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Ginormous dogs!

Giant dogs or even extra large breeds of dogs are massive and in charge of your heart. Despite their massive and daunting size, they’re Teddy bears in the inner sanctum of their human family members. 

The majority of large breeds of dogs belong to the group of working dogs, meaning they guard, protect , or help in some way. With this mindset is a reason why they’re exceptionally committed and loving with their human companions and are usually aloof to strangers, at least until the proper introductions are established. 

The giant dog breeds occupy large areas either at home, or even in cars and it isn’t easy to keep control of the leash when you have to control them or make them follow your lead in the event that they want to behave in on their own. The beautiful and elegant breeds listed below weigh at least 100 pounds. Be aware that the weight range lower is reserved for females and the upper end for males.

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Most popular dog breed on the planet: Great Dane

Great Danes will take up the entire couch But you’ll never care because they’re so calm, patient, and don’t bark often. And when it comes to tall dog breeds are concerned they’re among the highest-pitch dogs, especially when they’re walking on their hind legs. 

One Great Dane named Zeus was at a staggering 44 inches tall on the shoulder when Zeus was named the world’s most tall Dog according to Guinness World Records in 2012. In his hind legs Zeus grew more than 7 feet! The Great Danes (which are also a brindle dog breed) are big eaters and large hearts, however these large hearts are more prone to heart ailments.

Breed Overview
Height:28-32 inches at the shoulder
Weight:Between 110 and 175 pounds
Life expectancy:7-10 years


Massive and soft with a large dose of affection and commitment, the large security dogs are extremely guardians of their family members and signal “intruders” with a thunderous bark. As per the American Kennel Club (AKC) mastiffs are skilled at reading human body speech and expressions and can communicate through their large, soulful eyes.

Breed Overview
Height:27.5 up to 30 inches and up, to the shoulder
Weight:120-230 pounds
Life expectancy:6-10 years

St. Bernard

Anyone can spot anyone can recognize a Anyone can recognize a St. Bernard, one among the most beloved canines around. It’s most likely because of the folklore-based picture of the mountain dog carrying a brandy cask around its neck to save people stranded on the snowy mountains (they were actually carrying food and water in their packs for the rescue). Fun fact: St. Bernard puppies grow big quickly. As per Animal Planet, it took approximately 100 St. Bernard puppies to play the role of the canine child on the screen in Beethoven’s second movie, as the pups were too large for the film’s schedule.

Breed Overview
Height:26-30 inches at the shoulder
Weight:120-180 pounds
Life expectancy:8-10 years old


Also called”the “farmer’s dog,” this big and massive dog breed is rooted in the 16th century. In the past, the Boerboel’s size was perfect to protect the farmland and family. But, they’re not dogs who run back and back at the slightest hint of a challenge They are instead exceptionally peaceful and secure. 

Because Boerboels are extremely territorial and extremely protective of their family and are devoted to their families, they also love children. But, they do not have much patience with dogs who challenge them which is why dog parks may not be the best location to bring your Boerboel.

Breed Overview
Height:Between 22 and 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:150-200 pounds
Life expectancy:9-11 years old


Popularly known as “Newfie,” the Newfoundland is also known as a kid’s loved “nanny.” Underneath the thick hair that gives the breed its appearance of a leonine is a large-boned dog that is kind and gentle, yet extremely protective of their family. They are the most dependable babysitters because they’re extremely kind and loved by children. And because they are top swimmers and swimmers, you’ll always have someone to share a swim with.

Breed Overview
Height:26-28 inches at the shoulder
Weight:100-150 pounds
Life expectancy:9-10 years old


Massive and impressive and majestic is Leonberger. The breed was bred to be companions of European royalty, as per the AKC, Leonbergers commanded attention due to their massive dimensions, and were courted alongside Napoleon III, Tsar Alexander II, and King Edward VII. 

They Leonberger tends to swim in the water rather than holding court nowadays. The waterproof coating and agility make them skilled swimmers, however the luxurious coat requires daily brushing and the nails must be clipped every week. If you’re in search of the dog that is 100% committed to your comfort look up the top emotional dog breeds who will be there for you.

Breed Overview
Height:25.5 from 31.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:90 – 170 lbs
Life expectancy:7 years old

Anatolian shepherd

In the event that an Anatolian shepherd had an LinkedIn profile, his skills would be “highly observant livestock protector,” “attentive family protector,” and “watchful family pet bodyguard.” Yes you can even have the cat. It’s one of the breeds that can are able to get along with cats. While it’s loyal, patient and peaceful, it can be overbearing and demanding, making it important to begin training as early as possible.

