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Black Dogs with Pointy Ears that stand up

There are dogs that have hairy ears. They wear a coats of black or has black and other colors like white and tan and many more.


Schipperke is a very rare breed of dog that is of Belgium origin. It is a compact and thickset, cobby black, tidier dog with a fox-like look. It has pointed ears.

According to ACK the dog’s profile is square-faced and has a distinct coat that includes the most prominent cape, ruff and culottes.

The breed is designed to be a worker and very active, with fun personality.

English Toy Terrier

The dog breed comes in black and has distinct brown markings on the chest, legs, and face. This English Toy Terrier has almond-shaped eyes and an erect set of ‘candleflame’ ears.

Alopekis Dog

Originating from Greece The Alopekis is a tiny also known as Alopecis, Alepouditsa, Bouboudi, Moropa, Venetaki and often referred to as Bobis.

The name comes from Greek for fox-like or small fox, which refers on its look. It is available in pure white, black and different colors. The ears are pointed and triangular in appearance. There are three kinds: short haired, wet and medium haired, with wire-haired one being the most common.


With ears that point, commonly described as pricks and prick, it is known as prick. Keeshond is an average-sized dog that has a soft two-layer layer with silver and black fur that has an Ruff and curly tail. The breed originated within Holland, and its closest to the German spitzes

Norwegian Buhund

The breed was once popularly known as”the “Dutch barge dog,” the Norwegian buhund sports the appearance of a fox with wedge-shaped faces and sharp ears.

The breed is herding. It’s small to medium in size and well-built, with a square shape. an elongated tail that is which is carried over the back.

According to according to the American Kennel Club puts it the breed is exceptionally smart and easily trained, and can do well in almost any home size.

Norwhich Terrier

The prickly ears of the Norwich Terrier are an identifying feature.It is an adorable dog breed which is available with black and other shades. It’s a playful and clever dog that enjoys being with its owner.


Papillon is a small, long-haired dog breed that has distinctive straight ears.In fact, it’s these enormous ears that resemble butterflies which give it its name the papillon (French word meaning butterfly).

They are available in a variety of shades. Papillons are extremely affectionate and very active


Pomerian is a small-sized dog breed which is available in white cream and other colors. The ears are small and pointy which are usually hidden beneath the blanket of fluffy fur.


Corgi is a small-medium-sized herding dog with a short and robust build. The Corgi is renowned for its low-set body, large ears and an elongated tail. Pembroke is also a great pet. They come in many colors, like white, black and white.

Corgis are extremely intelligent and active and faithful. They are easily trained and are great watchdogs because of their big canine mentality.

Rat Terrier

It is believed that the Rat Terrier is a rare American short, smooth-coated dog breed, with a history as farmer’s dog and hunting partner. The name is derived due to the fact they were developed for killing rats.

They come in a variety of shades, including black, they sport ears that extend out of their heads. They are small. They’re tough and have the energy to last all day.

Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is known for its independence and determined; Scottish Terrier is the black-colored dog that has large ears. They’re excellent in keeping rodents off your garden and are happy to be with their pets, particularly during outdoor activities.

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Small Dog Breeds that have Pointy & bat ears

Apart from those Alopekis, English toy terrier, Norwhich Terrier, papillon, Pomeranian, Rat terrier and Schipperke with black hues with erect ears, there are other small breeds sporting pointed ears.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is one of the most sought-after small-dog breeds, particularly among urban dwellers.

One of the things that makes small dog breeds stand out is the large, bat-shaped ears that are erect above their heads. They are available in a variety of shades and combination of colors. The Frenchies are lively flexible, alert, and absolutely irresistible.

West Highland Terrier

It’s tiny, strong, and agile. Sometimes referred to as the westies, they’re extremely playful animals that enjoy keeping active. They enjoy a sociable lifestyle packed with fun, that if they aren’t properly trained, could cause havoc in the home. They also have hunting skills just like other breed of terrier.

The west terrier, known as the earth dog, is extremely curious and investigation-oriented traits that make the description of being extremely clever and persistent. They also have a tendency to bark and are known for digging holes. The westies have pyramid-shaped ears that sit over their heads which gives them a bigger base and shorter length than the German shepherd.

The ears are large enough to allow dogs to hear the prickling sounds that rodents produce.


