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Dog Peeing Blood – What Should You Do?

Bloody urine (clinical term: hematuria) could have some of causes in dogs, from absolutely benign to extreme.

This is a commonplace complaint, but, and most dogs can get a prognosis and treatment speedy from their vet with out undergoing invasive diagnostics.


Mild to moderate to extreme

Table of Contents

  • Common in:
  • Symptoms and brands
  • Understanding the diagnostics
  • Learning about the reasons
  • 1. Urinary Tract Infection
  • 2. Urinary Stones or Crystals
  • three.    3. Cancers of the Urinary Tract
  • four.    4. Prostate Problems
  • five.    5. Other causes
  • Best treatment options
  • Home treatments and their effectiveness
  • When to see a vet
  • FAQ

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Key factors

  • Several viable causes imply diagnosis by a veterinarian is required
  • The majority of instances are clean and cheap to treat
  • Some cases will want life-long control 
  • Urgent however not an emergency – unless the dog will become unable to urinate

Common in:

Any age and breed, but maybe greater commonplace in immunocompromised puppies – the younger, the aged, and people with an underlying sickness. Dalmatians are also over-represented.

Symptoms and brands

Dogs with blood of their urine may additionally have irritation in their urinary tract, that’s usually painful. You may notice your dog licking at their penis or vulva to assuage the inflammation. Dogs with urinary irritation might also experience the need to urinate greater often – they’ll ask to go out a lot or squat extra often, however produce best a small quantity of urine. You may additionally word straining or apparent ache when urinating.

Other symptoms consist of:

  • Drinking extra
  • Lethargy and being ‘off-shade’
  • Nausea
  • Behavioral adjustments – specifically in older puppies
  • Smelly urine
  • Weight loss

There are plenty of different viable reasons of blood for your canine’s urine but – except for girls in heat – none are everyday.

You need to book an appointment with your vet if you notice any of the signs and symptoms of bloody urine in dogs.

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Understanding the diagnostics

Your vet will ask you a few questions and check over your dog to assist rule out viable reasons of the blood to your canine’s urine.

urine examination comes subsequent – so take a clean pattern to the vet if you could. Don’t fear in case you didn’t manipulate to get one even though, the vet might catch one at the exercise, or take one with a needle and syringe in case your canine is small enough. 

paper strip referred to as a ‘dipstick’ will be used to check things like the pH of the urine and whether there are any white blood cells that suggest infection.

The urine will also be examined beneath the microscope for bacteria and crystals. In a few cases, the urine might also want to go to an external laboratory for extra considerable testing.

Depending on the effects, your vet may request imaging – usually an ultrasound or an x-ray – with a purpose to search for problems inside the bladder or kidneys. Blood assessments will also be advocated, to take a look at markers of kidney problem.

Learning approximately the causes

So, what may the vets find? Let’s take a look at the common causes.

1. Urinary Tract Infection

urinary tract infection (or ‘UTI’) is the maximum common purpose of blood in a dog’s urine. The bacteria responsible is often E. Coli, however many other bacteria (or maybe fungi and parasites!) can also be located.

Urinary tract infections are more common in woman dogs or those with underlying diseases such as kidney ailment, diabetes, or Cushing’s disease.

2. Urinary Stones or Crystals

Minerals gift clearly within the urine can condense to shape urinary crystals. A aggregate of food regimen, breed, urinary infections, and other troubles can combine to purpose urinary crystals in puppies.

Crystals can worsen the bladder lining and lining of the urethra, however the important challenge comes whilst those crystals stick collectively to shape urinary stones or ‘uroliths’.

Bladder stones affect many breeds of dogs, but Dalmatians are a common perpetrator – they normally get urate and xanthine stones due to a genetic defect. Bladder stones can grow nearly as large because the bladder itself and that they’re fashioned of layer upon layer of minerals.

These stones can soar around within the bladder, causing infection and irritation, as well as supplying a good region for bacteria to grow.

There are many forms of crystal and stone, and even as some can be dissolved, most large stones want eliminating surgically.

3. Cancers of the Urinary Tract

Bladder and kidney tumors are pretty uncommon in puppies but do occur. Like most cancers, bladder tumors generally have an effect on older dogs.

4. Prostate Problems

In boys, prostate troubles can reason bloody urine. Prostate infections, benign prostate enlargement, and prostate most cancers may all motive blood to leak into the urine flow – you might also word a slower urine drift than usual.

5. Other causes

Of direction, many different matters also can purpose bloody urine in puppies, including:

  • Kidney bleeding (unknown motive)
  • Bleeding and clotting issues
  • Trauma to the penis or vagina
  • Transmissible venereal tumors 
  • Estrus (in unspayed girls)
  • Bladder polyps

Best treatment alternatives

Depending on the purpose of the blood, treatment can variety from no remedy to antibiotics, to a food plan trade, to surgery.

You should observe your vet’s advice for all remedy, and make sure that any antibiotic guides are absolutely completed – it’s not unusual for bacteria involved in a UTI to be proof against one or more antibiotics.

