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Yes, your precious puppy’s pee can kill your grass — if you permit it. But if you understand why canine pee kills grass, you may parent out methods to save you harm or repair what’s already been performed. 

And no, the solution isn’t keeping your terrible canine pent up inside. You and your dog can each get the maximum out of your stunning garden (for different reasons, with a bit of luck) in case you know the purpose of urine spots and observe simple measures to restoration them. 

Here’s the whole lot you want to know about why dog pee kills grass and what you may do approximately it:

  • Why dog pee kills grass
  • Does eating regimen have an effect on canine urine damage?
  • Does water intake affect dog urine damage?
  • Does gender have an effect on canine urine damage?
  • Does breed affect canine urine damage?
  • How to perceive canine urine harm in grass
  • Brown spots
  • Green spots
  • How to restoration dog urine spots
  • How to prevent dog urine damage in your lawn
  • FAQ about dog pee and grass
  • Man’s quality buddy, now not garden’s nice buddy

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Why canine pee kills grass

Your dog’s urine carries urea, a form of nitrogen that outcomes from digesting proteins. Dogs have numerous protein of their diet, so they have quite a few nitrogen of their urine. This high nitrogen content material is completely regular and not anything to fear about as far as your canine’s health goes.

But it’s a different story in relation to your lawn’s health. A little nitrogen fertilizes lawns, however a massive amount of nitrogen concentrated in a small vicinity (like whilst your canine pees in the identical spot time and again) burns the grass, killing it. 

Some canine proprietors suppose the acidity of canine urine is what burns grass, however that’s a fable. Nitrogen kills the grass, and acidity has nothing to do with it.

Does diet have an effect on dog urine damage?

Your dog’s weight-reduction plan can reason their pee to have greater or less nitrogen. Processed proteins create extra urea and higher nitrogen content material than clean proteins. That manner a dog on a eating regimen of processed proteins is more likely to reason garden damage. 

Most dry and moist canine meals on the shelf are highly processed. For a actually sparkling puppy weight-reduction plan, you can make your own canine food at home. Many puppy dad and mom find selfmade meals extra not pricey than shopping for canine meals at the grocery keep, anyway. 

Alternatively, there are some “clean” canine food brands you could try, such as:

  • The Farmer’s Dog
  • Nom Nom
  • Ollie
  • Spot & Tango

Note: Don’t adjust your dog’s diet or upload nutritional dietary supplements with out consulting a veterinarian first. 

Does water consumption have an effect on dog urine damage?

Yes, how a good deal water your dog liquids impacts the awareness of nitrogen of their urine. The extra water they drink, the greater diluted the nitrogen can be when they urinate. Encourage your pup to drink more water to help prevent garden spots. 

Plus, extra water is first rate in your dog’s fitness! Hydration is usually a great issue. You can inspire your dog to drink more water by adding extra water bowls around the house, purchasing a puppy ingesting fountain, or including some water to their wet meals.

Does gender have an effect on dog urine damage?

There’s a not unusual misconception that female puppies harm lawns more than male dogs, however it isn’t necessarily true. Male and female puppies’ urine has the identical chemical make-up, and nor is more harmful to lawns than the alternative. 

Female dogs damage lawns greater frequently because they squat to alleviate themselves multi functional spot, while males normally pee in small quantities around the garden. When a canine releases all that urine inside the identical spot, the nitrogen is distinctly concentrated, which reasons brown grass.

Any canine that squats to pee — consisting of dogs and elderly puppies of any gender, plus some younger grownup men — will reason more garden harm. It isn’t about gender. 

Does breed affect canine urine damage?

Breed has no effect on whether or not or no longer a dog’s pee will hurt grass. You might observe one canine damages your lawn more than every other, however that’s due to many extraordinary variables between every man or woman canine. Breed doesn’t component into the equation in any respect. 

How to perceive dog urine damage in grass

Damage from dog pee takes certainly one of paperwork, relying at the country of your lawn:

  • Brown spots, which imply your lawn is getting an excessive amount of nitrogen
  • Dark green spots, which mean your lawn isn’t getting enough nitrogen

Seeing brown or dark green spots for your lawn? Here’s how to tell if dog urine is the motive. 

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Brown spots

If your grass is yellowing or turning brown, meaning it’s loss of life. Many things can reason yellowing or browning, from lawn fungus to grubs residing within the soil. Your lifeless grass won’t be little Fido’s fault in any case. 

