Best Small Dog Breeds – Learning Drives

Best Small Dog Breeds – Learning Drives .If you’re hoping to own a dog that’s size is never ending you can make it real if you purchase a pet toy. Like their name implies, the breeds of toy dogs are small in size, however their diminutive stature they make up with their enormous personalities.

What Is a Toy Dog Breed?

The toy dog breeds are tiny dog breeds that weigh less than 15 pounds at the time they reach their full size. They are named cute due to their resemblance to the size of stuffed animals.

Casey Ehrlich from Embark’s science team says that toy dog breeds have a lengthy tradition. “Toy breeds have been selectively bred for a smaller size, sometimes over hundreds of years.” Another fascinating information: “Scientists have identified almost 20 genes associated with a smaller size in dogs,” she elaborates.

If you’re tempted to believe that all breeds are lapdogs be sure to think twice! “Breeds like the Papillon and Boston Terrier have a lot of energy and spunk, and may even like participating in canine sports, like agility,” says Ehrlich. “Others, like the Pug or Shih Tzu, might be more inclined to spend their time snoozing on the couch.”

And even though they’re small, it doesn’t mean they’re unable to play with kids. “Breeds like the Havanese and Toy Poodle can be excellent family dogs (and good dogs for allergy sufferers, too),” she claims. The bottom line is that “There’s as much variety in toy breeds as there are in large ones,” Ehrlich says, “so it’s important to learn more about each breed to identify which one is the best fit for you and your family.”

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30 Toy Dog Breeds

1. Mini Schnauzer

If you’re looking for a faithful pet, then the Mini Schnauzer is perfect ideal for you. They’ll become your shadow and accompany you wherever you travel. They also are a great companion for everyone.

2. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles have curly hair as do Standard Poodles, but they are just 10 inches tall , compared to the standard size of 24 inches. They also come in various colorslike red, brown, cream silver, white and other colors!

3. English Toy Spaniel

The breed was highly sought-after by British the royal family. In England this breed is called the English Toy Spaniel is called the King Charles Spaniel (not to be confused with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) The breed is named for King Charles I.

4. Affenpinscher

Have a closer look at the Affenpinscher’s face that resembles a primate and you’ll understand why they’ve earned the names “Monkey Dog” and “Ape Terrier.” However, they’re not climbing trees. They do have a mischievous personality and have a playful nature similar to monkeys.

5. Pug

One of the most entertaining dogs around, Pugs are pure entertainment. The short-nosed dogs are famous for their wide variety of facial expressions guaranteed bring you LOL.

6. Coton de Tulear

The adorable dog originated in Madagascar. They are named after their cotton-like coat which is not only beautiful however, it’s also non-allergenic. So if you’re allergic and are in search of an animal to play with that is hypoallergenic, this dog is the one the one for you.

7. Schipperke

A tiny Belgian breed Schipperke is a small Belgian breed. Schipperke is also inquisitive and smart. Males can stand 13 inches tall, and females can be as tall as 12 inches.

8. Papillon

The word “Papillon” in French, Papillon means “butterfly,” which was the source of the breed’s name because of the beautiful ears that spread out like the wings of a butterfly. And although the majority of Papillons wear these ears, a few have what’s called “moth ears,” which are floppier and more dropped.

9. Russian Toy Terrier

This adorable dog can weigh as low as three pounds and is a lover of lounging and playing. They are able to have either short or long coats however, Long-Haired Russian Toy Terriers do not usually get the coats of an adult until they’re more than a year old.

10. Manchester Toy Terrier

With their stylish coats, Manchester Toy Terriers look stunning dogs that weigh in at least eight pounds. They enjoy being the focus of the spotlight and don’t mind if you hug them in a flurry to show them that you care.

11. Italian Greyhound

If you buy one of these cute breeds, ensure you ensure that you keep them in a fence-free yard. Why? The 11-pound puppies are fast and can reach speeds of as far as 25 miles per hour!

