too massive, this is why you need to check the specs of the scale of the collar so you received’t get the wrong one.

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3. See the capability

Dog GPS trackers aren’t definitely a one-length-fits-all tool and not all collars have the identical gadget. Some collars assist you take care of your dog in case something takes place with an SOS button incorporated so that you may have the nice security, performance, and precision of wherein your canine is at every moment. Most include an app so that you can effortlessly get the data to your smartphone. Also, in case your dog is a sporty doggy (swimming, walking, or agility coursing as an example) make certain your puppy tracker is water resistant. You don’t need to buy a K9 GPS collar and break it the next day at the pool! Check how many puppies you could song at the identical time too. Maybe the collar is k for one but you are also seeking out a tool that could help you song more than one dog through the same app.

4. Battery Life and Durability

It’s important to pay close interest so far, not just due to the fact glaringly no longer all canine trackers have the same battery lifetime, however additionally because the battery life should have an effect on the pleasant of the information you are becoming from the GPS canine collar. Think once more about the specs of the dog as nicely. Most collars can paintings nicely for every week in case you use them hours in step with day, but in case you’re trying to monitor your canine for wonderful periods of time the charge won’t be sufficient. This is why there also are GPS puppy trackers which could ultimate even 96 hours in a row without price. So in case you are searching out a extra strict screen on your canine, the ones are usually your excellent choice.

5. The fee

This can be the most apparent thing to do but you also need to think about your budget, your desires, and what number of options offer you the first-class balance for the pet tracker of your dreams. For instance, permit’s say you don’t have a completely hyperactive dog so you won’t want many specifications. But perhaps one has a subpar battery as compared to the other. Or possibly one is a better brand typical than some other however you cannot come up with the money for it. Or maybe the one you think you want is not exactly what you want and even though you have got the money there are different alternatives that offer you nearly the identical service but at a smaller rate. Or permit’s say you don t want to spend a lot but you really need an excellent dog GPS collar. You get the point. Bottom line, the choice you make will be adjusted on how a whole lot cash you’ve got AND which choice assessments off all of your “ought to-haves.” It’s all approximately finding the suitable stability.

6. Paid or non-paid subscription

I think that that is every other huge component in selecting the right GPS pet tracker for us dog enthusiasts available. For maximum folks, it becomes pretty inconvenient and costly whilst groups pick out to feature a obligatory paid subscription on pinnacle of the upfront prices. It’s sufficient to make us want to appearance someplace else right away, isn’t it? The most effective time they could probably persuade you to subscribe is if they have revolutionary capabilities that highlight their specialty and difference from different GPS dog tag merchandise.

Always make sure to test that deciding to buy a subscription is well worth it and that the functions you are subscribing to are simply valuable and not to be had without spending a dime from other dog GPS collars. Check this list of the first-class GPS monitoring collars without a monthly rate.

These are some recommendations so that it will know and select the great pet tracker for you, but there are a few other things that you need to in my opinion bear in mind whilst shopping for a GPS monitoring collar. For instance, in case your canine performs difficult, you’ll want to look for something that can preserve up to that.

If Fido has sensitive skin or terrific short fur, you’ll either want some thing that works with every other collar under it or already comes with a cosy collar attached to it. I propose making a short listing of “must-have” and “great-to-have” features before you start shopping.

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Types of Dog GPS Trackers


Radiofrequency (RF), a records transmission tech primarily based on radio waves, is a technology that has a wider signal coverage, whilst Bluetooth tracker, a kind of radiofrequency (RF), is an open wi-fi tech for transmitting place statistics over brief distances simplest. 

These are older forms of dog monitoring systems.

They won’t be as powerful because the more moderen ones as these radio dog trackers can best provide data approximately your dog’s distance and popular route. It doesn’t give you their actual-time role. Another drawback is that weather can weaken the finding functionality of the radio dog monitoring collars. 

The benefits are that they can locate your dogs for as much as 5 miles, are wonderful for far flung areas, and can function even without get admission to to GPS satellites or mobile web sites. 

Long & Short Range

These kinds of puppy trackers, which depend upon RFID or Bluetooth trackers, ship signals from your canine’s collar to a monitoring device or a smartphone app. Short/lengthy-variety trackers are best for dog proprietors who stay in big indoor centers, or those who’ve smaller dogs that can’t deliver large and heavier GPS puppy trackers effectively. One of the downsides is that these can most effective ship distance and directional information of your canine. This method that those styles of gadgets can only let you know that your canine is 80 yards east of your region, for instance. 


GPS or Global Positioning System is a radio navigation machine that is one of the GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite Systems that sends time and geolocation information to any GPS receiver anywhere on Earth that isn’t obstructed to the line of sight of a constellation of GPS satellites. 

This way that that is a better and greater powerful sort of tracking technology in your puppies than the primary two because this uses a more advanced generation that may higher discover them at a further range, specially in instances in which they get lost. 

The drawback of the usage of GPS canine collars is that it drains the battery lifestyles of the tool quicker while activated. Another downside is that it usually calls for a monthly or yearly subscription as a way to activate the GPS. We included those factors whilst compiling our list of the great canine trackers.


