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If your cat’s tail is hanging down, it would signal that it’s damaged or injured. Find out how lengthy a damaged tail takes to heal and what’s worried with treating it.

Is your kitty’s tail drooping down? If so, your cat might also have a damaged tail or every other type of tail damage. 

A cat’s tail is typically erect and transferring. It can clue you into your cat’s temper, like whilst she’s angry and it angrily swooshes again or forth. It also enables your cat with balance. 

So when your cat’s tail is pointing down, it’s a red flag that some thing critical is going on. Read on to analyze more approximately cat tail injuries, their treatment, and the way long they take to heal. 

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What Happens When a Cat Breaks Their Tail? 

A cat’s tail is an extension of its backbone, made of vertebrae bones, blood vessels, and muscle. Although the spinal wire stops before attaining the tail, severa nerves branch off from it and preserve travelling thru the tail. 

What looks as if a damaged tail can be the end result of some unique forms of accidents. Your cat may additionally have a bone fracture, a dislocated vertebrae, or an damage from its tail being pulled. In all instances, the nerves and blood vessels within the vicinity are regularly broken, Aimee Simpson, DVM, scientific director of VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia, says. 

How Do You Know if Your Cat Has a Broken Tail? 

The most commonplace signal of harm is a limp tail. But there may be extra signs on account that some of the nerves at the bottom of the tail additionally manipulate the hind legs, bladder, and bowel, give an explanation for the professionals at Mar Vista Animal Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. 

If your cat is injured on the tail base, they may have hassle moving their back legs. They may also lose a few control over their bladder or bowel moves. If your cat has a limp tail or any of those signs and symptoms, seek immediately veterinary care.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Broken Tails in Cats? 

“In many cases, a cat’s tail will heal on its very own,” Simpson says. The excellent remedy for much less complicated accidents is rest. Your veterinarian may additionally prescribe a pain reliever. 

If nerves that manipulate the feature of the bladder or bowel had been injured, your kitty may also require more help. Urine that sits within the bladder too lengthy can result in contamination and a full bladder can over stretch bladder muscle mass. 

If your cat can’t urinate on its own, you could express it with the aid of hand 3 to 4 times an afternoon. This entails lightly squeezing the bladder to push urine out—your veterinarian can show a way to accurately do that and may also prescribe medication to assist. Some cats also want stool softeners and enemas, Simpson says. 

Amputation is an choice for more intense cases, Simpson provides. Your vet can also advocate surgical operation if: 

  • Blood deliver to the tail is cut off.
  • Urine and feces are collecting at the tail, increasing the hazard of infection.
  • A cat is chewing on its tail, causing further damage.
  • Weight of the striking tail is continuing to purpose nerve harm.
How Long Does It Take for a Broken Cat Tail to Heal? 

It takes time for a broken tail to mend, mainly for nerves to restore. A complete restoration can soak up to 6 months.

It’s critical to peer your veterinarian if something seems wrong with your cat’s tail. Only a vet can decide how enormous the harm is with an examination and x-rays. A vet can also prescribe ache relievers and other medicines your kitty may additionally want to ease discomfort while they heal. For most kitties, care and relaxation is all they need with the intention to swoosh their tails once more.

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