If the brown spots (or yellow spots, if they’re no longer absolutely lifeless but) got here from urine, you should see these features:

  • A ring of darkish inexperienced grass (darker than the rest of your lawn) round the brink of the dead patch
  • Grass doesn’t pull up without difficulty while you tug on it

Where does the dark green ring come from? Remember, grass turns brown because canine urine provides extra nitrogen to the soil. As the urine flows away from the spot wherein your dog went to the rest room, the nitrogen becomes less and much less concentrated. 

So, the place around the lifeless patch doesn’t get an excessive amount of nitrogen to turn brown. Instead, it receives simply sufficient to get a touch enhance and develop greener than earlier than. It’s like you used fertilizer in that one spot. 

What about the grass pulling up from the soil? Grass tormented by grubs or fungus has weak roots, which means that it detaches from the soil effortlessly. But canine urine doesn’t have an effect on root energy. If you can pull up the grass with a touch tug, the canine has caused your lawn’s trouble. 

Green spots

Sometimes, your dog’s preferred potty time hangouts turn dark green in preference to brown. Dark inexperienced spots suggest your soil become missing in nitrogen earlier than, and the canine’s urine provided the vitamins your grass desires to develop as healthy as possible. 

In this example, the urine spots are simply healthier than the relaxation of your garden. Apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to the rest of the soil, and all your grass may be the identical lush, dark coloration as the urine spots. 

Warning: Once you correct your soil and your grass has all the nitrogen it wishes, your dog’s urine may burn the grass and cause brown spots. 

How to fix dog urine spots

Lawn harm isn’t the same as a torn-up sofa, so don’t get mad at Fido simply but. You can repair your lawn pretty without problems, despite the fact that components of it are lifeless. 

Take these steps to help your garden appearance as properly as new after canine urine harm:

  • Water the garden deeply
  • Reseed the dead patches of grass (maybe with a more urine-resistant kind of grass seed, inclusive of fescue or Bermudagrass)
  • Apply garden treatments made to cleanse the soil of nitrogen and salts from canine urine

For greater data on how exactly you may observe these steps and fasten your lawn, see our guide on a way to restore dog pee spots in grass.

How to save you canine urine damage to your lawn

Once you repair your lawn, you may keep those green or brown spots from ever coming back. Or in case your dog hasn’t hurt the garden but, you can prevent it from going on inside the first location. You simply must assume ahead and take movement earlier than you spot any damage. 

Here are a few effective strategies for decreasing garden harm from dog urine:

  • Thoroughly water the spot wherein your dog pees right now when they’re finished
  • Train your dog to urinate in a delegated spot wherein there’s mulch or gravel instead of grass
  • Raise your mowing height so the grass is less sensitive 
  • Use Dog Rocks, a product that reduces nitrates in your canine’s water
  • Alter your dog’s weight-reduction plan (with steering from a veterinarian)
  • Reseed your garden with a extra urine-resistant grass type

Want to know extra about those prevention strategies? See our in-intensity guide to stopping canine pee damage

FAQ about canine pee and grass

1. Will grass develop lower back after dog urine damage?

Maybe and maybe no longer. If the affected grass is handiest yellowing, you could nonetheless be able to shop it with more watering earlier than it turns brown. 

If the grass is already brown, it’s dead. That grass gained’t come lower back to lifestyles, but new grass can update it. You have options for regrowth:

—Reseed the spot to grow new grass 

—Pull up the lifeless spot and allow the surrounding wholesome grass to cover the region progressively through rhizome or stolon boom 

2. What is the great grass for canine urine?

Warm-season grasses generally recover from dog urine harm higher than cool-season grasses. 

If you live in a place in which you want to apply cool-season grass, fescue is the most urine-resistant cool-season grass type

three. Do brown spots inside the lawn mean my canine is unwell?

Not necessarily. A healthful canine’s urine can purpose brown spots just the same as a ill dog’s. 

However, if you note a alternate to your dog’s bathroom behavior otherwise you all at once begin seeing spots in the garden out of nowhere, which could suggest a health problem, in particular with the kidneys. It is probably a good concept to carry your puppy to the vet and feature them looked at. 

Why Does Dog Pee Kill Grass? Tips For Repairing Your Lawn

Have you ever peered over the fence at your neighbour’s lawn and idea, “Hey, the grass truely is greener on the other aspect!” Don’t fear, you aren’t by myself on this warfare. You can be thinking, is dog pee horrific for grass? Does dog pee kill grass? How to save you puppy urine from killing grass?

