Best Honeymoon Destinations in October

Best Honeymoon Destinations in October. This month is ideal for honeymoons and weddings. The cooler temperature that is prevalent across North America makes for a ideal wedding climate. It it can also make a warmer honeymoon destination attractive .

A luxurious hotel to enjoy the Oct. Honeymoon: Sandals Grande St. Lucia. The stunning resort on St. Lucia is currently availableas an all-inclusive resort and adult-only and gives a 100 100% refund in the event that you choose to cancel. Luxury 5-star accommodations are part of their stunning package for weddings.

After all the hard tasks are completed as the ceremony over, it’s time to enjoy some time with your loved ones and enjoy a memorable wedding honeymoon during October. October is a great month to go on your honeymoon because it’s not the crowded month to fly. It’s an ideal month to travel in a less crowded environment with fewer lines at airports with low hotel rates and lots of time alone and is the perfect time on your romantic getaway.

1. St. Lucia

2. Tahiti

3. Seychelles

4. Thailand

5. Kenya

6. Philippines

7. Zambia

8. South Africa

If you choose to go to some exotic destinations like the islands of Madagascar, travel in Africa or perhaps a excursion into Europe There are plenty of gorgeous places to explore. Let’s explore some of the romantic destinations for honeymoon you could visit during October.

is an amazing place to visit during October, which is an amazing time to visit. The temperature ranges from 85 to 28 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degree Celsius) The stunning beaches in St. Lucia make for the ideal honeymoon spot.

St. Lucia

The whole Caribbean islands are stunning in its own unique way, but just St. Lucia has the Pitons which are two spectacularly rising volcanic spires that are difficult to overlook. The island is extremely romantic and lush, with its valleys and hills and the palm trees that sway and endless sandy beaches are just the beginning.

Big smiles real hospitality, unforgettable experiences are the hallmarks of St. Lucian culture.

2. Tahiti

Are you searching for an exotic, with breathtaking sandy beaches, crystal clear water? If yes, Tahiti could be the ideal spot. It is the biggest island in Tahiti that makes up the Society Islands in French Polynesia and lies near the center of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s also it was that some of the first bungalows that were built over water were built, and can provide a memorable experience. It is possible to simply enjoy an amazing sunset before going straight to bed the moment you awake and you are ready to walk out the door, and then plunge into the water.

3. Seychelles

It is a rare collection of islands it is also the sole one made up of granite across the world. The views are spectacular and there are plenty of beaches that are clean and white with clear waters and sand.

Apart from laying in the sun and sunburnt while drinking cocktails and drinking a drink and sipping a cocktail, you can also indulge in different water sports and dive, try local cuisine, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife. There are resorts catering to couples, as well as beaches that are quiet which allow you to enjoy time in peace with your loved one.

Seychelles is situated in the last phase of drought, which is in October which means that the temperatures are warm, dry and sunny. Water is refreshing, clear and crystal clear which makes Seychelles among the best months for snorkeling, dive and snorkeling. There is a chance to see Whale sharks swimming in wild.

4. Thailand

This beautiful country is frequently referred to as”the “Land of Smiles” and this is not without reason. You can visit lively markets and bustling streets of Bangkok as well as take an elephant ride in the Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park. There are numerous islands with beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscapes.

Some islands with fantastic weather throughout October include Krabi as well as Koh Lanta, Koh Lanta and Phuket. October also marks the beginning of the season which is dry, so you may encounter occasional rain, but the weather is predicted to be pleasant throughout the year and there’ll be fewer tourist crowds.

Find an Thailand Honeymoon


If sitting on the beach for a long time isn’t your thing take a trip to Kenya for some incredible safari experiences. You’ll be able to see the African wildlife in the same way you watch on TV. The Lion King world in real live.

Kenya is also the conclusion to the drought season in the latter part of October. It implies that it is predicted to be dry and cool without rain. Animals are active when it rains and you’ll have the chance to see them in living. It’s also the time that closes the year. you’ll be able to see the spectacular Great Migration, where more than a million wildebeest are moving.

6. Philippines

This is an amazing country that offers unforgettable experiences for all budgets. There are numerous islands with stunning beach and clear water along with a lot of forests and mountains to explore. The stunning scenery will creates a breathtaking backdrop for your October wedding honeymoon.

The underwater world is fascinating and certainly worth exploring with snorkeling and divers. October marks the start in the season that is wet. But, the weather is perfect for outdoor pursuits and adventure. The best weather this month is on the islands that include Cebu, Bohol, and Palawan. Due to the few but short rains, the entire nature will return to its lush green.


Another fantastic African country where you can enjoy amazing safari experiences. But, you will find luxurious resorts with private beaches, spas with private beaches as well as a range of spas, as well as everything else you might need.

There is also the breathtaking Victoria Falls with water dropping from an impressive height in a breathtaking location. It’s the final day of the season of dry weather in this region meaning that the weather is expected to be sunny and warm, and without clouds or rain. This means that walks will be more enjoyable and also gives you a better chance of getting to see wildlife.

8. South Africa

It’s not only possible to experience amazing safari experiences in Cape Town however, you can also visit the beautiful town of Cape Town. You can hike up Table Mountain, which is famously known as Table Mountain, walk on the Tree Canopy Walkway and discover the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art and look out for penguins on Boulders Beach, visit the Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for a long time. prison. Have a bite and drink and shopping on Kalk Bay or Long Street and much more.

The weather in October is mild and dry and ideal for hiking, travel or safari tours. The shores of Hermanus city of Hermanus is possible to observe sea mammals within their natural environment.

These are the most sought-after locations for a honeymoon in October. If you decide to go to the one you prefer ensure that you share with us what you have learned from the experience by leaving a note in the comment section below.

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