Breed Overview
Height:27-29 inches at the shoulder
Weight:80-150 pounds
Life expectancy:11-13 years old

Greater Swiss Mountain dog

From the first moment, you will notice the striking resemblance that of St. Bernard and Rotweiller as the main breeds of”The “Swissie.” The alert faithful and active “Swissie” is a real sweetie. The past was when the mountain dog breeds were used to pull carts filled with meat and dairy products to the market. These days, they’re more likely to utilize their muscles that are built to pull children on carts or sleds in the snow.

Breed Overview
Height:23.7 up to 28.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:85-140 pounds
Life expectancy:8-11 years

Irish Wolfhound

If the giant dog breeds were to win an award to recognize the fastest-growing puppy and the Irish Wolfhound, which is which is a hairy dog with wires is an excellent candidate. The growth of the leggy breed is astonishing, gaining almost a pound per day up to the age of six months. Like all animal hunter, the pursuit of and the pursuit of prey is in their blood. Therefore, they’ll require daily physical activity. In the spirit of wolves, do you know the Wolf dog breeds?

Breed Overview
Height:30-32 inches at the shoulder
Weight:From 105 to 120 lbs
Life expectancy:6-8 years


If you’re in search of an animal with an underlying spiritual connection with the divine, it’s the Akita. This Japanese dog breed represents health happiness, joy, and longevity in its home country. The new parents are often presented with the honorary title of an Akita and in reality, Japan reveres the Akita such that they have created a national monument in honor of it. 

One interesting thing about Akitas are that they prefer to keep their homes tidy and they are virtually undetectable that is ideal if you’re thinking of sharing your couch with a massive dog breed. The only thing that isn’t so amazing is the Akita price–it’s among the priciest breeds of dog around the globe.

Breed Overview
Height:Between 24 and 28 inches at the shoulder
Weight:70-130 pounds
Life expectancy:Between 10 and 13 years old

Bull mastiff

If you’ve guessed that the bull mastiff has a look like that of the mastiff and bulldog, you’re exactly. This bull Mastiff is 60% mastiff and the bulldog is 40 percent. It’s not a surprise that it has the same strong and strong body. The intimidating size aside the Bull Mastiff is actually an animal lover, not one to fight. 

Its soft and loving nature never ceases as is its penchant to drool. However, you’ll be able to ignore that and think of it as an exchange for the Bull Mastiff’s outstanding security service for guard dogs that it provides to its family. To see more adorable dogs take a look at this collection of Flat-faced breeds which are simply adorable.

Breed Overview
Height:24 to 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:100-130 pounds
Life expectancy:7 to 9 years old

Dogues de Bordeaux

It is possible to refer to the Dogues de Bordeaux by its name “Mastiff of Bordeaux,” however, you won’t see this massive breed of dog wandering through the vineyards since its head, based on proportions is the largest of all dog breeds according to the AKC. 

However, you might have seen an Dogues de Bordeaux if you watched the Tom Hanks film, Turner and Hooch. Hooch was a perfect example of the characteristics of the breed – slobbering saliva as well as being determined and vulnerable, and still undeniably lovable. Do you have a pup coming in the near future? Look over these famous names for dogs.

Breed Overview
Height:Between 23 and 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:99-100 pounds
Life expectancy:5 to 8 years old


If you consider the most powerful breeds of dogs, tall and massive bodies usually are the first thoughts that come to mind. However, it’s not always the way. The Otterhound is huge and slim. It is well-known for its superior swimming abilities and endurance, the Otterhound could be an equivalent of Michael Phelps of canine swimmers. It is a strong dog with powerful shoulders and an expansive chest and webbed feet and a waterproof coat that can get through a long day of swimming. But it’s difficult to find an Otterhound on the beach. They are among the most threatened and rare breeds of dog according to the AKC.

Breed Overview
Height:Between 24 and 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:80-115 pounds
Life expectancy:Between 10 and 13 years old


Bloodhounds are quiet, gentle, and lackadaisical –that is until an interesting smell or sight piques their curiosity. All chances are gone, and the stubborn, determined traits show up in a roaring, howling, and barking medley of the most popular Bloodhound songs. As with other breeds with long noses, this giant dog breed is a scent-driven one. 