These gorgeous and charming dogs are considered to be one very loyal breeds among different breeds.

They have tiny, straight ears, which make them the ideal pet companion for owners. Certain breeds of chihuahuas have feathers in their ear which spread out to the adorable appearance of the dog.
Swedish Vallhund

Another dog breed with ears that are straight can be found in one called the Swedish Vallhund. It’s a smaller version of the German shepherd with ears with sharp points that are just above head. They’re great herders who can handle farm animals and are excellent pets for families. They’re also social and active.

The ancestors of this breed are from Sweden, Vastergotland region can also be used to watch over and protecting homes. Despite its tiny body’s small and short legs, it excels at spotting mice. Their prickly ears match their oval-shaped eyes and their wedge-shaped head.

Bull Terrier

Most people believe that the bull terrier must be only large, chasing after reptiles and coyotes. However, they could exist as smaller breeds, just like other breeds of the family of terriers. The dog is also known as “Frankenweenie”, this is another dog with straight and ears that are prickly, that are perfect for following instructions.

They’re wonderful at home as they’re extremely obedient and loyal, however, they may be aggressive towards strangers, but. Additionally, this muscle dog is extremely loving and loving. One other interesting thing of this animal is the head shape. It’s egg-shaped, with no space in between its head and its muzzle.

It has an unnatural muzzle which is slightly curled toward the back. The eyes are also small and well-set, similar to other dogs.

Portuguese Podengo

The most active dog is the Portuguese Podengo which can be small or huge in size.

They sport short fur, feet with pointed ears and their temperament is to admire. Friendly, playful and also independent. However, this makes it more difficult to train since it’s used to playing all by it’s own.

As daring as they may be They are also excellent in hunting, thanks to their pointed ears which enable them to detect their prey before they are able to take on them.

Medium-sized to large dog breeds with pointed ears

Siberian Husky

The top spot is awarded to the Siberian Husky, which is a medium-sized to large-sized dog that is affectionate, friendly, and is an ideal addition to any family. They have ears that are pointed and upright which is great as they’re quick to leap into action. At least they can assist them in detecting danger.

They are extremely active by enjoying long runs, exercising alongside other sports of agility. They love adventures and adventure because of their incredible endurance.

The breed is fortunate to keep its upright ears since other breeds are breeding crossbreeds. It is fortunate that they don’t have to be selective breeding with breeds with ears that are loose, keeping their genes intact.

German Shepherd

Another large dog with big ears are that of the German shepherd. The police dog is a well-known breed that is a top performer when it comes to providing army services and other police duties. The large dog is not just lively but also intelligent and respectful of its owner.

However, this dog is aggressive and doesn’t connect easily with people who aren’t familiar. It’s actually quite agresive and intolerant of people who don’t know it, even when it’s a well-trained dog.

Akita Inu

With ears that are triangular and make a statement With triangular ears that stand out, the Akita Inu has a very large head and a soft body. The Akita Inu is part of a group of equally massive breeds. However, that doesn’t stop it from performing its hunting, watch, and guarding roles. It’s a fantastic family protector.

Originating from Japan Akitas are Japanese and are a unique breed with a fascinating body sight that, in addition to the tiny pointed ears, they also have and an equally tiny upwards curving tail which is designed to balance its form. As a member of the same breed similar to the two dogs, Akita is also very self-reliant, loyal, and affectionate.


The dog breed that is large appears like a huge puffball at the very first moment of sight. It’s part of the herding breed because it has excellent watching capabilities as well as fun behaviors. They’re quite similar to the German shepherds in terms of its personality, as it enjoys daily exercise.

The calm dog does have an adorable smile and isn’t as similar to the wolf that its long snout could suggest. The breed has only the white coat and curly tail, and a large base that contrasts its diminutive height. However, it’s possible to see amoyeds with brown hues over its hair.

Be aware that, although they’re excellent in watching over others their children, they are extremely poor in protecting.

Belgian Malinois

Not to be left out last, but certainly not least Belgian malinois breed from Germany is among the most popular herding dogs in the world are. They’re fast, respectful, and loyal like any other herding dog. They’re also extremely clever, however they require intense training to get them into the right place both physically and physically.