LIVE or real-time canine monitoring means that a GPS dog tracker sends the vicinity information at a excessive frequency at a constant rate. This is the high-quality form of dog GPS tracker as it gives real-time or live updates of your canine’s region each couple or few seconds, with greater accuracy and performance. 

One of the downsides is that it drains greater battery power when in use because it continuously sends live location updates in your device so that you would possibly want to recharge the battery continuously. Another is the ones pet trackers that provide actual-time monitoring systems can be greater expensive than the ones not providing this option. They might also require mobile statistics plans for GPS actual-time tracking. 

No cellular carrier pet trackers 

No cellular service canine trackers are devices that do not require cell networks to locate your dogs (it’s mainly Garmin collars). So if your canine receives lost or is going past your committed safe zone, you may nevertheless be capable of song their moves and pinpoint their region. This is a function that many dog proprietors may need to have of their dog’s GPS monitoring system, most especially in case you are the sort to move on off-grid adventures together with your dog. 

Advantages Of GPS Dog Trackers

GPS puppy trackers can store your dog’s lifestyles and provide you with peace of thoughts for a secure outdoor revel in in your puppies. In the not going occasion that your canine escaped from your property, you have got the device on your palms to go looking and potentially locate them straight away, in preference to having to stress your self even as trying to find them within the streets via yourself.

GPS canine trackers can without problems and accurately pinpoint the region of your canine and immediately see that data thru their apps. Not only that, but GPS canine collars will even ping you immediately whenever your canine goes over the special digital fences or secure zones which you chose for them. Some of them ought to even be used as a GPS fence.

Some dog GPS collars feature hobby tracking which then can help let you know extra approximately the conduct of your dogs and additionally the degrees and duration of activities they do all through the day. We need our dogs to live healthy and at the equal time, we might need to have some thing to check on them and their conduct.

And such gadgets in recent times can provide you with so much information approximately their tour paths, what number of steps they took at the same time as walking, the space traveled at some point of such walks, the period in their sleep, and plenty of extra. This facts can also make it plenty less complicated for his or her vet to gauge their fitness at some point of a normal visit but maximum specially in case they get ill, as such statistics can also be vital to the analysis and treatment of your dog’s infection.

Disadvantages Of GPS Dog Trackers

There also are a few disadvantages of GPS monitoring gadgets for dogs.

Some GPS puppy trackers are quite high-priced. However, it’s miles exceptional to test out the capabilities that they provide first before now not thinking about buying one. Sometimes, the functions in reality justify the better price tag.

Most corporations that sell GPS puppy trackers additionally require you to pay monthly subscription expenses so one can use a number of the functions their GPS devices provide.

What Dog Trackers Did We Test?

To make our list of the TOP-10 puppy trackers in 2023, our group has tested and reviewed 32 puppy GPS trackers and the ambitious ones made the listing. The standards for picking the pleasant canine tracker had been tracking variety, capability, battery lifestyles, fee, subscription price, product aid and we additionally requested human beings’s critiques on specialized forums. There have been so many producers who failed at customer support and got many lousy opinions from previous customers.

Also, based totally on my electrical engineering experience in the past, I become able to disassemble and take a look at what was inner canine trackers.

I recognize, there are too many dog tracking collars to select from. A tracker that suits your way of life comes to a forever together desirable courting along with your canine. Based on our studies, the high-quality GPS canine trackers in 2023 are:


How Do GPS Trackers Work?

The great dog GPS trackers tend to hook up with apps on your phone to replace you in your doggy’s region. Using both Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS, they provide you with a warning whilst your dog leaves a designated secure region and tracks their vicinity so that you can find them again.

The GPS tracking machine connects to satellites to decide your domestic dog’s precise vicinity. Even if you have no cellular provider or Wi-Fi, the satellites continue tracking your puppy’s place.

The problem is that communicating with GPS satellites is luxurious, so the extra highly-priced your dog’s collar is, the extra correct the location might be.

Can I Put a GPS Tracker in my Dog?

There is no alternative for implanting a GPS tracker below your dog’s pores and skin – simplest a microchip for smooth identification. But you may without difficulty positioned a GPS tracker to your dog’s collar. But it’s first-class in case your canine is as a minimum six months or older, so they’re robust sufficient to resist their greater weight.

What Is the Best Tracker for a Dog?

The fine tracker for you and your dog is totally right down to you and your desires. We propose a tracker with everyday updates for smooth monitoring and improved accuracy.

It’s also well worth going for a tracker that screen’s your pooch’s health and wellbeing. These provide beneficial information for a vet to get a higher image of how your canine’s doing. You by no means recognise – it might assist keep your canine’s life at some point.


If your dog has a habit of strolling off (and permit’s face it, most puppies have a tendency to try this when they’re excited), then a GPS tracker for puppies is the proper system to provide you peace of thoughts.

With a large variety to choose from, you can locate the excellent dog GPS tracker for every price range, letting you maintain tabs in your dog on every occasion they decide to head on an journey with the aid of themselves. No more worry and stress!

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