Body Fat Percentage Tables for Male And Female

Find out your body fat percentage using the body fat calculator. Utilize a tape measure to measure your waist or hip, wrist, as well as forearms circumference. Input your gender as well as the measurements below to get the body fat index, calculated based on average values. This index isn’t an indication of your fitness because the calculation is done without reference to weight or height.

Body Fat Percentage Categories

ClassificationWomen (% Fat)Men (% Fat)
Essential Fat10-12%2-4%
Obese32% +25% +

The American Council on Exercise Body Fat Categorization

Essential fat10-13%2-5%

Jackson & Pollard Ideal Body Fat Percentages


Body fat percent (BFP) equation for males

USC Units:
BFP = 86.010xlog10(abdomen-neck) – 70.041xlog10(height) + 36.76
SI, Metric Units:
BFP = 495 1.0324 – 0.19077xlog10(waist-neck) ) + 0.15456xlog10(height) – 450

Body fat percent (BFP) Formula for women:

USC Units:
BFP = 163.205xlog10(waist+hip-neck) – 97.684x(log10(height)) – 78.387
SI, Metric Units:
BFP = 495 1.29579 – 0.35004xlog10(waist+hip-neck) + 0.22100xlog10(height) – 450

Be aware that the outcomes of these calculations are just an estimate as they are based on different assumptions in order to ensure that they are useful to the maximum number of people. To get more precise measurement of body fat the use of tools like bioelectric impedance analyses as well as hydrostatic densities testing are essential.

  • Fat mass (FM) formula:
  • FM = BF x Weight
  • Lean Mass (LM) formula:
  • LM = Weight – FM

BMI Method:

Another method of calculating an estimation of the body fat percentage utilizes BMI. Visit this BMI Calculator in order to find an estimation of BMI to use in conjunction with BMI. BMI technique, as well as further details about the method by which BMI can be calculated and the implications of it and limitations. Briefly the calculation of BMI is done by using formulas that require measurements of the height of a person and their weight. With BMI, these formulas are used to determine the percentage of body fat in a person.

  • Body fat percent (BFP) calculation for males of adult age:
  • BFP = 1.20 x BMI + 0.23 x Age – 16.2
  • Body fat percent (BFP) calculation for females who are adults:
  • BFP = 1.20 x BMI + 0.23 x Age – 5.4
  • Body fat percent (BFP) calculation for males:
  • BFP = 1.51 x BMI – 0.70 x Age – 2.2
  • Body fat percent (BFP) Formula for females:
  • BFP = 1.51 x BMI – 0.70 x Age + 1.4
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Table of Body Fat Percentage for women

Women typically have slightly higher body fat than males. The amount of fat in the body also alters with the advancing years.

Body fat proportions that are ideal for the age of group are as the following:

Age 20–29

dangerously lowunder 14%
dangerously highover 27.2%

Age 30–39

dangerously lowunder 14%
dangerously highover 29.2%

Age 40–49

dangerously lowunder 14%
dangerously highover 31.3%

Age 50–59

dangerously lowunder 14%
dangerously highover 34.6%

Over 60

dangerously lowunder 14%
dangerously highover 35.5%

Table of body fat percentage for males

Men also have to maintain their body fat percentage within the healthy range. Ideal fat levels are slightly less for men than women.

The ideal body weight percentages at the age group are as follows:

Age 20–29

dangerously lowunder 8%
dangerously highover 23.2%

Age 30–39

dangerously lowunder 8%
dangerously highover 25%

Age 40–49

dangerously lowunder 8%
dangerously highover 26.7%

Age 50–59

dangerously lowunder 8%
dangerously highover 27.9%

Over 60

dangerously lowunder 8%
dangerously highover 28.5%

Do I have a body fat percentage that is normal?

After you have determined the body fat percentage and then you can examine it against the recommended numbers. The following list is of the American Council on Exercise and provides the percentages of averages across specific categories.

