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Do Dogs Remember Their Parents – LED .Certain dogs remember their mothers. Some dogs can remember their parents however, some dogs do not. This may sound like a strange idea, but bear with me because everything will become apparent once you study the studies involved.

The Dr. Peter G. Hepper Professor Emeritus of Queen’s University Belfast, in Northern Ireland, conducted an experiment to see whether dogs recognize the mothers of their dogs ( view study) and discovered that they did in certain ways.

Thus, it is reasonable to presume that if dogs knew their mothers, they would remember their mothers.

This is how Hepper came to the conclusion that Dr. Hepper found out.

In groundbreaking research that was published in 1994 in 1994, The researcher, Dr. Hepper included three different purebreds, including 3 Alsatians and 4 Golden Labradors and three Golden Retrievers which gave 10 mothers and an estimated 57 puppies. The pups were between 4 and five and five and a half weeks of age.

Prior to the beginning of the test, puppies are separated from moms for 30 mins. The puppy was then placed in the middle area. One side of the room is a cage that houses the pup’s mom. The other side is a cage that houses another unrelated bitch of same size and breed.

The puppy was then allowed to play in the cages. Of the 57 pups of them, 48 of them showed a preference for their mother.

What do you think of the other 9 puppies?

They either didn’t remember or remember their mother or chose to ignore her. Doctor. Hepper’s findings were unclear in this regard.

To determine the importance of scent in recognition puppies were asked on their preferences for the scents of their mothers. For this purpose test, six mothers (2 Alsatians, 2 Golden Labradors and two Golden Retrievers) and their pups (34 pups) were examined.

Over the course of two nights she was separated of her kittens and was placed on a bed covered with the help of a towel. The towel was taken away and put in a sealed plastic container until testing was completed 0 to two days after.

In the same way as in the previous study the puppy was put in the middle of the room. At one end was a mesh container that contained the towel that had been impregnated by the mother’s smell, at the opposite end was the mesh box contained an impregnated towel that was impregnated with the scent of a female who was not familiar with them.

28 of 34 puppies were more interested in looking at the towel, smelling it with the scent of their mothers.

So, puppies of month can recognize their mothers by smell or sight after a period for 30 minutes. But , do dogs recall their mother after an longer period of time for say, two years?

Do dogs be able to remember their mother?

Hepper. Hepper also thought about the idea and increased the stakes for his study. He was interested in finding out whether dogs can still be remembered by their mothers even after a break of two years.

18 mothers, (7 Golden Labradors, 5 Alsatians 5 Alsatians, six Golden Retriever, and their pups (49 pups) were examined. The puppies were removed from their mother at the time they were between 8 and 12 weeks old.

When they reached two years old when they reached 2 years old, they were taken to a lab and evaluated. The dogs were still able to recognize their mother as 47 of those puppies being more interested in sniffing the fabric scented by their mother.

They could carry the memories of their mother’s death from the time of infancy through adulthood.

Another study that used different breeds of dog have proved the findings of Dr. Hepper’s conclusions. Gillis C. conducted the same study with 8 animals (4 Collies, 2 Cairn Terriers One Golden Retriever, and 1 Shih Tzu) which were removed from mothers between 7 and 7 months.

7 of the eight dogs were more interested in looking at the towel that was impregnated with their mother’s scent.

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Do mothers’ dogs remember their pups?

The results of Dr. Hepper’s study, given the choice of an impregnated cloth infused with the smell of their offspring, or a different dog with the same age and sex and breed The mothers chose the cloth that contained the scent of their litter.

Mothers were capable accomplish this feat even after two years of separation from their offspring and even after having another pup during the same time.

What mom-pup interactions could be the reason for this bond apart from the fact that mom shared her milk with her puppies?

A lot.

A mother is much more than a mere milk station.

In their article “Maternal behavior in domestic dogs” Lezama-Garcia examined how mothers provide contact and nursing, grooming/licking punishment, play and thermoregulation and motion to their pups.

The puppies are typically birth hearing impaired and blind and are unable to move. The first few days after giving birth, the mother rarely lets her pups go and will lick them whenever they leave her.