The Belgian Malinois is distinguished by its black ears and muzzles that are black, which makes it different in comparison to other breeds. Also, they have short hair, with mahogany covering and the black marks. Because of their large body, they require more space than other breeds. Some say the amount you’d require to keep a sheepdog.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) is also known as Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler or simply Cattle Dog, is a moderate-sized breed of cattle herding dog that was created in Australia.

Small, but powerful Compact but strong, the ACD is a bat-like dog with ears that are that are similar to the corgi. The ACD is a short-coated dog that comes in two distinct color forms: it is created with white fur, which changes to blue-gray or red. Both coats have distinct streaks or specking patterns.

The History and Facts regarding Big Pointy Ears?

For many centuries, people adored breeds with ears that are straight and pointed because they are considered to have the highest survival instincts of all breeds of dogs. However, that’s a very basic explanation. Each dog’s family had their own explanations and beliefs about what the dog’s ears were which were glued to the wall. Let’s take a look at some of these motives.

The Herding Family

The breed includes such breeds include the Corgi, Australian cattle dogs, Portuguese Podengo, the Swedish Vallhund and many other breeds. They are typically raised in farms and ranches, where they guard animals in the barnyard, such as cattle, sheep and cattle. Their ears with pointed tips let them listen for signals from their owners and sounds coming from escapees.

The Toy Family

Chihuahuas who are always jolly and used as companion dogs is also bred to work for. They capture tuna rodents inside the hide, and their standing eats help them listen for any noises coming emanating from rodents, such as the sound of mice’s feet pounding. The erect ears of these rodents are an effective method of hunting that lets them catch their dinner.

The Terrier Family

The breed has more than 30 varieties, including the white terrier, bull terrier Scottish terrier Norwich the terrier, and the and rat terrier among other. From small-sized up to large-sized pump, they’re also bred to hunt. Smaller breeds such as the west highland will take on possums, raccoons, and mice, while the bull terrier is a target for badgers, coyotes and Foxes. Their ears are upright, allowing them to listen for commands, sneaky attacks, and tiny paws that are a distance at their prey.

The Working Family

This includes the Siberian Husky. It is very similar to the herding breed in regards to their intelligence and dedication to work.

The breed is one of the largest breeds of dogs, which includes the Samoyed, which many are inclined to breed for security reasons. Their ears are used to detect predators or trespassers. They also hear of commands and searching for food, in the wild, if it’s wild.

Other Families

For certain breeds of dog, such as the Akita Inu, which has no family, they are considered an interbreeding between two families that are above, which give them pointed ears. The faux or semi-pointed ears serve similar functions to those above.

What Breed of Dog is Your Mutt?

Take a moment to answer a couple of (well more than several!) questions and maybe you’ll be able to find out.

I am the type of person who is passionate about dogs and mutts and regularly goes for a visit to the dog shelter and rescue groups to adopt an animal. More Heinz 57 you can get, the more beneficial. And that’s when the discussion starts. It’s as if “shepherd mix” describes every dog I’ve ever been curious in. But what exactly are they?

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Without further delay, you must answer the following questions regarding your dog:

