The Best Weight Machines: Best Training at Home

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Positively, more people realize that they don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape. With the right equipment knowledge and the proper exercise you can do it at home. This has resulted in a huge rush to buy the best home fitness equipment on the market. There’s more! Our ACTIVE Reviews Team researched the best all in one exercise machines for home. They are … Read more


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Your pre-workout routine can have a significant impact on how you feel during exercise. While stretching is a common way for athletes to prepare for their workout, it can also improve flexibility in static (nonmoving) flexibility. However, stretching might not be helping your body perform efficiently or quickly. It’s important to do “dynamic mobility exercises” prior to … Read more

When Did They Start 3 Pointers in Basketball?

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When Did They Start 3 Pointers in Basketball? Chris Ford, of the Boston Celtics, took the first ever three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979. Table of Contents Which year was the NBA’s first 3-pointer?Who was the inventor of the 3-point line?Who is the greatest 3-point shooter?Which three-pointer is the most accurate and … Read more

What Is A Good Cadence For Running?

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Let’s be clear. There is no one ideal pace for running. Everyone should strive for a different stride speed. Although it is not recommended to aim for an exact number, monitoring your cadence can provide many benefits. It can improve your running efficiency, decrease the likelihood of injury, prevent injury during training, and help with recovery. What is … Read more

Sprint Triathlon Distances – Learning Drives

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Triathlon is a combination triathlon of three sports: run, swim, and cycle. Distances vary. While shorter races can be completed in under an hour, longer races can take up to 17 hours. This article will discuss the most popular distances used for triathlons. It’s possible to start with shorter distances, and then move on to longer … Read more

How To Qualify For Boston Marathon? -Learning Drives

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It is difficult enough to climb Heartbreak Hill. . . To be eligible to race, you must first meet strict Boston Marathon qualifying times. The qualifying times have slightly changed in recent years. This means that it will be more difficult to meet the mark. Your age on the day that the Boston Marathon is being held will determine your qualifying times. These … Read more