  • Essential fat: 10-13% (women), 2-5% (men)
  • Athletes: 14-20% (women), 6-13% (men)
  • Fitness: 21-24% (women), 14-17% (men)
  • Average: 25-31% (women), 18-24% (men)
  • Obese: 32%+ (women), 25%+ (men)

Got Your Calculated Body Fat Percentage?

Now that you have a good idea of the percentage of your body fat, what exactly is it? Find out more about how your body burns off fat and what exercises can aid you in reaching your goals.

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What is a suitable proportion of fat in your body?

for women women, an average body fat between 13 and 31 percent is considered healthy however for males the range is between 5-24 percentage. Body fat isn’t the most reliable indicator of health, but it is more normal to have greater body fat as you are because your metabolism slows.

What happens to fat once it leaves the body?

Fat is eliminated from the body mostly via the lungs, when the exhale. This is due to the fact that when fat is utilized as a source of energy it uses oxygen to generate carbon dioxide and energy. This CO 2 is then absorbed into the bloodstream, and eventually reaches the lung. Fat also released through sweat, urine , and faeces..

How do you burn off fat in your body?

When you have to utilize the fat stored in your body to generate energy the body releases fat acids into your blood. These acids are then carried around your body and to muscles that are in need. Once they are in the muscles they break into pieces, releasing the energy in the form of CO 2.. It is CO 2 goes out of the body via the lungs or through urine.

What are the effects of fat on your body?

Fats are a vital component of our diet. They give us energy they are also used for the growth of cells and are converted into important hormones. The fatty tissues safeguard your organs from physical injury and provide protection from the elements. A large number of fatty tissues could be a new pathway for disease to develop.

Are the body fat scales reliable?

Scales to measure body fat are extremely accurate but because of the many factors that influence the results, you can you can expect the results to be off by five percent for the most accurate scales available. To maximize the accuracy of their readings, follow the instructions as precisely as you can.

Do body fat scales actually work?

Yes the body fat scales work and come with an accuracy of 95%, based upon the type of model. They function by passing a safe electrical current around your body, and then measuring the resistance. They are extremely dependent on your body’s water content, so be sure to follow the directions with care.

What are the best ways to check the fat content of your body?

  • Skinfold Calipers.
  • Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA).
  • Hydrostatic weighting.
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).
  • The body circumference measurements.

What is the typical percentage in body fat?

In the USA in the United States, the mean body fat percentage from 1999 to 2004 for women aged 16-19 was 35%, for woman between the ages of 16-19 was 35 percent and for women between 20 and 39, it was 38 percent and for those between 40 and 59, it was 41 percent. For men aged 16-19, it was 23 percent and for those between 20 and 39, it was 26 percent and for 40 and 59 it was 28 percent..

What amount of body fat could I shed in one month?

The possibility of losing anywhere from 1 to three percent in body fat every month is believed to be feasible and healthy. It is not a certain thing as the rate of the amount of fat you lose is dependent on many different aspects that are why you should talk to your doctor or dietician prior to losing any significant amount of weight.

How often does your body burn fat?

Your body uses fat to burn when there’s no oxygen in the bloodstream for the demands of your present needs. If you’ve just had a meal, your body will burn up the energy before burning off fat. In addition, if there is none of the fats to use, your body will instead burn muscle.

What questions to inquire an doctor

It could be helpful to ask a physician some of the questions below:

  • Which is your ideal percentage of body fat for someone who are my age, active level and sexual orientation?
  • Which is the best and most precise method to determine the body fat percentage?
  • Do my health conditions suggest that an assessment of body fat percentage might be useful?
  • What can I do to become healthier?
  • Are I at an average weight?


The accuracy of calculating percentages of body fat at home is a difficult task. However, using BMI calculation or fat calipers, you can get an approximate estimation of the body’s fat.

Body fat can be a valuable gauge of health overall but there are some limitations regarding its use.

Instead of focus on body fat only think about focusing on a healthy way of living. Regular exercise, regular strength training along with a well-balanced and balanced diet are all good ways to stay healthy.


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