Pet proprietors all need a stunning, lush, green garden for our puppies to frolic in, but the truth is that it’s greater not unusual to have huge yellow patches of broken grass and dust because of canine pee-killing grass.

Lawn stains are ugly, and people yellow patches can show extra tough to correct than we’d like. Before we are able to even start solving our grass, as a dog proprietor, we first want to recognize what causes this damage and what are a few way of life factors that may be contributing to them, inflicting you to have a backyard full of brown spots and useless grass.

So, what’s a canine owner to do to save you canine urine turning grass yellow?

Why does dog pee kill grass?

You’re in all likelihood thinking why your puppy’s urine is wreaking a lot havoc on your bad garden. Well, canine pee carries a number of nitrogen compounds. Don’t fear, it’s definitely everyday, as nitrogen is present in all amino acids and is a derivative of protein digestion.

When proteins are broken down and synthesized, they produce both urea and ammonia, two commonplace nitrogen compounds that need to be excreted through the kidneys. Depending on your canine’s food plan, genetics, and surroundings, they’ll produce greater nitrogen compounds than other puppies.

High concentrations of nitrogen can be threatening on your yard, causing the dreaded yellow spots which you see from canine urine killing grass.

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute, isn’t nitrogen the principle thing of lawn fertilizer?” Why do I grow to be with burnt grass from canine urine?

You’re proper, it’s far. It may also appear peculiar to say that the thing this is adverse our lawns, is the identical component that we use to regrow it, however too much a great thing can be terrible.

In the correct amounts, nitrogen will help your grass grow robust and healthful, but excessive levels of nitrogen from your pet’s urine, especially whilst it’s focused into a small place, will burn the grass and cause that traditional “dog pee grass” look.

You might also even be aware that some of the healthiest, tallest grass are placed around the rims of those nasty yellow stains. That’s due to the fact the ones yellow regions received the highest concentration, inflicting harm, and the encompassing grass acquired the fertilizing advantage, supporting it develop.

You can also even observe that a number of the healthiest, tallest grass are positioned round the edges of those nasty yellow stains. That’s because the ones yellow areas acquired the best concentration, inflicting damage, and the encompassing grass obtained a more dispersed quantity that led to the fertilizing advantage, helping it develop.

Pro tip: if you’re seeing way more inexperienced spots than yellow, it may be a sign you want some pet-pleasant lawn fertilizer help. Your soil might be low in nitrogen!

How to Repair Your Lawn – Tips from a Lawn Care Expert

If you’re thinking how to repair your lawn, we’ve got some first rate suggestions for you!

We do our excellent to mitigate the harm, however no longer all of us have been born with a green thumb. We spoke with garden care professional William Horner of HHS Contracting in Edmonton, to get a few recommendation on how pet owners can take care of their lawns. He become able to provide some valuable records about lawn care, and a few smooth upkeep suggestions.

Tip # 1 – Time for Spring Clean-up

When it comes to the way to prevent dog urine spots at the grass, giving your yard a thorough spring easy-up after iciness will start your grass off on the proper foot. Spring smooth-u.S.A.Should encompass:     

  • Power-raking
  • Core Aeration
  • High-nice granular fertilizer

He also warns against fertilizing spots with heavy damage from repeated urination. Adding more nitrogen to a gap that is already saturated with the nitrogen from your pet’s pee, may have an adverse effect.

Check out the Advantages of Hiring a Lawn Maintenance Company to find out how easy spring easy-up can be with the right help.

Tip #2 – Use Lawn Patch Repair Kits

A combination of ½ top class potting soil, ¼ sand, and ¼ top class grass seed can be used to patch any vicinity of the yard proper away. Repairing a backyard with grass seed is plenty less complicated than you observed! 

Just rake the affected vicinity genuinely well with a garden rake to cast off the thatch and loosen the soil before applying the combination and watering. Lawn patch repair can assist your yard appearance exquisite again, which is suitable for determine pups who need their domestic to appearance right, and experience good for his or her dogs! 

Keep in thoughts that new turf/sod is extra susceptible to the results of nitrogen so that you may need to deter your puppy from using those freshly sodded regions until they are nicely established.

One of the best methods to preserve your lawn searching first-rate is to look at the reasons why your grass is demise within the first place. To do that, it’s vital to examine

How to Stop Dog Urine from Killing Grass Naturally

On pinnacle of the protection and repair aspect, a massive part of the battle is prevention, made feasible when you train your canine. There are a range of of factors that contribute to how tons nitrogen your puppy produces and the way their conduct can affect the health of your grass. With the right nutrition, you may dilute the urine your dog produces so that it does not harm your green grass.

