What Is Plant Based Protein? – Learning Drives

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Finding protein in vegan diets is simple. Look over Whitney’s top ten sources of plant-based protein sources for motivation! When I explain to people that I’m primarily a plant-based diet and they respond with “how do you gain protein? It’s the HUGE myth that plant-based diets aren’t high in protein. Yes, fruits, vegetables grains, nuts, legumes, seeds all … Read more

How to Thicken Hair Naturally? -Learning Drives

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Although there isn’t a method to alter the texture of hair follicles there are several ways to make hair appear thicker and decrease breakage and loss of hair. Thinning or thin hair is quite common and affects any person. Chemical allergies, aging illness, chemical allergies and poor diet are just a few reasons that can contribute … Read more

How to Wash Hair Without Shampoo? -Learning Drives

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The autumnal season In Melbourne, Australia is slowly but surely coming into. The sun is setting earlier each day and the temperatures are decreasing. For me, this indicates that I need to alter my routine to accommodate the changing conditions. In colder times, my hair becomes more prone to dryness and to prevent excessive loss of moisture I … Read more

How to Remove Tartar From Teeth? -Learning Drives

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Who wouldn’t want an at-home routine for oral health could be sufficient for flawlessly white teeth? However, when it comes to issues like tartar buildup, your regular dental hygiene routine is only one aspect of. In this video we’ll talk about what tartar isand ways to prevent its accumulation, and then get rid of it without the help … Read more

Pressure Points For Headaches- Learning Drives

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About 45 million Americans have some form of headache each year. Of this 30 percent suffer from migraine that can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Many sufferers experience migraines so intense or frequent, they are unable to attend work , as well as many of the important moments of life. Finding a way to deal with your headaches … Read more

How to Relieve Shoulder Tension? -Learning Drives

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Stress. Anxiety. A lack of moral support. These and many other psychological factors have been identified as possible reasons for neck pain.1,2 If tension and stress develop in the neck muscles, they may feel stiff or stiff. Neck pain can spread to the shoulder area or be associated with headaches. Let’s consider ways to ease this type of neck discomfort. … Read more