From the time of birth until four months old, the mom massages her pups’ anogenital areas to encourage the process of defecation and the urination process which they are unable to perform on their own. The puppies also are unable to keep warm and mom will provide the warmth source to keep them at a steady body temperature.

Under the breasts of the mother are glands that release the substance known as dog appeasing pheromones (DAP). When pups nurse., DAP is released and this brings them peace and peace and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

These are just a few things that can aid dogs in remembering their mothers over the short-term.

Do dogs keep their family members in mind?

The Dr. Hepper has an answer to this question, as well. Dogs born in the year recognize their companions however, adult dogs only recognize their sibling when they live together.

Dogs might remember their siblings by scent (image via

After two years of separation siblings can’t recognize their siblings. However, their mothers are able to, so they simply have to take her word on it.

Do dogs have memories of their fathers?

After 20 years of Dr. Hepper’s studies with puppies, mothers, and their siblings, someone recalled and asked “How do you feel about your father? Do these dogs have memories of his father?”

The year 2015 was the first time Jennifer Hamilton and Jennifer Vonk utilized Hepper’s methodology to address this issue.

In this study fifteen dog breeds (Labrador retrievers Golden retrievers and hybrid breeds) were evaluated to see to see if they can distinguish from the smells and scents that their parents emit even after not having contact with them for more than one year.

It was surprising to find that female dogs had preference to the scent of their fathers. However, male dogs did not. Due to the low sample size, Hamilton and Vonk recommended that this result be confirmed with a larger study.

Do dogs have memories of their owners?

Based on the relationship they have to their dog, human beings may be called owners, caretakers, or even surrogate parents for their dogs. The research conducted by Gillis C. found that dogs could recognize their owners’ scent after they had been separated for between 11 and 39 months.

Do we remember our dogs?

It’s a straightforward to answer, and requires no effort to answer. The more difficult issue is how humans can remember their pets.

Pongcrakz Peter created a questionnaire for people who have 113 dogs who share a home with them. Contrary to previous research that monitored the dogs’ behavior in a direct manner, this study investigated the behavior of dogs as they were remembered as well as observed and the interpretation of their owners.

The human-dog bond is so intimate that it’s like the bond between mom and child. If pediatricians ask mothers to get information more about their kids, the information they gather from people about their dogs can be beneficial.

Dog owners were asked whether their dog has a good memory for certain items from memory ( persons, other animals, events, or objects).

One of the most interesting results of this research is the fact that dogs that was perceived by its human to be “just a domestic animal” was thought to have the least memory to dogs who were regarded as a family member as a child, or even as a friend.

Pongcrakzand his team discussed the following: ” The question remains, however, whether these results solely mirror the owners’ opinions, or whether a more or less supportive social environment can indeed affect the memory performance of dogs.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that our dog is blessed with a excellent memory. We have an French Bulldog, Claude. We adopted him when he was eight months of age, and we talk to him the same way we talk to our kids.

I can tell if I can tell that he is aware of certain things through the way that his ears pop up. And by the way his eyes expand whenever I ask him to have a go at playing with the chew toy even before I even take out his chew toy from its box.

We know that our pet and our dog is able to understand us. We will rapidly become their most loved pet.

Sometimes, it’s hilarious when we speak to people who might not have this connection with their pets. At a family gathering I was discussing the dogs we have and I informed someone in the room that my dog called me Mama. And the guest yelled, “Your dog can talk? !”

No. I explained. As we were eating breakfast Claude came up to me and placed his snout on my lap. I explained to him that I’d consumed all my toast with marmalade and I suggested that Claude should seek advice from his Mama. Then, Claude turned around and moved to the opposite edge of the dining table and placed his snout on her lap. He’s familiar with his Mama.


We can observe that the scientific evidence suggests that dogs will remember their mother, their parents, and possibly siblings for some time after separation.

The question of whether dogs love their mothers is a different issue. They certainly seem to recall the mothers of their parents for a few years, as long as you believe that recognizing smell is similar to recalling.

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