12. Miniature Pinscher

Mini Pins have been called”the King of Toys, and with their enthusiasm and determination it’s not difficult to understand the reason. One of the things that make them distinct is their distinctive method of walking, or, perhaps, high-stepping.

13. Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terriers are rare breeds and are tiny in size and have gorgeous coats. Their coats feature piebald coloring that means they have uneven patches of color throughout their bodies and make each dog unique.

14. Chihuahua

The loyal dogs, who are part of the AKC Toy Group, are filled with energy and generally weigh around five pounds! They are available in two kinds, according to Dr. Jerry Klein, the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Chief Veterinary Officer: Smooth Coat and Longhair. “They’re the smallest AKC breed,” he claims. This is an impressive claim considering they are the only breed that AKC recognizes more than 197 canines. “They’re an ancient breed from Mexico,” Dr. Klein adds. Chihuahua’s hallmarks are: “They’re fearless and assured; intelligent and devoted,” Dr. Klein says.

15. Toy Xoloitzcuintli

In the Aztec times in the past of Mexico, the Xoloitzcuintli (or Xolos for short) have been in existence for more than 3000 years. Some believed them to have magical abilities and kept them at their residences to protect them from evil spirits.

16. Chinese Crested Dog

Affectionate? Check. Lively? Check. Playful? Check. These are only a few traits that are characteristic of Chinese Crested Dogs. In addition to their amazing personality, they are also known for their distinctive appearance that includes two distinctive styles: hairless and Coated.

17. Toy Fox Terrier

With a weight of seven pounds Toy Fox Terriers weigh 7 pounds and have been identified as the most popular American breed. They are fast learners, which means they are very easy to train and are very loyal pets.

18. Shih Tzu

Many thousands of years ago in the past, Shih Tzus were pets of the royals. And with their adorable faces, petite appearance and stunning coats, it’s not hard to see the reason why the kings and queens loved the breed so many.

19. Pocket Beagle

Major sweethearts Pocket Beagles can be described as smaller variants of the Beagle. They are less than one 1 foot in height and weigh from 7-15 pounds.

20. Brussels Griffon

The breed is referred to by the name of “Griffs,” this breed–which is part of the AKC Toy group–can weigh anything from 5 to 15 pounds and range from 9 to 11 inches in height. 

There are two types of the Dr. Klein shares: Rough Coat and Smooth Coat. “It’s a very devoted breed with its owner,” Dr. Klein states, “but slightly wary of strangers.” They’re extremely funny of humor and personality and also, he adds. If this breed appears familiar, that’s because you’ve likely been to the movie theater and seen the breed: “This breed was made famous by the Jack Nicholson movie, As Good as It Gets.”

21. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are beautiful fun, lively, and adorable dogs which have been in existence since the 19th century. The Yorkshire Terriers are the second most loved dog breed for toys within the United States.

22. Maltese

One of the most ancient species of toy dogs, Maltese have been around for more than 28 years! One thing that makes them fun (besides their adorableness) is that they have a changing color nose that can change shades based on whether they are exposed to sunshine or not.

23. Yorkiepoo

This adorable mix is tiny like an Yorkie and clever like Poodle. Apart from being adorable and hypoallergenic, they also have a great coat. This is a win-win combination.

24. Boston Terrier

Yes, you read that right! The breed originated within the United States. They’re a bit sexy, but they are a bit stubborn, and are great all-round companions.

25. Pomeranian

These lion-sized puffballs are absolutely gorgeous! They are incredibly playful due to their small frames and an exquisite double coat of luxurious fur that requires regular maintenance.

26. Japanese Chin

With a long-standing tradition of being the companions of Japanese royals, these majestic puppies make excellent pets. They love snuggling with their owners on their laps and have a sweet disposition, and their hair is always in top shape.

27. Pekingese

A Pekingese may be tiny, but it’s massive! They are a ferocious little nugget that make excellent watchdogs and are exceptionally dedicated to their owner and the people they care about.

