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Do Foxes Eat Dogs – Learning Drives .Foxes can attack dogs on very rare occasions, and they usually maintain a distance. Foxes would rather run away instead of engaging in a fight, however, they are able to fight back against a dog in case they are they feel threatened. Foxes with cubs may even attack a dog.

Foxes are a common animal. They are found in almost every region and cities, as they are abundant with food.

However, the urbanization of foxes has brought a new problem which poses a new danger to pets.

While they’re predators, the foxes would rather run away instead of fighting an adversary. If they are afraid, they will strike at both humans and pets. Particularly if they want to protect their youngsters.

This article you’ll find out if foxes attack dogs, if they consume the dogs, and much more.

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Do Foxes Attack Dogs?

Foxes have the ability to attack dogs however, they only do it in rare instances when they are feeling threatened. The majority of dog attacks by foxes occur when females feel their cubs are being threatened. On the other hand, foxes usually flee instead of fighting.

Foxes are usually shy animals. They avoid other animals, including pets. However, there are certain situations in which they may attack:

  • If they are starving.
  • If they’re protecting their children.
  • If they are afflicted with the virus known as rabies.
  • If threatened.

Foxes are among the animals the most affected by rabies the disease that affects mammal’s nervous systems and can cause death.

It is a infectious disease that is transmitted via saliva of an infected animal. It can infect people and different animals like dogs.

Rabid Foxes can be aggressive. They can attack and bite in the middle of the night regardless of the person they are facing.

Vaccination is the most effective method to stop rabies from occurring from dogs.

Fox vs. Dog Size

The foxes are small-sized to medium-sized mammals. They are mainly red, the most well-known species of the fox and most massive can be as long as 36 to 42 inches (90-105 cm) in length and 31 pounds (14 kg) body weight. [1]

As compared to foxes dogs can weigh up to 200 pounds. That’s why the foxes pose no threat to dogs in the majority. In addition, foxes are scared of large dogs due to the fact that they are used by some in hunts with foxes. Therefore, they avoid dogs in the majority of instances.

Concerning dogs that are small (smaller that foxes) They can be targeted by hungry fox or a fox that is defending its cubs. This is only a few times.

Are Foxes Conflictual Animals?

Foxes are not animals that are conflict-prone. They are more likely to flee and only engage in an argument only when required. They are also scared of humans. If you’re out strolling your dog and you encounter the fox is likely to escape.

Whatever breed your dog belongs to regardless of breed, you must be sure to keep it in a controlled manner when you are in an area that is home to foxes. Even if they don’t be aggressive, foxes can be dangers for dogs as they are known to transmit a number of illnesses.

Do Foxes Attack Small Dogs?

Yes, foxes be aggressive towards small animals. Although it’s uncommon but they aren’t uncommon. Small dogs are easy to target for foxes, even when they choose to run away from fighting fights.

Foxes typically attack animals with weights of less than 7 pounds (~3.5 kilograms). They are generally not thought of as prey.

Even if foxes don’t consider small dogs to be an apprehension or food source attack, they can be avoided. [2]

Foxes are generally averse to attacking animals that are defenseless. Small dogs, for instance, have no chance against Fox, puppy or sick dogs.

They are particularly aggressive when they feel their burrow or nest is under threat. 3

Will Foxes Eat Dogs?

It is not likely that the fox would eat tiny dogs. Dogs aren’t part the diet of a fox. They generally eat rodents, fruits, vegetables and insects. They also eat snails, snails, or even insects. Even a small dog could be interested in the fox.

It’s not likely that a fox will consume a dog, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Foxes can be unpredictable and unpredictable animals. They eat whatever they can get their hands on. If there’s only small dogs the area, they may are an easy victim.

Dogs are vulnerable to attack when they are near the den of a fox. The foxes in this area are taking care of the cubs. Being too close can trigger an alarm within the fox.

There’s also a higher chance of being attacked by hungry foxes. If foxes aren’t able to find prey, they begin eating things that they normally wouldn’t like, like dogs.

Do Foxes Eat All Dogs?

Foxes are not able to attack and consume all dogs. They typically target dogs that are small or puppies or animals that are sick. [4] They are easy targets for hungry foxes since they lack defense.

It is not likely that the fox would attack and consume an animal of large or medium size.

If a fox builds an entrance in the garden the dog could be in danger. Foxes can become very hostile when they’re in their dens and their young.

If they are scared it could be fatal for your dog.

The following steps are suggested in the event that a fox decides to settle in your backyard:

  • Make sure your dog is on leash.
  • Beware of the den.
  • Contact the Animal Control.

Are Foxes Dangerous to Dogs?

Foxes don’t pose any danger to dogs in so in terms of attacks, however they can carry a wide range of illnesses. They are able to transmit roundworms, rabies and mange, or parvovirus dogs.

Dogs are susceptible to getting sick if they consume the feces of foxes or are bit by them.

These are among the frequent diseases that are transmitted from foxes and wolves onto dogs 5

  • roundworm infection: Infestation occurs when dogs consume roundworm eggs derived from the feces of foxes.
  • Ticks, fleas, and mange Infested foxes may give the dogs external parasites as they walk through a fox’s den.
  • It is a form of Weil’s disease: Dogs become affected after they drink water that is contaminated by the urine of foxes.
  • Rabies is transmitted by the bite of the wild fox.
  • The Salmonella and Listeria The two bacteria in dogs may contract by eating the feces of foxes.
  • Worms Lungworms, Heartworms and tapeworms and hookworms.


Are Foxes Afraid of Dogs?

They are terrified of dogs, and especially of the big and huge breeds. Humans also employ certain dog breeds to hunt foxes.

Will a Fox Go After a Dog?

Foxes aren’t known to be aggressive towards dogs unless they are threatening their young. Foxes aren’t conflict-prone animals and do not prey on dogs. They are more likely to flee rather than engage in fights. If they feel threatened or their children are in danger, they may be aggressive and strike.

Do Dogs and Foxes Get Along?

Wild foxes aren’t able to like dogs, but foxes who are kept as pets can. Foxes who are pet generally get along with pets they were raised in their youth. However, foxes can be unruly animals, even when they have been tamed and can pose a risk to dogs. Foxes are able to be trained to walk on leashes and utilize their litter boxes.


If you have a big canine, it’s unlikely likely to get attacked by the fox. It’s simply too risky for one to take that risk. Small dogs that are left alone could be a potential meal for a hungry fox even if they’re in your backyard that is fenced. Do not risk it in case your dog’s size isn’t enough for a fox take it away. 

Therefore, dogs weighing less than 20 pounds should not be left unattended in the outdoors, and even dogs between 20-30 pounds must be monitored when you suspect foxes may be wandering around.

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