Choose the most appropriate description for your dog’s ears.
Large and held pricked , or erect (think an opposite to the floppy), and pointed at the edges. And they’re and are not covered in hair that is long.
Holding pricked or straight (think something like Floppy) and pointed towards the edges, and covered in long hair.
Medium or small-sized either erect or pricked (think an opposite to hair that is loose), and not covered with hair that is long.
They can be erect or sharp But they are rounded on the ends, referred to as “bat” ears.
Semi-erect. They are straight-up but they flip over to a semi-flop when they tip.
The top of the erect part rests in a V-shaped.
Floppy (also called “pendent”), sized appropriately/proportionally or small in comparison with their head, not covered with so much long hair that you can’t see where the ear ends and the hair begins.
Floppy and extremely big and/or long in comparison to the head of the dog.
A bit floppy and covered in very long hair, it’s difficult to tell where the ears stop and the hair starts.
The ears are tiny and semi-floppy. They hang off to the side or behind in the event that the pet is calm (also known as “rose” ears).
Small triangular ears lying flat on their heads with their heads pointing towards the forward.
Select the best description of your dog’s coat color.
The fur of the wolves is an unsymmetrical chaotic mix of one or more of the below colors: gray, black and brown, as well as white and white. Sometimes, it is referred to as”merle,” meaning dark patches that are layered on an underlying lighter color with the same type of pigment. And it’s also referred to as dappleif this makes it easier to visualize it.
They have fur that can be described as “ticked,” which means it has irregular color spots on white fur.
Their fur is predominantly black with areas of white across their chests and the neck and the face and small brown spots (called “flashings”) on their faces and chest.
Their fur is made up of vast regions (big areas) of fur that is different colors in brown, black and white.
Their fur is stained (mixed together, with no distinct boundaries) and the brown and white.
The entire fur of the dog is white (okay there’s a chance they’re mutts, so there might be one or two spots of a different color, however the majority of their fur are white).
They have fur that is 95 percent or more yellow or golden. From light yellow to deep golden and almost-brown.
Fur is 95 percent or more brownish-red or red.
Their fur is made up of huge red and white patches that are asymmetrical.
Their fur is made up of large orange and white patches.
Fur is 95 percent or more fawn-colored (pale brown and tinted with yellow).
Fur is 95 percent and more black.
Their fur is mostly black with some tan/rust/mahogany markings on their feet/legs/neck/chest.
The fur of their pets is dark, with large white patches on their the eyes and their chests, and perhaps around their necks.
They have fur that is 95 percent or more of a medium to dark brown.
Their fur is called brindle (irregular horizontal bands of darker hair laid on lighter hair like stripes) in all areas and in smaller patches.
They have white fur, with small black patches.
Their fur is dark and tan, or brown on their legs, black on the body/torso and light brown around their belly, perhaps with muzzles that are black.
The fur of their dogs is silvery blue and Tan.
The fur of these animals is 95 percent or more gray or blueish-gray.
The fur of their dogs is black and silver, or silver or black and shiny white.
What’s the length of the fur of your dog?
Long fur (give me hair that is down-to-there) long, floor length or even longer Here doggie, there dogs everywhere doggie . . . HAIR!!!!)
Hair that is neither long, nor extremely short.
Short fur.
Learn more about your furry friend’s coat.Take a look at any of the following to see if they match your dog.
The fur on their feet is incredibly long and almost drags across the floor.
Their fur is silky, long, and perfectly straight.
Its fur can be described as stiff and bristly and longer than 1/2″ long.
Your pet has a fur line expanding forward along the back of their head and creates an appearance like a line on their spine.
Their fur is extremely curly.
If they’re allowed to develop, their fur will turn into an enormous fluffy ball.
They have long fur at the neck’s front or around their necks with a ruff-like or mane-like appearance.
Dogs are the best shedder of the planet.
The fur of their muzzles, their legs and eyebrows.
Your dog’s fur is short in the majority of places, and then becomes a longer hairy fringe that covers their stomachs and legs.
What do their face or head appear like?Look at the followingpictures, if they are representative of your dog.
Their heads are large and nearly rectangular when seen at from the sides.
The head and face are wrinkled every day.
Their foreheads are usually smooth, but it can wrinkle when they’re awake.
Their jaws are undershot. Also when their mouths are closed the lower teeth are in front of their upper teeth.
They are known as “pendent flews.” This means that the dog’s lips are hanging across their upper jaw and the lower lip (in certain cases, it can be quite a way).
They have a broad and short upward-facing muzzle (the front portion of their face).).
Blue eye(s) . . . baby’s got blue eye(s).
They have amber-colored eyes. (yellowish brown) eyes.
They have eyes that are gray.
Their muzzle (the part that faces the front of their faces) can be slightly arched.