They’re slower to develop than other breeds. This could be a problem, since bloodhounds are quite loud and unsteady when they catch the scent of something appealing. If tiny dogs are your style, take a look at the following toys for dogs that can stay small for the duration of time.

Breed Overview
Height:Between 23 and 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:80-110 pounds
Life expectancy:between 10 and 12 years


The Kuvasz bears an eerie resemblance with the Great Pyrenees. It’s nearly impossible to discern the differences between these almost identical breeds of dogs. With their impressive size and lots of white fluff You wouldn’t believe they’re incredibly fast in the field However, they’re very agile and agile.

 It’s likely because of the genes that their ancestors passed on from their work as sheep guards. It’s essential to interact and educate the Kuvasz in the beginning so that they can be friendly with children and other animals while they do what they do best: their “job” of guarding and protecting them. Fun fact: This breed is also among the most popular mountain dogs that are a lover of adventure!

Breed Overview
Height:26-30 inches at the shoulder
Weight:70 to 115 lbs
Life expectancy:Between 10 and 12 years old


People’s heads be turned as you walk through the streets with a Komondor, among the adorable breeds of dogs that appear like mop. The appearance of the mop is due to the large amount of hair that is white and corded to shield it from the elements and predators when it was protecting sheep. 

Komondor puppies are covered in an fuzzy coat which begins to mat and cord when they’re 8-12 months old, according to the AKC. “Koms” aren’t herding dogs but guard dogs who are extremely loyal and loyal to their families and his hounds and will leap up to defend themselves against any threat.

Breed Overview
Height:25.5 up to 27.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:80 to 100 lbs
Life expectancy:Between 10 and 12 years old


You’ll meet the Beauceron in the park and you may think that it’s one of the mixed breed dog. It could be a cross between Doberman and Rotweiller? There could be a shepherd too. There are many possibilities however, the Beauceron is an French shepherd dog that is named after the southwest region of agriculture in Paris. 

Beaucerons are fast learners and they are natural protectors they excel in the field of police, rescue work, or as companion dogs that provide protection for their owners. They are not the breed suitable for the novice dog owner since they could become a dominant presence when not properly trained. When they’re well-behaved, they can be a level-headed watchdog and protectors for all different ages and capabilities.

Breed Overview
Height:From 24 inches to 27.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:70-110 pounds
Life expectancy:between 10 and 12 years

Bernese mountain dog

While they’re awash with brains and muscles, “Berners” take their time to attain their mental and physical maturation. They’re extremely sweet, but gentle and do not respond well to extreme training. One thing you won’t need to worry with is barking too much. 

Berners are excellent pets for families and extremely kind and conscious of children’s tiny size. Due to their dimensions and gorgeous coat they are more suited to winters than the hot summers and with a full double coat, you can expect lots of shed and grooming. They’re also among the most popular mountain breeds of dogs who love adventure!

Breed Overview
Height:Between 23 and 27.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:70-115 lbs
Life expectancy:7-10 years old

Black Russian Terrier

Did we miss a trick in this instance? The largest dog breeds aren’t terriers, are they? Although terriers can be small breeds of dogs. But in fact they are not. The Black Russian terrier is no more than 30 percent terrier in accordance with the breed norms and is in fact a working group member.

 “Blackies” as they are popularly referred to in Russia were originally breed to guard Russia’s borders and protect political prisoners. The calm, courageous, and confident, Blackies are wired to protect your home, not by themselves in the front backyard. They’re completely dedicated to you and will be your shadow for the entire daylong, all day. Take a look at this collection of white and white breeds of dogs which are adorable to be ignored.

Breed Overview
Height:26-30 inches at the shoulder
Weight:80-130 lbs
Life expectancy:Between 10 and 12 years old


There’s nothing unfun regarding the Briard. He’s a hardy and is a hard-core player. Big dogs may not require plenty of exercise however the Briard is one of the exceptions. With its seemingly never-ending energy, it’s fearless and secure and is the perfect outdoor adventure companion. As a caring companion Briard is a loving companion.

Briard has a gentle nature, reliable, and easily trained. They retain a lot of their ability to protect their property and their family, and so they may be slow to adjust with other animals and humans, but once they’ve been socialized they’ll follow your direction and let their hearts open to new companions. Don’t overlook these pets with ears that are floppy that are adorable.

