Best Places to visit in September – Learning Drives

Best Places to visit in September – Learning Drives. September marks the end of monsoons as well as the onset of autumn. The weather is mild and not too hot nor too cold. For the majority of tourist destinations in India the month of September is time of off-season.

Therefore, you are able to enjoy huge price reductions on hotel and flight tickets. September is often regarded as the least-understood time of year in Indian tourism. Some argue that the monsoons are some problems while others remain skeptical about the temperature and humidity levels. We can say for sure that there are plenty of places to explore in September throughout India.

If you’re contemplating why you should travel in September, here’s a chance to dispel your doubts.At this time the weather is perfect.The monsoons are receding and could cause a little rain in the midst of the day.However, temperatures will be moderate.Did we mention that the majority of these locations aren’t packed?This means you can visit these locations for a relaxing vacation, from the hustle and bustle.

28 Best Places To Visit In September In India

Oh the list of places to go to in September India is infinite. However, to make the process less stressful for you, we’ve selected the top 25 places to visit in India. Check out the list and begin planning your trip today!

Places To Visit In September In East India (2022)

The Eastern highlands throughout the year are a magnet for the most adventurous travelers family members, trekkers, and trekkers who would like to relax in the mountains and take in the views. As the month of September is nearing, the fall season begins to set in and introduces a new look for the area. Find the top places to go to during the month of September East India.


It is a World Heritage site. Ziro is a heaven for those seeking peace is at first place on our lists of the top destinations to visit within India during September. The charming city located in Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its mild climate, the unique Apa Tani tribe as well as paddy fields, pine hills as well as the Ziro Festival.

  • Places To Visit: Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Pine Grove, Meghna Cave Temple
  • Things To Do: Ziro Festival, Trekking At Midey and Camping


Lachen is an “Big Pass located in the tiny State of Sikkim. It is awe-inspiring with views of the breathtaking scenery and snow-covered peaks surrounding Sikkim, Lachen is one of the top places to go to in the month of September across India. Enjoy the hills’ natural beauty as you sit in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of this spot.


The term ‘Dooars’ is believed to have been taken from the word door to indicate that it’s an entry point to the entire region of North-East India, West Bengal as well as Bhutan. The place is known for its diverse forest ecosystem and diversity and forests, it is one of the top destinations during the month of September India for those who love adventure and nature lovers.

Places To Visit: Gorumara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve and Fort and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Things to do: River rafting In Teesta River, Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Bird Watching, and Visit the Bhutan Ghat


Within West Bengal, this is one of the best destinations to visit throughout September. Kalimpong is an undiscovered and uncrowded hill station is yet to be included from the East on our list of destinations to visit in India in September. It is perched on a ridge that runs through the lush middle ranges of the Himalayas Kalimpong offers an inviting climate, breathtaking views, and closeness to many other tourist sites.

  • Places To Visit In Kalimpong : Dr. Graham’s Home, Moran House, Deolo Hill
  • Things To Do In Kalimpong: Paragliding, River Rafting,Bird Watching, Angling and Trekking


The stunning twin cities that are Lonavala in the state of Khandala are not a secret to the Mumbaikars. Alongside the stunning landscapes, the lush mountains, as well as the pleasant temperatures, people visit here to take an excursion on the expressway Mumbai-Pune. Along with the numerous sights and attractions will only enhance the beauty of these two gorgeous tourist spots to see throughout India throughout September.

  • Places To Visit In Lonavala: Rajmachi Fort, Tunga Fort, Bedsa Caves, Celebrity Wax Museum
  • Things To Do In Lonavala: Trekking to Lohagad Fort, Camping, Shopping,Visit The Shooting Point , Hike The Duke’s Nose and Visit Tiger’s Leap


Tarkarli will be your ideal destination during September India to celebrate your honeymoon due to its beautiful night sky. It also offers the chance to dive and snorkeling. The ideal combination of unspoiled beaches, mountains that are mid-height, and stunning waterfalls create the perfect environment for a tranquil vacation. And the clearest skies of the monsoon are perfect for stargazing.