With the proper vitamins and hydration, you could dilute the urine your dog produces in order that it does now not damage your inexperienced grass.

According to our expert, the principle grass kind in Edmonton and Alberta is Kentucky Bluegrass. This kind of grass is the worst in terms of bouncing returned after the turf has been damaged, so preventing damage in the first region need to be your predominant priority

Let’s look at a pair of things that can make a contribution to lawn stains.


When it involves how to forestall canine urine from killing your grass certainly, your dog’s eating regimen is a issue in how badly their urine damages the grass. Higher protein diets can lead to higher ranges of nitrogen compounds being secreted in the urine, but don’t simply cognizance on amount.

The exceptional of those proteins may also play a position. Higher fine, fresher, and less processed animal proteins will create fewer by means of-products than the ones of decrease first-rate. To learn more, check out Dog Nutritional Requirements.

Fresh, uncooked diets, as an instance, tend to provide less waste, because of improved digestibility. This method fewer and much less severe lawn staining.

Before making adjustments to your dog’s food regimen, it’s usually first-class to test in with your veterinarian to ensure they’re still getting their desires met. This is particularly critical if your pet has underlying fitness situations.

Nitrogen Trapping

There are research being done, in each animal and human medicinal drug, to decide if the digestive system, in particular the massive intestines, may be used as an alternative approach for excreting urea and nitrogen compounds from the body.

This is of specific hobby to pets who have kidney issues since it facilitates ease the work had to be achieved by using the kidneys.

The huge intestine already excretes a small portion of the nitrogen compounds produced all through digestion, however a way, colloquially called nitrogen trapping, may also boom the quantity of nitrogen compounds being filtered via the huge intestine. 

This is executed the usage of prebiotics and probiotics. The gut micro organism that consequences from this supplementation aids in putting off nitrogen from the meals that your pet eats and filters it through the digestive tract together with your puppy’s stool, instead of thru their urine.

While this won’t completely dispose of urine stains out of your garden, it is able to make contributions to a discount in nitrogen to your canine’s urine and thereby doubtlessly result in fewer yellow stains.

Not to say, even within the absence of nitrogen discount in urine, prebiotics and probiotics have benefits that aid your domestic dog’s general frame health from the inner out!

Pre and probiotic dietary supplements are available, and may without problems be introduced to your puppy’s normal food regimen. If you’re looking to add a complement on your puppy’s food plan, test out a number of these manufacturers 

·        Pre and Probiotics ought to constantly be used as directed. Increasing dosages might not provide you with the result that you are searching out, and in some instances can create digestive problems in a few pets. Check together with your veterinarian before adding or casting off any supplements.


 Male puppies vs. Woman puppies frequently present unique severities of lawn staining. It’s now not that one gender produces greater nitrogen than the opposite, however because of the manner they pee, females tend to go away more extreme urine stains.

Because adult males, generally, carry their legs, their urine is greater unfold out over a bigger vicinity, at the same time as ladies usually squat, growing a puddle and closely saturating a smaller vicinity of grass.

This isn’t the case for all puppies, as each has its own precise toilet habits, but it’s far greater common to look large and extra broken garden spots with girl dogs.


 Keeping your pet hydrated could be very crucial to their urinary health and digestion. Pets that eat generally kibble or dry diets often do not drink sufficient water for the duration of the day to offset the dry be counted they eat.

This results in dehydration in the course of their complete frame, which impacts even their digestive device and urinary tract. Dark or very golden urine is a superb indicator that your canine is dehydrated and can both now not be consuming enough water or should benefit from a few fluid-containing meals.

When your pet is dehydrated, it makes their urine greater concentrated, and therefore the nitrogen compounds are greater focused.

 Freshwater should usually be to be had to your pets, however additional moisture can be added through weight-reduction plan. Feeding clean meats, uncooked bones, and sparkling produce can boom their moisture and preserve them hydrated.


If you are noticing modifications for your canine’s urine habits or are abruptly noticing a lot more grass stains instantly, it may be because of a alternate in your canine’s fitness that warrants a veterinary visit. Changes to your puppy’s potential to adjust their hydration and pH stages may want to imply kidney issues that need medical intervention, but this needs to be confirmed and treated by using a veterinary professional. When doubtful, test it out!

Beyond these elements, there are some simple hints you can try and assist save you garden damage.