28. Toy American Eskimo

Toy American Eskimos have beautiful coats, available in two different colors either biscuit cream or white. And although their name implies that their breed was bred in America, they actually came from Germany.

29. Havanese

Havanese are a part of the AKC Toy Group, are one of the most popular breeds for toy dogs according to Dr. Klein: “They’re wonderful companions–playful, affectionate, and they get along with other people and dogs.” The coat of a Havanese dog is much more than just beautiful it’s a method of protection. It serves as a shield against the sun and keeps it from becoming too hot. It’s pretty cool! Be aware that the long coat will require some grooming to keep in good shape The Dr. Klein notes.

30. Norwich Terrier

They have short and straight coats They shed two times each year and require a lot of brushing by their owners. They have a sweet personality and enjoy active lifestyle.

31. American Eskimo Dog

Americans Eskimo Dogs, also known as “Eskies” for short, are a second Nordic Spitz breed. Eskies come in three different sizes: Eskie that are standard, miniature, and toy, with the smallest at around 9 inches tall. Although they are initially cautious of strangers, within the right home, Eskies are lively, and eager to please and amusing.

32. Rat Terrier

The name implies that rats with smooth coats and pointed ears were created in order to kill the rats and various rodents. Both in small and normal-sized sizes the robust, elegant animals are excellent hunter. In addition, Rat Terriers are loyal and fun-loving and curious.

33. Basenji

In the African Congo, the Basenji is a smart and autonomous hound with ears that are high enough to hunt and shorter coats that allows them to thrive in hot climates. They are unique because they do not bark. They make themselves heard by making a peculiar noise that’s a yodeling!

34. Bedlington Terrier

Like lambs, Bedlington Terriers are named after the location the first breeding site they came across in England. Their affectionate and kind nature, especially when it comes to children, has resulted in their popularity as pets for the home however, they have plenty of terrier enthusiasm to roam around.

35. Bolognese

Bolognese (also known as “Bolos,” are a part of the Bichon dog breed (along together with Bichon Frise Maltese, and Havanese breeds) and possess similar qualities. They are calm and generally energy-sparing, Bolos are loving and affectionate pets. But, Bolos are a rare breed and extremely difficult to find!

36. Border Terrier

With their distinctive and adorable otter-like appearance with their wavy coats and their affectionate temperament, border terriers are wonderful companions for adult and children. The breed was originally developed to keep foxes out of farms that lie in Scotland and England The Border Terriers are active, yet are at ease in the country or in the city.

37. Brussels Griffon

While Brussels Griffons are tiny, they are full of personality. They are strong and bearded dogs are confident, confident, and mischievous. But, despite their bravado, Brussels Griffons are devoted to their owners as they are not a roughhousing toddler. It’s not an option for the delicate Brussels Griffon.

38. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested’s hairless coat has smooth hair that grows only on the tail, head feet and legs, which makes it hard to misinterpret it for something other than the above. They are adorable and loving and dedicated to their owners. In addition, since they’re sensitive to cold temperatures they can be bundled in a cozy sweater. Who doesn’t love the sight of a dog dressed in an adorable sweater?

39. Danish-Swedish Farm Dog

If you’ve seen the Danish-Swedish Farm Dog it is possible that you thought it was an Jack Russell Terrier, since they’re remarkably alike in appearance. Similar to Jack Russells, these dogs are very active. They are excellent watchdogs, herders and all-round family companions.

40. Italian Greyhound

Delicate and elegant Italian Greyhounds have the characteristics of a larger Greyhound, namely sighthounds. Although these sleek-coated miniatures are fond of the pursuit, they are committed and loving lap dogs that will always be a joy to cuddle.

41. Japanese Spitz

With a fluffy, thick coat, curly tail and an adorable foxlike appearance The Japanese Spitz can be compared with an all white Pomeranian. Highly energetic and social The Japanese Spitz is fond of movement and playing. Because of its adorable character and look, this petite dog breed is extremely well-known.

42. Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terriers can be found with long, long legs and confident, sporting whiskered faces and adorable ears that fold in a V shape. The breed is naturally adventurous, and they are awestruck by the opportunity to play and chase, which is why daily physical activity is mandatory for these dogs who are self-sufficient. With enough activity they can settle in to their homes very easily.

43. Lancashire Heeler

The Lancashire Heelers are tiny, robust working terriers that are often employed in cattle herding. Their large bodies and shorter legs remind us of corgis, but they also have a distinct “Heeler Smile” where they mimic smiling when they’re satisfied. Unfortunately, the “small but mighty” Lancashire Heelers are not a common breed and owners of Heelers are fortunate to have these affectionate, loving, and tough-working pets.

44. Miniature Pinscher

The most lively dogs, short and silky-coated Miniature Pinschers, or “Min Pins,” are always moving. If you are able to manage to keep pace with this small ball of energy Min Pins are very loving.

45. Pumi

The dog was originally an Hungarian herding dog originally a Hungarian herding dog, the Pumi (or Pumik plural) is adorable for a tough dog with an incredibly curly, thick coat, similar to the coat of a poodle’s. As with terriers Pumik are extremely energetic and agile, with a strong and athletic physique. Although they are not common across their native United States, Pumik are great companions for families with active children however they may try to pull stray children around in the manner of sheep!

46. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds definitely look distinct with their large body with short legs, massive eyes, paws that are mournful, and long, drooping ears. Their smell makes them great tracksters, and they are tenacious in following their leads. But, Basset Hounds are mild and well-behaved in their home This is why they make them so lovely.

47. Swedish Vallhund

Sometimes called little Viking dog breeds, Swedish Vallhunds are energetic cattle-herding dogs. The dogs are low on the floor and with a thick coat their appearance is similar to corgis. But, Swedish Vallhunds have longer legs and smaller bodies, which makes them able to run greater speed and agility.

48. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Additionally, they are entertaining to speak out loud in addition to being fun to say out loud, it is also fun to talk about. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno can be also a lightweight, agile, and adventurous little pup. Their coats can be thin and thick or long and rough. They are lively and fun, Portuguese Podengo Pequenos enjoy plenty of exercise however, they can also be loved pets.

49. Lowchen

The Lowchen or “Little Lion” dog as it is referred to in German definitely lives in the spirit of its name. Lowchens are a lengthy and thick coats are usually cut to look like the lion’s head, and is adorned with a big mane and plumbed tail. They are affectionate and sensitive, which makes them perfect family pets.

50. English Bulldog

With their low-slung and heavy and slender bodies, wrinkled facial features, and charming underbites, English Bulldogs definitely stand out. Despite their sombre appearance Bulldogs are loving friendly, gentle, low-energy and soft. In addition, who can resist the soft face?

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General Fun Dog Trivia Questions & Answers

Let’s begin by playing a round of general questions. Check out how many questions you can get from these fun questions about dogs and answers. Be assured that the questions will get more challenging as you progress!

1. How many teeth does a dog of adulthood have?


2. If dogs become too hot then they sweat. What is the source of their sweat?

Their Paws

3. What was the most-loved pet name of the year?


4. Is there a most frequently taught dog-training command?


5. False or true – the dogs only perceive the world in black and white


6. What is a set of pups called?

A litter

7. Which sense do dogs utilize the most?

The sense they have of smell

8. In the US The leading dog-related authority is the AKC. What exactly is it?

American Kennel Club

9. False or true – The dog is the very first animal domesticated


10. Are dogs carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?


11. How many eyes can a dog have?


12. Who was Sony’s robot dog that was released in 1999?


13. What proportion of dogs actually sleep in their beds with their owners?


14. What is the sense that puppies are born with?


15. What was the age of the most senior dog on earth at the time of his death?


16. Which pet has best tastes – the cats or dogs?



The dog is a fantastic swimmer. They’re a truly useful pet. He is loyal to his owner from the inside and can quickly recognize their presence by their scent. It is important to be taking good care for it and maintain them clean and in great condition.

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