Self-Care Tips: How to Take Care of Yourself?

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It’s often apparent that in the current world of speed and speed self-care can be difficult to find. Who has time to floss and relaxation sessions? “Often we know already where we need to start to improve our mental health, whether it be engaging in consistent therapy or better self-care practices,” says Jody Kemmererer who is a licensed … Read more

The Best 21 Sugar Free Starbucks Drinks

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You’re looking for Sugar-free Starbucks drinks? Well, you’re in the right place. Starbucks has a wide selection of beverages on their menu which are sugar-free. As a whole the tea, coffee and espresso are not sugar-based. This means that all Starbucks Iced Tea beverages, brewed hot tea as well as drip coffee that is brewed and espresso are sugar-free. But, … Read more

Is Chocolate Vegan? – Learning Drives

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Chocolate is a delicious delicacy that has been enjoyed for many centuries. The ancient Mayans consumed cacao in the form of a drink that was frothy. Europeans added honey and sugar to soften their bitter flavor. Nowadays chocolate (including milk chocolate, dark white chocolate, or dark chocolate) is produced into drinks, bars and powders that are used to … Read more

List of Fatal Autoimmune Diseases – Learning Drives

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There are more than 100 autoimmune illnesses which means that in the vast most cases they aren’t life-threatening. There are diseases that could be fatal or result in life-threatening complications. Giant Cell Myocarditis Giant cell myocarditis can be described as a rare condition of the cardiovascular system that can progress rapidly and often ends in death. 1 In this … Read more

Plyometric Exercises – Benefits, Cautions

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What is plyometric exercise? Plyometric exercises are a powerful aerobic exercises designed to improve your endurance, speed, and strength. You must work the muscles at their highest capacity in a short amount of time. Also called jumping training, plyometric workouts tend to be targeted at individuals who are highly skilled or in good physical shape. But, they … Read more

Shin Pain Not Shin Splints – Learning Drives

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Shin splints are common when you experience discomfort in the front part of the lower leg. The pain that shin splints cause stems from the irritation of the muscles, tendons and bone tissue that surrounds your shin. Shin splints are a frequent issue for athletes, gymnasts and dancers as well as military recruits. There are a few ways … Read more

How to Make Your Period End Faster?

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It’s getting close to the end of the month. It’s time to start with your period however, you’ve got an exciting vacation scheduled for later. Instead of battling Menstrual cramps bleeding, bloating and cramps you’re wondering what the alternatives are. Are you able to stop your period? Are you sure it is completely safe? “A lot of people think if you … Read more