Home Remedies

These recommendations won’t be an ideal fit for all and sundry, but if you are looking for a easy home cure to lessen lawn damage, those just would possibly do the trick:


Diluting the area where your dog pees can reduce harm from their urine. By diluting the nitrogen (dilute the urine), you limit the burning impact that the nitrogen has in your grass.

·        Our neighborhood garden care expert, William, endorsed using a cup of water or the hose to dilute the vicinity right after your dog pees. This could be a completely effective technique of lowering the burn in your garden if achieved in a well timed way.

Designated Potty Area

 Another tremendous tip from William changed into to train your pet to use a small element or select a place of the backyard to make it simpler to control. While you may need to be more diligent with this patch of land, the relaxation of your lawn will remain wholesome and vibrant.

 Here are a few products which can encourage your puppy to use the specified potty location:

Simple Solution Pee Post

This post uses a simulated pheromone heady scent that tells your domestic dog to “move” here. Just push the stake into the floor, leaving most effective the cap showing. 

Get your pup started by way of taking him to the pee publish each time you permit him outdoor, and profitable him when he pees within the area. Eventually, your doggy will construct a habit of going to this location and the pee publish will not be wanted. Your garden can be able to develop inexperienced once more!

Simple Solution Puppy Attractant

Want to re-fragrance your pee put up? The Simple Solutions Puppy Attractant makes use of the equal pheromone that coats the Pee Post. Use this on a number of surfaces, like pee pads, to teach your doggy to paste to 1 region of the house or yard. 

Doggy Litter Box

You can also convert the “particular potty place” into gravel or sandbox. This will require a little more education, however it is an easy clean-up alternative and could absolutely defend your grass from similarly pet harm. Keep this option in mind, particularly if you are a dog owner of small puppies. How to shop grass from dog pee?

How to Treat Dog Urine Spots on Grass

Wondering the way to repair your lawn? Follow those lawn care guidelines to prevent and deal with dog pee killing grass.

Tried the house remedies but they just didn’t cut it? Well, right here are multiple products a good way to surely assist control your yellow lawn woes and be high-quality techniques in the way to treat canine urine spots on grass.

Dog Rocks

You can also have heard of those bizarre magic rocks and idea, “there’s no manner that’ll paintings!” Well, you’d be amazed how an awful lot they are able to assist whilst used as directed.

It may appear mystical but it’s truely pretty simple. Dog Rocks are crafted from a naturally happening paramagnetic igneous rock from Australia. These rocks naturally absorb nitrogen compounds and other impurities which can be to your dog’s water, and our faucet water.

By placing the rocks to your dog’s bowl or fountain, it will remove extra nitrogen from the water and allow your dog’s natural, healthful degrees of nitrogen excretion to over again act as a fertilizer and assist your garden regrow.

I realize, it seems too proper to be proper, right? Well, there are some practices that want to be accompanied to get the maximum impact from Dog Rocks:

  • 200g Dog Rocks (1 bag) work most correctly in about 2 litres of water. Any greater and that they won’t be capable of take away enough of the nitrogen.
  • Before including the rocks for your dog’s water, rinse the rocks to take away any sediment that may have gathered inside the bag.
  • The rock works first-class whilst left sitting within the water for six-8 hours, so it’s advocated that you top up your puppy’s bowl inside the nighttime before mattress, and update the water completely each few days.
  • All water resources need to be dealt with, so when you have a couple of bowl in your house, you want to all have a complete p.C. Of Dog Rocks in every. For puppies that want to drink out of the rest room, maintain the ones lids down.
  • For large puppies and multi-pet families, you can add a couple of packs of Dog Rocks in a larger box or bucket, and use that bucket to pinnacle up water dishes. Depending on the amount of water, this can either be less powerful, or you could want many packs.
  • Dog Rocks work effectively for approximately 2 months. After that, they may be less absorbent and should be replaced. 

One of the more proper qualities of Dog Rocks is the fact that it’s miles all-herbal and doesn’t adjust your puppy’s pH balance in any way in view that they are working with the compounds within the water and no longer your dog’s digestive device.

This product is safe to use all 12 months spherical, so the big defrost on the give up of wintry weather might not reveal 3-6 months of concentrated lawn stains below the surface of the snow.

Most people see a substantive distinction inside the incidence of latest spots within three-five weeks. Consistent use will soon produce a normal, healthy garden.

Naturvet Grass Saver

As excellent as the Dog Rocks sounds, some puppy proprietors are searching out some thing a touch much less arduous. Grass Savers are an fit for human consumption deal with that works to regulate your puppy’s pH tiers.