  • Places To Visit: Tarkarli Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, Deobagh, Malvan and Karli Backwaters
  • Things To Do: Stargazing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Dolphin-Spotting and Visit The Padma Garh Fort


Due to the stunning beautiful and luxurious appearance of the magnificent Neemrana Fort Palace, the Rajasthani beauty has been one of the most sought-after places to go to in India during the months of autumn and September. It is true that winters are beautiful during this weekend escape from Delhi. It’s no wonder that Fort Delhi is among the top places to go close to Delhi during winter.  .

  • Places To Visit In Neemrana : Neemrana Fort Palace, The Step-Well, Kesroli Hill Fort
  • Things To Do In Neemrana : Zip-lining, Vintage Car Tour, Camel Ride and Spa Therapies


If you’re in search of an idyllic, but rich cultural vacation, then go to Bundi. The beautiful town with its magnificent palaces and forts of stout construction has a wealth of stories and historical significance. The surrounding Aravalis and water bodies make it an one of the most beautiful places to visit in the month of September within India.

  • Places To Visit In Bundi: Bundi Palace, Shikar Burj, Taragarh Fort, Chitrashala Art Gallery
  • Things To Do: Visit Raniji Ki Baori, Explore The Taragarh Fort and Witness An All-night Religious Ceremony

Daman And Diu

Diu the former Portuguese colony is a small island with gorgeous but uncrowded beaches. Its influence on Gujarati and Portuguese traditions can be observed in the architecture and food that is served on the island. The numerous tourist attractions and the warm weather make this little destination one of the most popular places to go to during the month of September India.

  • Places To Visit In Daman : Diu Fort, Panikota Fort, Zampa Gateway, Gangeshwar Temple
  • Things To Do In Daman: Parasailing, Water Skiing, Boating, Camel Riding and Pony Riding


For those who are awed by rain, Saputara is one of the most beautiful places to visit to experience the rainy season in India. Famous for the lush green landscapes, stunning waterfalls and breathtaking scenery, it is the ideal getaway for wildlife and nature lovers. Take a break from the summer heat and get the chance to shoot stunning images during this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In September In India

What should I do in the month of September to India?

There’s no shortage of Indian places to visit in September. Some of the most popular are Lachen (Sikkim), Dooars (West Bengal), Lonavala (Maharashtra), Tarkarli (Maharashtra), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Neemrana (Rajasthan), Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir), Bundi (Rajasthan), Daman and Diu, Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh), Nainital (Uttarakhand) and many more.

Do I need to be concerned about safety when I travel to India in September, during Covid time?

With the constant reduction in Covid instances, the majority of the places are lifting travel restrictions. But, prior to planning an excursion, make sure you research and keep abreast of the travel warnings for the places you plan to visit. Be sure to follow the rules and be protected at all times throughout your trip.

What is the weather like during September India?

In September, the majority of the tourist destinations are at the close the season of monsoon. At this time you can find lush landscapes all around. Clear skies prevail, and the mountains in the north are preparing for the winter season.

What are the best beaches within India for September?

The top beach spots in India which you can take pleasure in the most are Kozhikode, Kovalam, Alleppey, Goa, Vengurla, Chirala, Puri, Udupi, Varkala, Vizag, Guntur and Pondicherry. From barbeques on the weekend and bachelor getaways to cruises and beach hopping there is a variety of activities at the beach during this beautiful season.

Is September a great time to travel to Delhi?

It’s a good idea to arrange an Delhi trip in September because the weather is more pleasant, especially in the mornings and evenings. Monsoons also recede, and you shouldn’t be expecting unexpected rains. The months of October and November are the best months to travel to Delhi as the climate turns pleasant. Therefore, you can enjoy sightseeing in Delhi during the daytime.

Where is the snow that we can find during September India?

Unfortunately, as warming temperatures and climate change, increasing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get winter snowfall in India. In the past, you could get good snowfall at Gulmarg, Rohtang, and Tawang however, due to global warming rising chances of witnessing the snowfalls are almost nonexistent. You’ll have to wait until November (in certain places, it’s December) to get that first snowfall.

It is ideal to go to Ooty during September?

September is among the best times to travel to Ooty. At this time the mountains are smothered by lush green vegetation, and the atmosphere appears to be quite pleasant. There may be a few drizzles times throughout September, however there is no chance of torrential rain. Light rain showers shouldn’t hinder your plans to explore interesting and thrilling activities to enjoy in Ooty.

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