Dog Refuses To Poop Outside – Learning Drives

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Dog Refuses To Poop Outside – Learning Drives .It’s annoying when your dog refuses to go outside to poop however, there’s usually an explanation to the behavior. Sometimes, a dog isn’t completely housebroken, and in that instances, accidents are normal. But a dog who is housebroken will stop peeing outside for a variety of reasons. In this … Read more

Dog Eye Discharge Allergies – Learning Drives

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Dog Eye Discharge Allergies – Learning Drives .If you notice either or both eyes of your dog appear red and irritated, you might wonder what could be the reason might be. Allergies in dogs are more likely to have symptoms that are related with your surface or the intestinal tract However, it’s possible that allergies are responsible for the … Read more

Do Puppies Eyes Change Color – Learning Drives

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Do Puppies Eyes Change Color – Learning Drives .Yes, all puppies have blue eyes or at most some shade that is blue. The eyes of a puppy are closed during the initial few days, usually within eight and fourteen days. In week two they begin slowly but slowly open their eyes. As a dog’s owner, you’ll notice that your … Read more

Do Dogs Remember Their Parents – LED

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Do Dogs Remember Their Parents – LED .Certain dogs remember their mothers. Some dogs can remember their parents however, some dogs do not. This may sound like a strange idea, but bear with me because everything will become apparent once you study the studies involved. The Dr. Peter G. Hepper Professor Emeritus of Queen’s University Belfast, … Read more