That typically gets pet owners a touch frightened, however fear no longer, the lively factor is dl-Methionine, that is a format of the crucial amino acid Methionine. This amino acid allows to maintain a wholesome and appropriate pH balance in your pet’s urinary tract.

This reduces the burning effect that urine can have on grass. Grass Savers can be used all yr spherical, and could no longer trigger urinary tract issues like a few pH-adjusting dietary supplements on the market.

Some merchandise that do have a good sized effect on your puppy’s urinary pH can create environments that permit bacteria and crystals to thrive, main to potential urinary tract infections, blockages or maybe stones. Products that regulate pH appreciably are designed for seasonal use most effective, in preference to all yr round.

In the first two weeks of the use of this product, closely water your garden to help bleach out the yellow spots. After the preliminary two-week duration, you could reseed the damaged areas, as your canine’s urine will now not create new ones.

All Naturvet merchandise are sponsored with a cash-lower back assure. If you are not satisfied with the outcomes, the product may be lower back for a full refund.  

For smooth feeding, Grass Savers are available in chewable capsules, tasty wafers, or biscuits to in addition ease the treatment method to your pet. They think they’re getting a deal with, in reality, you’re supporting them and your lawn stay healthy.

Depending at the extent of the harm to your garden, a few or all of those strategies may also want to be applied to get your garden returned to its terrifi green self once more.

Regardless of which technique you attempt, your puppy and your garden will advantage from feeding them a first rate weight-reduction plan complete with all the nutrients they need!

Will Grass Grow Back After Dog Urine Damage?

If you’ve been suffering to address the ugly effects of canine urine burning grass, this query might be in the again of your mind. And for suitable reason! If you’re thinking a way to repair garden, don’t worry! You can definitely assist repair your yard from the damage that has already been completed. 

If you’re putting in all this effort to restriction the nitrogen compound awareness to your canine’s urine and looking after your garden together with your answer of desire, you’re hoping your grass will grow returned and that it won’t be for not anything.

The accurate news is that with some staying power and steady use of your home remedies, you must be capable of grow your lawn lower back without any hassle.

Make positive you follow all the instructions on your home answers to a T, as with right lawn care relying in your approach of desire!

Grass burn occurs specifically in instances of drought and excessive temperatures. To make sure your garden can develop again, make sure the roots don’t die by means of adequately watering your garden.

As long as the roots don’t die (and your canine doesn’t preserve peeing over the burnt spots), your grass will grow back simply first-class! You can also strive lawn patch restore merchandise which can be a top notch preference for owners or renters who want to restoration ugly spots!

7 Tips to Prevent Dog Urine Spots on Your Lawn

By DoodyCalls

If you’ve got a dog, then chances are you also have brown spots to your lawn. This occurs because canine urine is rich in nitrogen, which is known to kill grass when concentrated amounts acquire over time.

The consequences of dog urine to your garden are similar that of a nitrogen-wealthy liquid fertilizer. A small amount of fertilizer makes your yard healthy, however an excessive amount of will kill your lawn. To prevent burns, you want to lessen the quantity of nitrogen that comes into contact with your grass.

Follow these seven tips to a greener and healthier garden:

Fertilize your garden less, or not at all, in areas where your dog urinates.

Fertilized lawns can also have already got as plenty nitrogen as they could deal with. Even a small amount of nitrogen in canine urine can be all that is needed to burn the garden.

Spray regions wherein your dog urinates with water.

Pouring water at the location after your dog urinates will help to dilute the urine and reduce the consequences of the nitrogen for your lawn.

Encourage your dog to drink more water.

The extra your canine liquids, the much less nitrogen might be concentrated within the urine and the less detrimental it will likely be in your garden. It will also be healthier to your canine as well.

Replant affected regions with a greater urine-resistant grass.

Ryegrass and Fescue are the most urine-resistant kind of grass, at the same time as Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda are the maximum sensitive.

Feed your canine a nutritional complement.

Certain nutritional supplements, which include Green-UM and Drs. Fosters and Smith “Lawn Guard,” bind with the nitrogen within the urine, making it much less dangerous in your garden.

Train your dog to eliminate in one area.

Some merchandise, which include the Simple Solution Pee Post, are impregnated with pheromones to encourage your dog to pee on or near them. Designating an area on your dog to remove in will keep the remainder of your backyard.

Apply a garden restore remedy.

Some treatments, which includes Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment, incorporate organic enzymes with soil cleansers to flush the salts from the basis area.

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