Home remedies and their effectiveness

There are no regarded powerful home treatments for peeing blood in puppies. In some instances, a preventative dose of cranberry extract may additionally help dogs with recurrent infections.

When to see a vet

It’s nice to peer a vet as soon as you notice blood on your dog’s wee. Delay can cause many instances to worsen.

What Are UTIs In Dogs?

You would possibly think a UTI approach your canine has a urinary tract infection … as a result of a urinary pathogen or bacterial infection. But your dog’s urinary tract disorder won’t be what it appears. Bladder issues often stem from inflammation – with no bacteria causing them in any respect. In reality, many holistic vets say that UTI stands for urinary tract inflammation (not contamination). This is vital that will help you deal with bladder troubles on your dog. 

What Are The Signs Of UTIs In Dogs?

Urinary tract sickness can include kidney, ureters, urethra and bladder contamination.

While we’re using a female canine instance below … recall that male dogs can get UTIs too! Typical signs and symptoms of UTIs in dogs of both gender consist of:

  • Frequent urination or urging.
  • Bloody urine. Sometimes you can see a touch blood at the very stop. Other times there might be a blood clot. Sometimes it’s hardly noticeable. Get your canine to pee on a paper towel to look if there’s blood present.
  • Licking earlier than or after she urinates.
  • Inappropriate urination or injuries in the house.
  • General restlessness.
  • Needing to go out at some point of the night time.
  • Trying to pee once more proper after she’s peed. You may additionally see her attempt some instances and appear to squat or stress a few one of a kind approaches. This is due to difficult glide of urine. 
  • Signs of painful urination. 

When untreated, UTIs can cause bigger troubles, together with stones, disorder, infertility, kidney contamination, or even kidney failure.

Is It A Urinary Tract Infection Or Something Worse? 

If your canine is showing symptoms of a UTI, it’s a very good concept to take a urine pattern in your vet for analysis. That’s because UTIs can be a symptom of a greater serious scientific situation, inclusive of …

  • Bladder or urethra stones
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney stones or other kidney problems
  • Tumor

These troubles are a lot less possibly … however are less complicated to deal with if you catch them early. 

Preventing Blood in Your Dog’s Urine and Ensuring Future Urinary Tract Health

The exceptional way to save you blood to your canine’s urine is to hold your canine healthful. Provide masses of fresh water and permit your dog to urinate at the least three to 5 times a day. It’s also important to your dog to have annual (or biannual) test-ups, at some stage in which your vet will run screening tests, which includes bloodwork and a urinalysis. Your vet can be capable of discover a small problem and start treatment earlier than it simply starts offevolved to bother your canine.

For puppies prone to urinary tract problems, there are some of canine-unique dietary supplements available that guide urinary tract fitness. Most of these include cranberry extract, however a few include glucosamine or various herbs and roots. Ask your vet for guidance when choosing supplements or different over-the-counter products in your dog.


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Dog Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Considerations

Cystitis (bladder inflammation) can sometimes be reversed speedy, specifically if stuck early and earlier than an contamination has set in. Urinary tract infections are painful and want to be taken severely. If caught and dealt with early, you may stop the ache and capacity infection earlier than your canine desires veterinary care.

However, in case your dog appears to be in discomfort or is straining to skip urine, see your veterinarian for an exam and urine assessments to discover any underlying contamination or fitness situations. Your doctor can also prescribe antibiotics or other medicines. Discuss the safety of natural remedies together with prescribed healing procedures with a view to offer the most effective and suitable remedy.


The decrease urinary tract includes the bladder and the urethra (the tube that connects the bladder) and permits urine to go out the body.

Causes for blood in the decrease UT in dogs consist of the following:


Bladder stones are crystals that form inside the bladder and can motive irritation, bleeding, and capacity urethral blockages. These “stones” form for quite a few motives, along with eating regimen, genetics, or chronic infections.


A decrease urinary tract contamination (UTI) is by means of a long way the maximum common cause of blood in canine urine. It may be caused by numerous things, ranging from pores and skin allergies, urethra anatomy of and hormone-related incontinence in spayed women


The symptoms of bladder cancer in dogs are similar to UTIs and can purpose injuries in the house, blood in the urine, or difficulty urinating.


Intact male puppies generally tend to have a better incidence of prostate troubles, and prostate expansion or infections can motive blood within the urine.


In addition to the instances above, there are some different motives that could give an explanation for why there’s blood in a dog’s urine:

  • Infectious sickness (which includes bacterial, viral, or disorder)
  • Idiopathic causes (unknown)
  • Trauma
  • Chemotherapy can cause hematuria
  • Coagulopathy (this is a situation wherein the blood’s potential to clot is impaired, and might reason extended or excessive bleeding)
  • A low wide variety of platelets or thrombocytes in the blood (a circumstance called thrombocytopenia)
  • Inflammatory disorder or vasculitis

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