Breed Overview
Height:Between 22 and 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:55-100 lbs
Life expectancy:between 10 and 12 years


If you’ve not seen a lot of Rottweilers it is possible that you think these muscular dog guards are violent. They are actually very loving and playful with their human family. This is why they may appear aloof or hostile when you meet them however, in reality they’re just very cautious. Rotties require early, intensive and constant socialization and instruction to be great family members. Rotties are a lot of fun to do whatever you’re doing and are able to play, and with their size they’re capable of creating a large mess when they chew or dig.

Breed Overview
Height:From 22-27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:80 – 135 lbs
Life expectancy:9-10 years old

Estrela mountain dog

With its massive size, fur-filled coat, and lovable, big round face, you can see the reason why it is that the Estrela mountain dog is among the dogs that resemble bears. Originating from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal, it is among the oldest breeds in the region, and is renowned for its exceptional abilities in the role of a livestock guardian. 

The powerful bloodlines that guardianship are still in place in the present, however, it is the estrela’s “job” is to protect their human family. However the Estrela isn’t “all business.” They are extremely kind and gentle with babies and children. They are a love that is strong, and like other breeds of dogs that live for an extended time they could be living in the company of an Estrela for many years to come.

Breed Overview
Height:24.5 -29 inches at the shoulder
Weight:Between 77 and 132 pounds
Life expectancy:between 10 and 14 years


Meet the Tosa the biggest Japanese dog breed as per the AKC. They were once bred to fight, but these days are over. Nowadays, the Tosa enjoys a life of family. It’s not a lazy idler, however. The Tosa is a dog that takes its job as the formal and watchful guardian of its family with a lot of respect, but it’s calm, collected, and peaceful. A well-trained and well-socialized Tosu is extremely affectionate to its family members, yet naturally bewildered and distant from strangers. 

Because of their traumatic history in dogfighting may not be a good friend to any dog they encounter on the streets or who visits your home. Tosa’s preference is to be your only and sole pet. Do not bring pets of any kind, including cats Please. If you have a Tosa is raised with a family dog, they have more chance of living in peace.

Breed Overview
Height:12.5 up to 23.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:100-200 pounds
Life expectancy:between 10 and 12 years

Tibetan mastiff

Do you want to invite a lion, or a dog to share your space with? It’s difficult to discern with the Tibetan mastiff’s massive size and hair of dense, thick fur. As a member of the working group it is toward being a big and independent thinking and guardian. It is a fierce sense of its own and thinks that it is a member of the same family, not pet. 

However it is a very calm and peaceful dog. Tibetan Mastiff is calm and calm and extremely affectionate towards his family of humans and is dependent on the company of their owners to feel content and keep their paws out of trouble. If they’re separated and away from you for long enough, they’ll come up with ways to keep themselves entertained in ways that aren’t constructive. (Think huge dog, huge mess.)

Breed Overview
Height:Between 24 and 26 inches at the shoulder
Weight:70-150 pounds
Life expectancy:Between 10 and 12 years old

Things to be aware of prior to making the decision to adopt a giant dog breed

You’ve probably thought about whether you have enough room to accommodate a large dog However, there are some important things to consider prior to deciding to adopt a large dog breed. First, they gulp down plenty of food. “A dog who weighs 100 pounds eats almost five cups a day of commercial dog kibble; then add about 1/3 cup more for every 10 pounds over 100 pounds,” vet Lyndsey Larson VMD, ABVP, VCA Firehouse Animal Hospital in Denver. And due to its size, the dog will require more medicine for flea and tick prevention. These are only two of the major things to take into consideration when you think about how much it’ll cost to keep an animal.

Giant dog breed puppy stage

Smaller dogs usually reach maximum growth approximately 12 months. Large breeds of dogs spend longer to reach their adult weight, and reach the age of maturity between 18 and 24 months of age. 

Behavior and issues with training can be heightened when you own a large dog, which is why training during the stage of impressionable puppy is crucial. “A good rule of thumb is to get a large breed pet into a training program and support those good habits at home between the ages of 16 weeks to one year,” recommends the Dr. Larson.

Giant dog breed lifespan

While the causes aren’t 100% certain, many big dog breeds are shorter in their lifespan. They are more prone to age faster which means they develop age-related ailments sooner, like osteoarthritis. This makes it more difficult to move about or ascend the stairs. “Plan ahead to help your pet, as some giant breeds require assistance with harnesses and some lifting and assistance to get around as they age or if they become injured,” Doctor. Larson.


Now you’ve met some impressive dog breeds. You’ve probably noticed how many of them are excellent pets for the family. Don’t be deterred by their size, as their hearts are bigger than ever.

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