They sport a hippopotamus-shaped mouth. This means that the front portion of their faces resembles the front of a hippo’s head but it’s a bit smaller.
The face of the cone is shaped that taper down from their head all the way to the end of their muzzles in a long , pointed manner.
When you’re looking deeply at their eyes they appear to be straying between their eyes.
Their noses are brown. It’s not their muzzle, which is the front of the face. The nose, which comprises the furless nasal-containing portion at the end on their muzzle.
Their noses are pink.
Their noses are gray.
The skull (the top of their heads) is shaped as an elongated round dome (high and round-ish).
They wear a black smudge of fur on their faces (or muzzle) (contrasting against lighter fur that covers their body and their body).
Shut your mouth and shout ahhh! The tongue of theirs is lavender, black or blue or is black or blue.
Their gums, tongue, and lips are completely black or blue-black.
They are “no stop.” This means that there isn’t a sudden vertical (or vertically-like) portion in the transition from the skull back to their front part (their muzzle). A stop is an incline from the top of their skull, down to the lower lands on their muzzle. The dog isn’t equipped with one, or it’s an extremely slight stoponly a small slope.
They have a clearly defined stop. The line between the skull and skull is almost horizontal, similar to a tiny cliff.
They are distinguished by a bone that looks like an oblique bump at the back of the head. This is known as an occiput.
What do their skins look like?Take a look at any of the below, if they match your dog.
The skin on their bodies is folded, forming large wrinkles.
Your dog is a dewlap (sagging skin ) on their neck’s front).
Their legs’ skin and feet swells into folds, reminiscent of big wrinkles.
How do the legs and feet appear like?Look at the below, if they match your dog.
The feet of their feet are covered in webs.
The legs of your mutt are small for their size. Long body, short legs.
The legs of your pet’s back are much more long than its front leg.
Your dog’s back legs are nearly straight (most dogs’s back legs are an elongated and sideways V). The back legs of your dog are an extremely shallow sideways V that’s nearly straight.
What is their body like?Look at any of the following items, to determine if they are the ones that describe your dog.
They are well-defined in their tuck-up. That is, beneath their torsos, the are able to see their chests slope upwards until they reach the size of a “waist.”
Your pet has a noticeable breastbone. A bump on their skin just in top on their chest.
The canine’s frame and legs are both long and slim. The dog could turn out to be the ultimate model!
Your dog is small and tall.
Your dog has a wide back. They make an ideal coffee table.
What is their tail like?Look up any of the followingimages, if they match your dog.
Your dog is holding their tail straight up and is bending forward in front of their back.
The tail of your mutt is bushy like an old bottle brush.
The tail of your dog is straight or curled (but not curly or curly!) and it is carried high (somewhere between 90 degrees between just above horizontal until it is almost vertical).
The tail of your mutt is straight and it is carried horizontally or nearly horizontal.
The dog you love has a shorter tail and can be seen dragging it down.
Your dog has a short , stumpy tail or no tail at all. I’m not talking about docked tails. Your dog was not born with or with a lot of the tail.
Comments about your dog’s character and behaviour.Look up any of these to see if they match your dog.
Your dog will love water or swimming.
Your pet dog is a joy to walk about, going between and back, sniffing, searching for prey.
Your dog likes to for things and bring them back from the water or land.
When you look at prey, your pet mutt stops and “points” with a front leg.
Your dog is fond of digging for varmints or your pet is an avid Ratter.
Your dog is prey-driven.
Your dog is a lover of running.
Your dog’s herding traits are evident.
Your dog bites on the heels, whether in play, or else.
Your mutt howls.
Your dog is a ferocious starer.
Your dog is extremely unhappy when it must be left alone.
Your dog has a lively personality. That is to say, your dog is ready to fight and fight, even if your dog is a greater size.
Your dog has a determined personality.
Your dog is very barky.
Your dog barks a high-pitched, loud bark.
Your dog is extremely welcoming to all people, even strangers.
Your dog has a lively and active personality.
Your dog is always eager to please those who share the world around it.
Your mutt was difficult or perhaps impossible, to housetrain.
Your dog doesn’t like hot or humid weather.
Your dog doesn’t like cold weather.
Your dog will love cold weather.
Your pet snores or wheezes frequently.
Your dog is very gentle.
Your dog is extremely energetic.
Your dog’s energy levels are low.
Your dog is prone to drooling.
How much does your dog weigh?Be sure to take a look the downwards direction if your dog is overweight.
10 lbs. or less.
11 – 20 lbs.
21 – 30 lbs.
31 – 40 lbs.
41 – 50 lbs.
51 – 60 lbs.
61 – 70 lbs.
71 – 80 lbs.
81 – 90 lbs.
91 – 100 lbs.
100 lbs. or more.
Go find your yardstick.What is the dog’s height from the highest point of their shoulders or back?
9.0 inches and less.
10 – 19 inches.
20 – 29 inches.
More than 30 inches.


Black dogs are never out of fashion, can be easily adorned, and look cleaner longer. They also make the most perfect snuggles on cold evenings thanks to their heat-absorbing coats.

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